.:.:[ Disclaimer ]:.:. Uh, it's simple really. It's a roleplay. It's not reality. Don't take it personally, and layout is a variation of a layout by the handler of Jeff Jarrett. To those who actually intend to read these, rather than scroll through it just to see how long it is, sit back in your padded chairs, grab your potato chips, chocolates, licorice, donuts and diet pepsi, adjust your coke bottle lenses and enjoy! C'mon BABY ... ARE YOU READY?

.:.:[ Segment Title ]:.:. Show Stealer In Radio Land

.:.:[ Total Record ]:.:. 2-0
.:.:[ Single Record ]:.:. 2-0
.:.:[ Tag-Team Record ]:.:. 0-0
.:.:[ Accomplishments ]:.:. RWA-WWF Championship (Current)

.:.:[ People Used ]:.:. Jeff Hardy, Michael Cole
.:.:[ Wrestlers Mentioned ]:.:. The Undertaker, Matt Hardy
.:.:[ Previous Match ]:.:. World Championship Match: Jeff Hardy (C) vs. Kurt Angle
.:.:[ Next Match ]:.:. World Championship Match: Jeff "The Show-Stealer" Hardy vs. The Undertaker

The Most Reckless Electrifying Wrestler in Sports Entertainment

.:.:[ Foreword ]:.:. Both Smackdown! Raw Is War have come and gone, and has left many puzzled. Jeff Hardy is one of the many, who are quite clueless as to what happened at the end of Smackdown!. Jeff Hardy, dominating like he said he would, was about to put away the match with The Swan-Ton Bomb, call it a day, when a masked individual storms to the ring, then pulls Jeff off the turnbuckle. The World Wrestling Federation has simply described the man's actions as simply trying to screw Kurt Angle out of his World Title shot, however, Jeff Hardy sees things differently. Jeff wonders if he was the actual target in the attack. It's just a thought, but the idea that Jeff Hardy, The World Champion, who with the World Title, is a huge target, was the actual target in that attack is something that cannot be ignored. Things are beginning to truly heat up in the WWF. More talent is entering the federation, and even wrestlers from competing promotions are looking to make the jump to the World Wrestling Federation. The Undertaker is now the number one contender to Jeff's World Title, and there's a huge clash in the front office between legend Mick Foley, and The Boss Vince McMahon. Jeff's brother has made his debut in the World Wrestling Federation, and his brother's success has left him in a quite jealous and bitter. All the while, Jeff Hardy sits a top of a growing Federation, garnering more and more attention and praise the longer he holds the most prestigious title in the business. Surprised? Don't be. After all, he is...

The Most Reckless Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment!

The scene opens with a shot of the city in which the Smackdown! Event will take place. The camera sways from side to side, then flashes to another part of the city, to give somewhat of an introduction to this segment. As this is done, Kid Rock's "Roving Gangster" plays in the background. Night has fallen on the city as the camera zooms in on a single building, which is not too far away from the arena in which Smackdown! will take place. The camera takes the viewer inside the building, in the booth, where a man, who's a disc jockey for the station, sits, who appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties. He's seen here, wearing Khaki pants, with a t-shirt with the words, 'JAM' written across the chest, as he sips every few seconds, after making a point to caller on the air. The the booth is filled, wall to wall, with records, tapes, and compact discs, from various artists in a variety of genres. The booth is upstairs. About two floors up, and there's a large window that's in front of the disc jockey's desk. A look of terror comes over the disc jockey's eyes, as he removes his ear phones, stands, and peers over his desk, looking down to the street. He promptly says... 

.:.:[ Disc Jockey ]:.:. Holy shit!

The camera returns us to the outside of the building, where it seems out of no where, a large crowd has developed. From above, we are able to see that a single man leads the pack of followers, which cover the street, literally, walking behind him in cheer, and chants, holding signs that read, "The Show Stealer Rules", and "SSJH is the better Hardy", and numerous others, all pleasing to the WWF Champion. The camera zooms in on the leader, and what a surprise, it's Jeff "The Show Stealer" Hardy! Jeff, seen here with a t-shirt which has an 'X" logo on the front, like the one you can find at the beginning and end of this segment, with the words, "The Most Reckless and Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" on the back, has his hands in the air, facing the crowd,  spouting off about his WWF Championship, The Undertaker, and other things. He has his World Title over his shoulder, wearing sunglasses, propped on his forehead, above his eyes, with his hair back in a ponytail. The women in the crowd are screaming their lungs off for who has quickly become a teen-idol. Jeff makes the introduction to the speech he's about to give, with a small microphone on the collar of his shirt, and speakers placed on the street, around the crowd, but an unidentified technical crew. Cones are being placed behind Jeff, as he says...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. It's time to get X-Treme! [ The crowd cheers. Jeff stops in his tracks, facing the crowd.  ] With your World Heavyweight Champion Jeff "The Show-Stealer" Hardy! [ Crowd cheers ] I'm feeling the love from the crowd tonight! The Cameron Crazies, from the hometown of "The Show Stealer", are here in support of their champion! It's a feeling I never get tired of, and holding this World Championship feels the same way. I CAN'T get tired of the feeling I have when I wear this World Title around my waist, KNOWING that I deserve it, KNOWING that with it... I'm the top man in the business, and oh, it feels very good, people! This title... This title, like I have said many times before, makes me the undisputed best man in the business. The guys in the back call me a lucky champion. [ The crowd boos. Jeff shakes his head. ] I know, I know... They also call me a FLUKE champion. [ The crowd boos even louder, as Jeff walks back and forth. He raises is finger. ] Let me be perfectly clear on something here... I beat nearly everyman on the roster to become the World Champion. NEARLY EVERY MAN! I don't deserve it? Luck? A fluke? Hell no! [ The crowd cheers. ] The same guys... The same guys who sit back there and have the AUDACITY to call me a fluke champion, are the very same guys who fear me. They FEAR ME! They know what to expect when they step into the ring with "The Show Stealer". While they whisper to anyone who'll listen, that luck got me this title, at the same time, in their heads, they don't want a piece of me. They don't want a piece of the World Champion. It's not because I'm going to do bodily harm to them. No, I'm crafty, cunning, cool, calm, and collected in that ring. I'm not in the business of knocking out my opponent with a sledge hammer just so I don't have to take on my opponent. No, that's not Jeff Hardy. They fear me, because they know, that when they step into that ring with me, I WILL NOT STOP, until I have won. I will fight to the DEATH for this title and for a victory for that matter. There's not another man on the roster who can truthfully say they'll do that. NOT ONE! That's what separates me from the rest... That's why... I'm the World Champion!

The crowd cheers, as to the back of the crowd, their seems to be a parting. A camera man and a man with microphone in hand, plows through the crowd. Jeff takes notice, and finally finds out who's causing the commotion, when Michael Cole, with a camera man behind him, step through the crowd, and stand before Jeff Hardy.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Jeff... What in the world are you doing?!

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Raising your voice to me, Michael Cole? Look at the title, man, look at the title. [ Jeff taps the World Belt. ]

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Yes, I know. You have reminded me of it plenty of times, Jeff. What I want to know is what is going on here. Where did you get this technical crew? Where did all these people come from? And why, why here? Don't you know you can be arrested for this? And-

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Man, CHILL! God, you're acting like you're my mom or something Michael. Relax. Let me explain. Number one, what's going on here? This is a mass of my fans who are fully in support of me storming this radio station, and claiming it my own. [ Michael Cole looks at Jeff like he's out of his mind. ] Where did the technical crew come from? It was a BIG favor from a close friend of mine, and one day, one day, the World Wrestling Federation will probably meet him. Who are these people? Well, Michael Cole, these are some of my closest fans. Every one of them, and there's well over a hundred people here. Personally, I like to call them MY Cameron Crazies, since I am from Cameron, North Carolina, and like me, The Duke Blue Devils are champions of the highest honor in their respective organization. Why here? This is where the radio station I'm going to raid is located, and do I know I'm going to be arrested for this... I'M COUNTING ON IT!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. ... Jeff, this could get you suspended by the WWF.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Mike, listen, you worry about me too much. I'll be fine. I mean, don't get me wrong here. There's no way I'm going to miss my match with The Undertaker. [ Jeff looks into the camera. ] Yeah Taker, that's right 'Old Man Walking', I'll be locked, cocked, and ready to go when out match rolls around on Smackdown!, so don't get your hopes up pal, you competition ducking ingrate. Wow, that was pretty good. 

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Indeed.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. I'm going to be ready for our match, you're you better get ready for the match of your long and dull life, 'cause that's exactly what Jeff Hardy's gonna give ya'!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Well, you're saying this... But how do you plan to beat the police? You're too famous to really hide out. Besides, let's say you do get away from the cops, they'll pick you up as soon as you attempt to make your way to the ring for the match. You can't win, Jeff.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Michael Cole, Michael Cole. You remind me of every guy on the roster, who thinks they know me, but they don't have a clue. I don't lose, therefore I WILL win. That goes on all levels. Cole, you worry about Cole, and let Jeff Hardy worry about Jeff Hardy. I ALWAYS beat the odds. As a matter of fact, I perform better the higher they are. I thrive on them. I also thrive on the doubts of others. Man, the thrill I get when some critic or wrestler says, "I can't do something", is uncanny. Right then and there, I'm driven to prove them wrong. Success is the sweetest revenge. [ Jeff puts his left hand on the World Title which rests on his right shoulder. ] And I'm having a great deal of revenge at this point of my life. Many believe that I will fall to The Undertaker. A lot of people STILL haven't brought into the fact that I am the REAL DEAL. No problem. As you can see, they're not knocking my self-esteem, 'cause I'm extremely sure of myself. They're simply fueling me. I urge them to continue. I want them to send me hate mail stating that very fact. PLEASE! The more and more I hear and the more and more I read, the better I get, and the more focused I am. After all the doubts... You better believe that I'm ready for Thursday Night. [ Jeff looks to the camera. ] Taker... ARE YOU READY?!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Jeff, let's get this started... You have a situation with a masked man, who interfered in your match against The Olympic Hero Kurt Angle. Tell me, do you have an idea as to who this character may be?

Jeff runs his fingers through his hair, and sighs. He then looks at Michael Cole, as man in the crowd continue to be in a frenzy, screaming, trying to get in the camera's view. Others are buying hot dogs, beers, and other various food items that are being sold by a vendor guy... Don't ask...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Honestly Mike, I have no clue. It's not a big deal unless the guy strikes again in my match, because then I know, this guy is trying to play games with the King of Krash, Jeff Hardy. I'd be lying to you if I said this wasn't on my mind. I wonder about it, and for great reason. There are a lot of idiots in wrestling. Let's be real here. Look at Triple H. Here's a guy who's plan in getting to the top, is assaulting those who stand in his way, instead of taking it to the ring, like the sport of wrestling is all about. Guys like him screw up wrestling. They make is a side show. I'm here to wrestle. I'm here to be the best I can be, and believe me, that's nothing short of being the best ever. I'm not here to assault people with sledge hammers. I'm here to take them to the ring, and defeat them, showing them just how damn good I am. This Masked Man could be one of those idiots, who like a coward, will attempt to take me out by running me over, shooting me, stabbing me- Hey, God knows what! All I know is I have to be ready for anything. Especially with my idiot brother running around. Who knows, it could be him!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Idiot brother, Jeff? Just recently, you were praising him. Roll that footage!

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. We're not in the studio or the arena, Mike...

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Point well taken.

 Michael Cole is handed a tape recorder by the camera man. Michael takes it, then holds it up here he and Jeff can hear it effectively.

><><><>Footage from Last Week<><><><

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Your brother has recently signed with the federation. When he's going to be in action is a mystery to me, but I would expect him to start Monday at Raw Is War. Jeff, you're on top of the WWF. You have come a long way from the tag team title chases and reigns. Now that you have left that behind, and your brother as well, to be successful on your own, is your relationship with your brother over?

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. That's my brother, Cole. Of course not. If he needs me, I'm there. I'll always be there. That's family, man. Matt is my older brother. He's always been there for me. I'll always be there for him.


Jeff laughs and shakes his head...

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Ah, got you.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. That you did, Michael Cole. That you did... You see, I'm a REAL brother. While I sit back, and say I'll be there for him, he turns around and attempts to belittle my accomplishments and plans to wage war against me. That's my family. I hold nothing against him. But hey, if he plans on attacking me to quench that envious fire of his, I will defend myself. It's that simple.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. What about his peculiar behavior?

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. I honestly don't know what the hell is the matter with him. He's an idiot! To put it simply, and honestly, he's an idiot. Here he is ranting and raving about things not being fair, and having a grudge against every person under the sun, blaming them, myself included, for his problems. Matt has a problem. He's even stealing other wrestler's catch phrases. Maybe he's hitting that pipe. Who knows? Don't come to me about this, because I'm to the point where I just don't care. He's on a mission to prove something to somebody and he's doing it in an act of jealously. It's a shame, sure, but I can't do anything for him. He just better stay out of my way. Simple as that. I mean look, it's no secret that I'm the better Hardy. [ Jeff laughs. ]

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. You seem pretty laid back about this.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. I am. I mean, I think this is just some phase or something. He's never acted this sadistic before. I'm just hoping he doesn't hurt somebody... or himself, before snapping out of this trance. He'll be alright. This is coming from a serious note here. I just think me being the younger brother, and winning the World Title was just a little too much for him, that's all. He'll get over it.

.:.:[ Guy In The Crowd ]:.:. Enough about that SHIT! Who gives a damn about his idiot brother. We all have screwed up family members! We wanna hear what you have to say about The Undertaker!

Jeff smiles, as the crowd gets behind the high strung man in the crowd. Jeff playfully responds...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Wait a minute, wait a minute... You wanna hear... The Show Stealer... Hold on, I'm getting this straight. You wanna hear The Show Stealer rant on The Undertaker? Are you sure?

.:.:[ Crowd Majority ]:.:. HELL YEAH!

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Michael Cole... We have to give them what they want, man.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. I can't argue with that. Jeff, please, tell us a little about The Undertaker...

Jeff pops his knuckles, then pops his neck, steps back, and smiles, almost laughing.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. As usual, The Show Stealer, who happens to be the most reckless, electrifying, and entertaining man in the industry, will give you EXACTLY what you want! It started with me winning the World Title. I'm the most dedicated man in the World Wrestling Federation. You give the title to Triple H? You give it to a guy who'll show up once every week. Basically, if you give it to him, you get a joke for a champion. Angle? We ALL saw what I did to him on Smackdown!. How about The Undertaker... How about The Undertaker... Ah, where do I start. I've said sooo much already. I've talked about how this guy has the audacity to say I'm not fit to be World Champion. That's funny coming from a guy whom I have already beat, along with the rest of the roster. To The Undertaker, if I'm not fit to a be a champion, who is? You? Don't kid yourself, OLD Man. While you have been around a while, like in the Battle Royal, you're clearly slippin'. You're no where near where you once were, back with you were the Prince of Darkness, or something like that. Now you're the wrestler formerly known as Prince of Darkness, and you're simply a shell of your former self. Don't deny it, because it was evident in the fact that you couldn't win the Battle Royal. Either you're slipping, and you're not The Undertaker we all once knew... Or.. OR I'm just that damn good, and maybe it's time you give me credit where credit is due. I'm the REAL DEAL like Holyfield, Taker. I'm here to stay, and I'll be here a long, long time. I'm the youngest wrestler to EVER win the World Title, and believe me, that's one hell of an accomplishment. Show me the respect that I deserve. Don't be an idiot, and try to cut me down by saying I'm not deserving when you full well I AM. You've been in the ring with me... When you came out... You were defeated. That's why I'm the World Wrestling Federation Champion!

.:.:[ Another Guy In The Crowd ]:.:. KICK HIS ASS, HARDY!

.:.:[ Crowd Majority ]:.:. YEAH!

The crowd cheers at the comment by the fan, and Jeff simply yells with them, throwing his hands in the air, with a smile.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. NO PROBLEM! [ Crowd cheers. ] Actually, it will really be NO problem if The Undertaker comes into the match like I expect. The Taker is going to come into the match way to cocky. He REALLY thinks I'm not a deserving champion. He REALLY thinks I'm just a fluke. Well, when it comes to proving doubters wrong, and shutting them up, I'm King. I'm coming into this match on Thursday with intent on shutting The Undertaker up, hopefully for good! I know wrestlers. When I step into the ring with an opponent, I already know his limits. I know what you can and can't do. Therefore, I will vary the way I come at you according to your abilities, limitations, and so on. Take the Taker for instance. Now The Taker is nearly a seven footer who weighs over three hundred pounds. Now, he's not the strongest big man. Actually, The OLD Man is the weakest of the big men in the wrestling world, while I'm the BEST high flyer in the business. Just thought I'd throw that in. Anyway, despite the fact he's the weakest of the high profile big men, like Kane and The Big Show, I don't think I'll hit this guy with a backbreaker, but do I think I will incorporate new moves into my repertoire. Powerful moves are suicide against a guy like this, so in a match with The Taker, you'll see Jeff Hardy stick with exactly what got him in the top spot in the business. I'll hit him with an arsenal of quick moves, and I'll come off the turnbuckle frequently. Since Taker is a big man, I'll take out his legs. When I knock his big ass off his feet, I'll apply some kind of Leg Lock to him, or maybe I'll give him a ruuude awakening when I drop both feet into his crotch! I'll do whatever I can do nearly cripple The Old Dead Man. I have it all figured out, and what? Are you surprised? I can't preach it enough! I AM THE REAL DEAL!

.:.:[ Group of Girls In The Crowd ]:.:. WE LOVE YOU JEFF!

 The girls in the crowd scream, as panties come flying from within the crowd, landing on the shoulder of Jeff Hardy. Jeff laughs, and twirls them in the air, as the crowd cheers. He then says...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Ladies and gentlemen... I'm about to begin my mission. To take over this radio station! [ Crowd cheers. ] But first, let me close with a few more rants on The Undertaker. I'll leave you with this... I am the best high flyer in the business. It seems as though the wrestlers in the World Wrestling Federation take a wrestler who's arsenal is high flying oriented, lightly. Don't! Believe me, it's the biggest mistake you could ever make with the man who is the epitome of high flying in the WWF, The Sultan of Smash, Jeff Hardy. The most amazing daredevil in the world could only hope to be half as amazing as Jeff Hardy. Just because, Taker, you have Chokeslams and Powerbombs doesn't make you a World Champion quality wrestler. Obviously it doesn't, man, 'cause if it did, there's no way I'd have this World Title. But I do, therefore you MUST respect my Corkscrew Moonsaults, Headscissor Takedowns, 450 splashs, and of course, my Swan-Ton Bomb. These are the moves that got me in this position. Respect them. Respect ME! Or I promise you, Thursday will be the longest night of your life. No matter how you fight, or how much you put into it, The Show Stealer is putting his all into it, and there's no man who can beat me when I'm at my best, giving every bit of myself out there. Not ONE man. It's the luck of the draw, I guess. Some of us are born winners, [ Jeff points to himself and nods his head with a smile. ] and some of us are born losers, [ He points into the camera as if pointing at The Undertaker to his face, shakes his head from left to right, with a frown. ]. One thing I've noticed about this, however, is that there's only ONE ultimate winner, and that's me. People like Triple H, Kurt Angle others are a dime a dozen. People like me come along once in a lifetime, and that's nothing but the facts, JACK! Now, it's time to strap on the laces, and get ready for The Main Event, The, Jeff Hardy! With that...

Jeff Hardy, The High Flyer, The Heartbreaker, "The Show-Stealer has spoken...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Kid Rock... TAKE US HOME!

Jeff Hardy points to the building and heads for the entrance. He takes off his shirt, and the women go wild. The crowd follows him to the entrance, then stops there, when Jeff turns around just before entering and tells them to stay put. He then points to the building with the crowd behind him chanting his name. On the second floor of the radio station, the disc jockey has taken notice of this. He's in an all out panic, looking for a way out of this predicament, but because of his panic, he can't think straight.

.:.:[ Disc Jockey ]:.:. What am I going to do?! Jeff Hardy... TAKING OVER THE STATION?!

The scene fades...

.:.:[ Conclusion ]:.:. Jeff "The Show Stealer" Hardy addresses a great deal in this segment, however, you get the feeling he's not done by a long shot. The situation with his dark brother still looms over him, his upcoming title defense against The CEO of Dead Man Inc., the clashing of power in the front office between Mick Foley and Vince McMahon, and not, he may be in trouble with the cops. Jeff Hardy, as seen here, is a lighthearted young man, who seems to simply have fun with life. Will this attitude catch up with him? What does he want with a radio station anyway? There's sooo many questions that need to be answered, but so little time. Tune in for the next segment entitled: Show Stealer In Radio Land Part 2: I CALL THE SHOTS!