.:.:[ Disclaimer ]:.:. Uh, it's simple really. It's a roleplay. It's not reality. Don't take it personally, and layout is a variation of a layout by the handler of Jeff Jarrett. To those who actually intend to read these, rather than scroll through it just to see how long it is, sit back in your padded chairs, grab your potato chips, chocolates, licorice, donuts and diet pepsi, adjust your coke bottle lenses and enjoy! C'mon BABY ... ARE YOU READY?

.:.:[ Segment Title ]:.:. Introducing... THE WWF CHAMPION!

.:.:[ Total Record ]:.:. 1-0
.:.:[ Single Record ]:.:. 1-0
.:.:[ Tag-Team Record ]:.:. 0-0
.:.:[ Accomplishments ]:.:. RWA-WWF Championship

.:.:[ People Used ]:.:. Jeff Hardy, Michael Cole
.:.:[ Wrestlers Mentioned ]:.:. Kurt Angle, Triple H
.:.:[ Previous Match ]:.:. Jeff Hardy vs. World Wrestling Federation
.:.:[ Next Match ]:.:. World Championship Match: Jeff "The Show-Stealer Hardy (C) vs. Kurt Angle

The Most Reckless Electrifying Wrestler in Sports Entertainment

.:.:[ Foreword ]:.:. What? There's a collective silence across the WWF Locker Rooms. I can't hear a thing. It's so quiet, you can hear a Hardy drop from the turnbuckle, landing a Swan-Ton Bomb for the World Championship. The silence is that of the critics and wrestlers who doubted Jeff Hardy. Those who wrote him off as too little or to raw to win the World Title. Boy were they wrong. Quite possibly the youngest wrestler EVER to capture the WWF Champion at twenty-three, Jeff Hardy has begun his era. The Era of The Show-Stealer. Now we turn or attention to the upcoming Smackdown! Event, where Jeff Hardy will take on the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle for his World Title. HIS World Title. Jeff Hardy will no doubt look to make quick work of the Olympic Gold Medallist. And in this clash of two athletes, you can expect to see nothing short of something spectacular! Well, from Jeff anyway, or he's not...

The Most Reckless Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment

The scene opens in the arena where the big event BackLash had just taken place. It was an incredible night. One to be remembered. At this point, the ring has been cleared after a hellaious battle that involved the entire WWF Roster! Only one man walked away with the victory and the WWF Title, however, and that man was the youngest man to ever capture the WWF Title, Jeff Hardy. Fans are on their way out of the building, as the cameras take us ringside to Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. Each of them are beginning to pack up. They're putting away their head gear, their chairs, and other various things while they carry on a conversation. 

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. What an incredible night we just had! Paul, I am very excited about the direction this federation is headed in.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. JR, I have to agree with you. This was an incredible night. It leads the doors open for some top notch entertainment in the future. I just can't wait until I get into the fun! You know, it was one of those nights you just don't want to end. I was loving every minute of it. However, I must say, the best part of the night was that great battle for the richest prize in the business between the entire WWF Roster! It was truly a great night.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. That's right, Paul. One thing I must say on that Battle Royal for the World Title was it was definitely a slobber-knocker! Bodies flying here and there. It was pure hell in that ring tonight, Paul. That's why I have to tip my hat to the young phenomenon Jeff "The Show-Stealer" Hardy. And boy did he STEAL the show tonight, winning the World Title, backing every word he said! This kid has got a future, and don't forget he's only twenty three years old!

With those word, "Somebody's Gotta Feel This" by Kid Rock hits the speakers! The exiting crowd stops in their tracks and to the rafters, while Jeff Hardy's Theme plays throughout the arena. Out steps Jeff "The Show-Stealer" Hardy, giving his famous gun salute to the crowd, and then throwing his hands in the air in all directions, showing a great deal of enthusiasm. He's wearing his  World Title around his waist with his tight black long sleeve shirt on with baggy black jeans. Jeff races to the ring, then slides in. The crowd begins to make their way back to the seats, screaming as they do it, for The Show-Stealer. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman are setting up shop once again, with enthusiasm for in the anticipation of hearing what Jeff has to say. Jeff jumps on the turnbuckle, nodding his head to the beat of the song, with his hands on his sides. He then runs to the other side, and gracefully jumps on the turnbuckle balancing on it with one leg, as the lights dim, with 'Show-Stealer' spotlights on the ring. Pyro shoots from all around the ring, as Jeff holds his title in the air in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face, and the fans are still loving every minute of it! Shortly after this, the lights are restored. Jeff grabs the microphone, looks to the crowd and says...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Ladies and gentlemen... It's time to get X-Treme! [ Crowd cheers. ] With your World Heavyweight Champion Jeff "The Show-Stealer" Hardy! [ Crowd cheers ] I'm feeling the love from the crowd tonight! It's a feeling I never get tired of. Now I don't mean you hold you all up, but... It shouldn't be a problem, am I right?! [ The crowd responds with a "Yeah!", which puts a smile on Jeff's face. ] I mean, a show just isn't a show without The Show-Stealer, am I right?! [ The crowd gives the same response. ] And what a show I put on! I came... I saw... Then I KICKED ASS! I lived up to every bit of what I told you, and every man on the World Wrestling Federation Roster! I told you that I would walk out of BackLash with this World Title... And I will... Technically, I haven't walked out YET, but don't worry, you'll all he here to watch yours truly take a step out of BackLash with his World Title over his shoulder in triumph. Like I said, this is MY time. And now, I have MY title with me, and the sky's the limit. With this title, I can say I AM the best! I am the undisputed BEST! I beat every man on the roster for this Title! I OWN every man on the roster! Ladies and gentlemen, I am Jeff Hardy, your WWF Champion... [ Crowd cheers, as Jeff holds his title in the air. ] I'm about to embark on one hell of a ride, and I wanna know... I wanna know... I wanna know if you're gonna be there with me!

The crowd goes off the charts in cheer, as Jeff puts in arm in the air, and turns in circles, looking over the cheering crowd.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Jeff Hardy really has the crowd behind him!

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. What a kiss up...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. That's what I can't get enough of. You stay true to me, and I'll stay true to you. If you think this belt is something, [ Jeff chuckles to himself. ] YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

The crowd goes off the charts in cheer once again.

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Now enough kissing up. [ Jeff smiles and laughs a little, as faint sounds of laughter can be heard through the crowd. ] In a brilliant main event scheduling for Smackdown! by the WWF Suits, I will put my World Title on the line against Kurt Angle. Brilliant? Of course. Any match with me in it is a match that will be nothing short of incredible and filled with electricity. I mean, they don't call me the most reckless and electrifying man in the business for nothing. Jeff Hardy putting his World Title on the line against Angle. Well, can you say cakewalk? Think about it, I just beat the entire roster for this belt. Do you think I'm gonna lose it to one of the men I beat for it in the first place, RIGHT after I won it? Think again! I'll be damned if I'm going to let this title go in my first match defending it. I'll be damned if I EVER let it go. It's mine. And as long as I have it, so it the World Wrestling Federation and everything in it. That includes Triple H. Your belt, Hunter? Is it really, nimrod? 'Cause as I look down, [ Jeff looks down and place his hand over his title. ] I see it around MY waist, therefore, Hunter, is must be mine. You're plannin' to come and get it? Please do. I'm waiting for you. Do you think I'm afraid of you? Think again. How can I fear a guy who's obviously below my level, and the way he makes up for this is wielding a sledge hammer, knocking off competition with it, instead of being a man and taking them on mano y mano. No, I don't think I can fear a coward. [ The crowd hits the roof in cheer. ]

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Finally someone has the guts to say that!

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. He just called The Game a coward. We're looking at a man who will not have that title for long, JR. Triple H is gonna kill him!

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Hunter, you have to get by The Taker. Now, while neither of you are truly a threat to me, obviously, cause I have beat you both just... Three days ago, I know that The Taker isn't the type of guy who's just going to lay down for you. You're in for the fight of your life Hunter. Don't even think about me. Don't even look forward to me. Every bit of your attention should be on The Taker. If not... Well, he's gonna make you famous! [ The crowd hits the roof in cheer. ]

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well said!

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Now that I think about it, maybe I should practice what I preach. Kurt Angle is my task at hand, and I must say, I have little respect of the task. As a matter of fact, calling it a task is overestimating Angle faaar too much. Then there's the Three I's. Now I know I have touched on this before, but damn, it's just too fun ripping on the one thing Kurt Angle holds dear, second to his Gold Medals, of course. I for one don't believe you possess the Three Is, Kurt Angle as I have said before. First of all, wasn't it you who said... 

Jeff whips a tape recorder out from his pocket. He holds it to the mic...

.:.:[ Kurt Angle ]:.:. If you want to be a high flier and try and compete with me then you have to be crazy. Because you need to do a lot better then just high flying moves to beat me. You have to be the best all around wrestler in the world. And since I am the best all around wrestler in the world it doesn't look like anyone will be beating me anytime soon and that includes you. 

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. You lack Intelligence. Perfect example! Obviously, because my "High Flyin'" won the match for me. I competed with you Angle, and I beat you. I beat you, even though you're the best all around wrestler in the world. Well, since I beat you, Mr. Best All-Around Wrestler in the World, I guess that makes me THE BEST ALL-AROUND WRESTLER IN THE WORLD! [ The crowd cheers. ] Angle, keep your mouth closed and think about it before you decide to say something that you know you're going to regret. Does Jeff Hardy have intelligence? Well, have you been listening to me for the past few minutes. Then you know that I'm one intelligent son-of-a-bitch. Integrity. I can't touch you there. Actually, it was never my goal to have integrity. Hell, I still don't have it, and don't want it. You? Hell no! You just lied to the wrestling world, telling them that you're the best all around wrestler in the world when you, I, and the rest of the federation know different. Yet, honestly, I don't give a damn. What the hell does it have to do with me kicking your ass? Not a damn thing. Intensity. I definitely have that, but do you, Kurt Angle. You seem to be more of a whiner. You're not a man of aggression. You're not a guy who strikes fear into his opponent. I am. I strike fear into my opponents because of my intensity. The opposition knows that when they step into the ring against me... They're in for a long night, because I don't stop until I have won. It depends on who wants it more. Angle, I want this match. I want it bad. Are you willing to give your life for the victory if it comes to that? If you can't say that, you don't want this match more than I do. Translation... YOU LOSE!

The crowd cheers, as Jeff holds his title in the air. He then flips over the ropes to the outside, as he does, he says...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. And now, you'll all witness your new World Heavyweight Champion, step out of BackLash with his World Title, like he said, over, and over, and over again!

Jeff tosses the microphone into the crowd, and is cheered as he leaves. He steps behind the curtain. The scene re-opens backstage as Jeff walks triumphantly through the halls. As he does, a camera catches up with him, filming him as he heads to the arena exit. He stops for a second and looks into the camera...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Oh, I forgot something. Angle has plans to win this match. I hope he hasn't promised anyone a victory, especially his family. You know, Eric, and the rest of his loser family. If he has, then they're all going to be quite disappointed in their Olympic Sibling. Angle, I know you're watching this. Tell your family to watch this. Yeah, get each and everyone of them on the phone, and tell them to listen in. I have a message for them. Nah, don't worry, I'll keep it clean... Okay. Angle Pricks, your Olympic Dork of a family member has promised you that he's going to win his World Title Match at Smackdown!, right? Right, okay. Now, I hate be the barer of bad news, but, he's not going to win it. Yeah, more bad news after he told you he was going to win the World Title at BackLash. He's going to lose this match, and after he does, he'll be classified as what he truly is... One sorry excuse for a wrestler. As a matter of fact, it'll be safe to say that, he is a loser. Yeah, Kurt Angle is a failure. You see, I'm a better role model than even your Angle, despite what he might tell you. I'm even better than Santa Claus. Why? Because when I make promises, I follow through. Politician? Perhaps I should dabble in the field, but I'll do that when I'm your father's age. Anyway, I'm telling you now, I will win this match, and retain my World Title. I promise this. One of us can't fulfill this promise. Which one do you think has a better chance of coming through? Angle or Jeff "The Show-Stealer" Hardy? Yeah, I thought so. The Show-Stealer all the way. Okay Angle, tell 'em I'm done with them. Now, it's me, sending a message to you... Thursday, you're treading on my grounds. Yeah, this title gives me the right to say I OWN it. And let me tell you, the grounds you're walking on are like thin ice. You going on with this match has you walking further into it, where the farther yuou go, the thinner it gets. When you step into that ring with me, you're falling through. When I hit the Swan-Ton, you're drowning. When I pin you for the one, two, three, you're out! Now that... That was spoken like a champion. Spoken like The King of Krash, The Sultan of Smash, The High Flyin', Heartbreakin', Show-Stealin', Jeff Hardy! And now, without further ado, I live up to my promise...

Jeff steps through the double doors with his hands in the air, as the fans awaiting outside shower him with cheers. He's all smiles, as the camera closes in on him saying...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. With that...

Jeff Hardy, The High Flyer, The Heartbreaker, "The Show-Stealer has spoken...

.:.:[ Jeff Hardy ]:.:. Kid Rock... TAKE US HOME!

The camera backs away from Jeff Hardy as he smiles and looks into the camera without blinking. Kid Rock's "Somebody's Gotta Feel This" plays in the background. The scene fades...