Real Name: Monty "Kip" Sopp
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 268 lbs
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Trademark Maneuver(s): Jackhammer; Diving Fame-Ass-Er; Brainbuster
Finisher: Fame-Ass-Er
Former Federations: RWA-WWF, RWA-WCW, KWO

Theme Music: "Ass Man"
Nickname(s): Mr. Ass, The Ass Man, The Badd Ass, King Ass 
RWA Rank: #2
Stable Affiliation: X-Rated (RWA-WCW)
Previous Stable Affiliation: Team Ass (KWO);The Coalition (RWA-WCW)
Finisher: Fame-Ass-Er
Former Federations: RWA-WWF, RWA-WCW, KWO

    Real Wrestling Alliance: 7-0
    World Wrestling Federation: 3-0
    World Championship Wrestling: 4-0
    KWO: 3-0

Match History:

June ??, 2000 - King of the Ring
First Round of King of the Ring, Billy Gunn dominates on the rookie wrestler, Edge, of the Maple Leaf Blondes. He end this with his trademark move, The Fame-Ass-Er.

fIrsT ROunD kOTr

sEcoNd RoUnD kOTr

June ??, 2000 - King of the Ring
The Road Dogg, former tag team partner of Billy Gunn, was met with a Fame-Ass-Er, that sent him packing after making it to the second round of the tournament.
June ??, 2000 - King of the Ring
The young man, Christian, of the Maple Leaf Blondes caught the eye of Billy Gunn by making it to the finals of King of the Ring. He also caught a diving Fame-Ass-Er for his trouble. Billy Gunn is crowned King Ass!

KInG oF ThE rINg fInAL

WcW DeBuT mAtch

July 17, 2000 - Monday Nitro
In a falls count anywhere match, Billy Gunn makes his debut against one of the top wrestlers in World Championship Wrestling, Booker T. Great match, with Billy Gunn coming out on top, with what else, the Fame-Ass-Er.
June 20, 2000 - Thursday Thunder
Jeff Jarrett, the self proclaimed Mr. Entertainment, was hit with a brick wall, or a Fame-Ass-Er rather in a loss to Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn wins the Hardcore Championship.

HArdCorE cHaMPionShip

BaTtLe RoYaL qUaliFiEr

June 27, 2000 - Thursday Thunder
A weird match, but another win for Ass Man, regardless. Mr. Ass single handedly takes out his opponents, ending it with a Fame-Ass-Er to Stevie Ray. He advances to the Battle Royal, carrying Juventud on his back.
June 27, 2000 - King of the Ring
The Battle Royal for the tag team championship ends in controversial fashion, where Billy Gunn is knocked out of the ring by Scott Hall, who was already eliminated. Gunn, sneaks back into the ring, and knocks Hart to the floor, but he goes along for the ride to the floor as well. Nevertheless, he and Hart win the tag team titles.

tAg-TEam cHaMPionShip