.:.:[ Disclaimer ]:.:. Uh, it's simple really. It's a roleplay. It's not reality. Don't take it personally. To those who actually intend to read these, rather than scroll through it just to see how long it is, sit back in your padded chairs, grab your potato chips, chocolates, licorice, donuts and diet pepsi, adjust your coke bottle lenses and enjoy! C'mon BABY ... ARE YOU READY?

.:.:[ Segment Title ]:.:. Angle... Remember, you started ALL of this. I'm GONNA FINISH IT!

.:.:[ Total Record ]:.:. 2-1-1
.:.:[ Single Record ]:.:.
.:.:[ Tag-Team Record ]:.:.
.:.:[ Accomplishments ]:.:.
PWO Royal Rumble Winner 2001

.:.:[ People Used ]:.:. Billy Gunn, Gorgeous George
.:.:[ Wrestlers Mentioned ]:.:.
Kurt Angle
.:.:[ Previous Match ]:.:.
Billy Gunn vs. Bret Hart
.:.:[ Next Match ]:.:. Two Out of Three Falls:
Billy Gunn vs. Kurt Angle


.:.:[ Foreword ]:.:. It began weeks ago. The Olympic Hero Kurt Angle and The Badd Ass Billy Gunn's extreme dislike for each other been building for weeks ago. Both in following their own paths, yet, in what seemed to be fate, it just so happened that the ran into one another one PWO event, weeks ago. While their confrontation was brief and concise, no one imagined it would escalate into what it has. Kurt Angle and Billy Gunn simply questioned each others athletic ability, as both have been praised by wrestling fans for having excellent athletic ability. While the words exchanged could have been adequate to end the confrontation, it was not to be, as Angle attacked The Badd Ass later that night... This marked the beginning of this feud, which lead to Angle costing Billy Gunn a shot at the World Title, and in turn, Billy Gunn stealing Angle's precious Olympic Gold Medals. Both have hit each other where it may quite possibly hurt the most, and the entire ordeal, which has seem to last since the beginning of PWO, and happens to be the biggest feud of the YEAR will come to a closure this Sunday Night, in the first Pay Per View, and biggest event in PWO History, Judgment Day. The Badd Ass has a reputation in PWO for not putting up with much, and for, without a doubt, pay for crossing him. Kurt Angle, The Badd Ass has your medals, and he know it's KILLING YOU to see him with them. But you know what? What you're goin' through right now. All the worry and stress that not having your precious Gold Medals is putting you through, is only a small fraction of the pain, the stress, the fear, that you're gonna fear at Judgment Day, when The Badd Ass puts the boots to your ass, and pins you, not once, but twice, to bring an end to all this madness... And that, Kurt Angle...

Is True...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The scene opens in Nashville, Tennessee which is the city in which Raw Is War took place. Raw Is War has just ended, and only dark matches are taking place at this time. The camera gets shots of the entire city, which happens to be the Country Music Capitol of the World. In other words, home sweet home for the southerners on the roster. The camera then narrows down further, to the parking lot of the arena. Many are leaving the arena, which explains why the parking lot is filled incredibly, with back to back traffic, from cars trying to find a parking space. Seemingly in the middle of this back to back traffic sits a black Limousine. Inside, we find the man we tuned into this broadcast for, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn, with lovely girlfriend, Gorgeous George. Gunn seen here, wearing a white shirt with black pants, and shades which sit over his eyes, on his forehead. George, here sitting with Gunn, is wearing white halter top with tight blue jeans. George sits comfortable on Gunn's lap, in the farthest seat back in the Limo. The George and Gunn kiss passionately, as the Limo Driver struggles with the Limo, going, and stopping, trying to get somewhere in this terrible traffic. It seems as though we've just dropped in on their conversation...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. ...Look, none of it phases me. I know there are a lot of girls in PWO after me, but you know who I'm true to...

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. Me. [ She says with a lack of confidence. ] But I know the temptation is there. I know how devious these girls can be. When they want something, they'll do whatever they have to just to get it.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Hey, we've been together, what, a few months now. It's not like we met a couple of days ago. We have a good thing goin' here, and I ain't gonna let those PWO sluts screw it up for us. [ George rests her head on his chest, with reassurance. ] Besides, what do they have on you?! You're beautiful, sexy, and you have one HELL of an ASS! You ain't got nothin' to worry about, you're my girl. But hey, can you blame 'em? I mean, look at me. [ He smirks. ] I'm sure every girl in the arena drools over this fine cut body, and incredible ass of mine. But don't get me wrong here, you're a damn fine chick, and while you're the finest in PWO, you got some other girls who look pretty damn good themselves. There aren't any guys who come CLOSE to me. There's only ONE Billy Gunn, and he has every woman on the roster after 'em. That's just the way it is...

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. [ She smiles. ] So when I date you, girls chasin' after you all the time just comes with the territory.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Exactly. But you know that I'm a one woman guy, and you're the ONLY girl for me.

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. Yeah, I know. [ George kisses on his forehead, and rests her head on his chest once again. ]

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. So, are you ready for Judgment Day?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. You can bet your tight wonderful ass on that, darlin'! [ She laughs a little. ] It's time for all this to end. [ Gunn pulls Angle's Olympic Medals out of his pocket and dangles them before his eyes. ] It's gone on for far to long, and it's cost me a hell of a lot. I should be wrestlin' for the World Title at Judgment Day! But dealin' with this chump, Kurt Angle, I lost that opportunity. I walked into that match with Hall the favorite, and walked out the loser, thanks to Kurt Angle. I'm above this. I deserve more. I'm Mr. Ass! The best damn thing to ever happen to PWO, and I'm stuck wrestlin' this chunky little moron, Kurt Angle?! This guy is gonna pay for pullin' me down to his level... 

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. But you've already hit him where it hurts most. [ She takes the medals out of Gunn's hand. ] You have what he values most. So... Hasn't he already paid?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. That's where you're wrong, George, that's not enough. Me playing these games with him, over these medals is only a taste of what he's gonna get come Sunday. Only a taste. At Judgment Day, it's The Badd Ass taking on The Olympic Hero in a two out of three falls match. It won't come to a third fall, and it doesn't have to. I can do all I need to do, to get my point across that you just don't cross The Badd Ass. Bell rings, I kick his sorry ass, then drive his head into the ground with the Fame-Ass-Er. Bell rings again, I kick his ass AGAIN, then plant his ass with the Fame-Ass-Er, AGAIN! It's just that simple.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn and George continue, until suddenly, their conversation is broken up, as the Limo comes to an abrupt stop, and is jolted a bit by the impact of a Ford F-150 from behind. George slides out of Gunn's arms, but not out of his grasp, as he catches her before she falls to the floor of the Limo. Gunn, now swearing, yelling in shock and frustration. Both look at each other in confusion. The front door of the Limo slamming shut can be heard, as the Limo Driver walks past the window next to Gunn. Gunn takes notice, and opens his door. George steps out first, and Gunn follows behind her, with his right arm around her waist. Outside, Gunn watches as the driver of the F-150 and his Limo Driver exchange heated words...

.:.:[ Limo Driver ]:.:. ... It's a parking lot for God's Sake! It's not THAT hard to drive in a damn parking lot!

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. Listen here, son, this traffic is sumtin' I ain't never seen before. Understand? I admit, it's ma' fault, but I don't like the tone of ya' voice, son, ya' hear?

.:.:[ Limo Driver ]:.:. People like you are the main reason I don't spend my time in the south. [ He shakes his head. ] You got insurance?

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. Insurance?

.:.:[ Limo Driver ]:.:. [ He slaps himself in the face, and slides his hand down his face aggressively. ] I can't believe my luck. [ He looks at the Limo. ] Damn... And this Limo was one day away from retirement...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. What happened?

.:.:[ Limo Driver ]:.:. Can't you see? Obviously, we have a little accident on our hands, Mr. Gunn.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Nice touch with the 'Mister', but let me make myself perfectly clear when I say, I ain't that hick you just disrespected a second ago. Remember that.

.:.:[ Limo Driver ]:.:. Yes sir... I'll call the appropriate city-

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Call 'em, call 'em. [ Gunn waves him away. ]

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The driver scurries away, back inside the Limo, to get 911 on the line for assistance. The air is cool here on this Nashville evening. Gunn slides his sunglasses back on, and George removes a pair from her pocket, and puts them on. The cars all around the accident are blowing their horns, obviously frustrated by all the bad luck that seems to be affecting everyone in the parking lot. The F-150 driver stands with his hands on his hip, wearing a janitor's uniform. His face, marked with black grease and dirt. His hair matted down, and his beard nearly touching his shirt. Yeah, an All-American kind of guy. He looks at both vehicles shaking his head. Gunn and George look at each other, then at the F-150 driver. Gunn shrugs his shoulders, and now with his left arm around George, they both walk up to the trouble janitor...

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. [ He looks up at Gunn and George. ] Sir... Ma'am... I'm so sorry about all this. In all ma' life, I ain't never had an accident. All ma' life! And now this... With a rich fella. The Lord isa' testin' me, I must say..

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Ah, look, don't worry about all this. This Limo ain't even mine. I'll let the ole' job pay for it, and since I am pretty important around there, I'll even see if I can get them to pay for your damages. Alright?

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. [ He stares at Gunn as if trying to remember him. Then, he does... ] My goodness, that job you're talkin' 'bout wouldn't happen to be PWO, would it?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Actually it is. [ Gunn says with a smile. ] You a fan?

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. You can bet your bottom dollar on that, my friend. [ He extends his hand, and Gunn shakes it. ] Wow, so you're a wrestler, ain't ya'? I do believe I've seen ya' on the television with the boys back home. Ah, I wish they were here. They'd love this, I know, meetin' a rassler and all. Anyway, you're that Badd Ass, ain't 'cha?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. That's right sir, the one and only. Yeah, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn, and this here is my girl, George.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn steps behind George, and wraps both arms around her. The F-150 takes a look at her, and Gunn begins to wonder. Jealousy is a powerful thing.

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. Ma', ma', ma'... You sho' are a pretty young thang, ain't ya'?

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. George blushes a little, then responds with a smile.

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. I know. [ She takes a look at her watch. ] Well, Billy, it looks like we're gonna be late. Maybe we should just wait until the next showing.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Well hey, we can go to the movies tomorrow night. You know, a night on the town, with me and my girl. [ They both smile. ]

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. [ With a guilty look. ] Again, I'm sorry, ya'll...

 .:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. It's not a big deal, sir. Hopefully we'll get this mess all sorted out, so we can get on with our lives...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Or, in our case, babe, get ready for Judgment Day. I can't wait to see your match with The Kat. It should be VERY entertaining.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. George nudges him in the abdomen. Gunn backs up a little, but keeps her by his side.

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. Watch it, Billy!

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. I'm only gonna be watchin' you, babe. [ They laugh. ]

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. Judgment Day? I'm sure I'll be right in front of that there television come Judgment Day. Me and the boys steal Pay Per View programmin' all the time. Mr. Badd Ass, who ya' rasslin'?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. The Olympic Chump Kurt Angle. Shouldn't be a problem. I have him beat in skill, I got 'am beat in speed, size, and whatever else you can name. Look sir, when ya' stealin' that cable, I advise you to take the time during my match to go get yourself a little something to snack on, or just go sit on the can, 'cause I can tell ya' one thing about this match. It ain't gonna be too entertainin'. Basically, it's me kicking Kurt Angle's ass, and I know a one-sided match like the one we're gonna have has to be a killer to watch.

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. He be that bad?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. [ With a smile. ] Actually, pops, I be that GOOD. Listen up, I'm The Badd Ass Billy Gunn. Just the mentioning of my name should say it all. It's not that Kurt Angle is bad, it's just I'm so damn good. Look, you can put him up against the likes of a, oh, let's say, a Gangrel, and he looks like a superstar, but when you put him against a REAL wrestler, a TRUE athlete like The Ass Man, he doesn't stand a chance! Understand me, old man? [ The old janitor nods. ] Good... Well, I hope all this gets sorted out. [ Gunn shakes his hand. ] You take care of yourself.

.:.:[ F-150 Driver ]:.:. Ah yes Mr. Badd Ass, you do the same. 

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. He takes George's hand and raises it to kiss it. Before he can, however, Gunn smacks his hand on the janitor's face, stopping him in his tracks...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. That's NOT what I had in mind, old man.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The janitor returns to his car, and Gunn and George get lost in conversation, suddenly, Pamela Paulshock shows up, maneuvering through the cars parked only meters away. She finally reaches Gunn and George, who are still locked in conversation. She rolls her eyes at this sight. Then clears her throat to get their attention, but to no avail. She tries once more, harder this time, and she does get their attention. George frowns at her, lowering his shades below her eyes...

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. What do you want, Silicone Princess? Like I don't know...

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. I'm gonna let that slide, because, well, trash like yourself just can't help it.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. [ Before George can respond. ] What do you want, girl? If you're over here just to 'cause trouble, you can take your ass back from where ever you came from, got me?

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. I'm hear to get a few words from you Billy... And you too, George, about your upcoming match ups on Judgment Day, and some other things...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn turns and looks at the arena, and then at his watch. He then turns to Pamela and says...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. There are still some matches goin' on in there, right?

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Ah, yeah. [ She gives a "So what?" attitude. ]

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. To be honest here, I've had all that I can take of you PWO Interviewers. Believe me, whatever needs to be answered, WILL BE answered, in just a second...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. George and Pamela look at Gunn in confusion, as he backs up, then turns, and heads back to the arena. The camera captures the entire view of the arena in the distance, as Gunn is seen walking past the cars and screaming fans.  As the scene fades, George is seen walking quickly behind him, trying to catch up... The scene re-opens inside the arena, as the camera takes us ring side with Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. Jim Ross, dressed in his usual black hat, with a buttoned up PWO Attitude shirt, and Heyman sits comfortably behind the announce table, with a simple red shirt, underneath a gray sports coat, with a baseball cap to top it off. The crowd has diminished in size, as only dark matches are taking place at this time. In the ring we see two no names. Apparently a couple of new guys steadily trying to climb the ladder, but at this point, they have a long way to go. One, a white male, with red hair, wearing basic black wrestling shorts, and the other, a small Hispanic wrestler, who's speed in the ring is the first thing you notice upon watching him. The camera then returns to Ross and Heyman, after giving the viewer a glimpse of the atmosphere in a post Raw Is War environment. The camera drops in on the conversation they're having...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. ...It was indeed an incredible event, Paul. Great matches from start to finish, and what a finish we had! While exciting, I must admit, I hate seeing Jericho screwed like that. That was in bad taste by Vince Russo. Jericho had it won!

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Clearly he did not, JR. Are you blind? Are you seeing well? Triple H is going to Judgment Day to compete for the World Title against another former PWO Champion, Scott Hall! NOT Chris Jericho. Let's stick to the facts, here, JR. Chris Jericho LOST, and so did that God awful Badd Ass Billy Gunn!

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. I you're selling both of those athletes short, Paul. Either one would make great respectable World Champions. Chris Jericho is perhaps the most charismatic wrestler in the history of PWO, Paul, and The Badd Ass Billy Gunn has incredible skill, and a great balance of speed, strength, and agility in the ring. Not to mention he may very well be the most athlete man on the roster. Actually, Paul, I believe he is.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. I'll have to disagree with you AGAIN, JR. Why am I not surprised? I have just one question for you, JR. Where is Billy Gunn's medals? 

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Believe me, I know Kurt Angle did one hell of a job at the Olympics, and by voicing my opinion on who the best athlete in PWO is, is not taking that away from Kurt Angle. I believe that in the world of Sports Entertainment, which is where Professional Wrestling lies, Billy Gunn has all the right tools in all the right places, that's all. He's just an excellent athlete across the board, and again, that's not taking anything away from Kurt Angle.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. JR, I have to disagree with you, YET AGAIN. We're on a roll here, aren't we? You think that's not taking anything away from Kurt Angle? Our Olympic Hero is a competitor, JR. A fine tuned competitor. What you have just said is a slap in his face, and I wish he were here right now to return the favor!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Jim Ross is about to make his response, when suddenly...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. What's this?! Billy Gunn!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Mr. Ass' Theme Music blares over the speakers, sending what's left of the crowd into a frenzy. Thousands in the arena cheer, and their level of their cheering is almost deafening, as The Badd Ass Billy Gunn makes his way to the ring, flaunting his ass, and dancing, with Gorgeous George following close behind, feeding sex appeal to the crowd, in only the way she knows how. Gunn turns his back to the crowd, before making his way down the ramp way, he bends over, then slowly takes down his shorts until about three quarters of his ass is showing, and he then promptly takes them back up. The women in the crowd scream enthusiastically for Gunn's teasing. The two wrestlers in the ring, have turned to watch this entrance, and they look on in disbelief and anger. The referee has cleared out of the ring. The crowd cheering has died down a bit as Billy and George reach the ring. Gunn walks up the stairs, then walks along the ring apron, and takes a seat on the middle rope to give George room to duck underneath and enter the ring. She does just that, and Gunn follows behind her. George slides her glasses up on her forehead, and with a smile, holds both her hands in the air, as she is embraced by the crowds cheer. Meanwhile, as the music dies down, Gunn jumps on the turnbuckle to the right of Heyman and Ross, with his hands in the air. The crowd receives him well. The two wrestlers continue to look on, then look at each other, and then attack Billy Gunn! Giving numerous punches to the back, Gunn steps off the turnbuckles. He stumbles a little to into the middle of the ring. One of the wrestlers Irish Whips him into the ropes. Gunn bounces off the ropes, and connects with a double clothesline on the two dark match workers. He motions for both of them to get up, and he delivers another doubt clothesline to the both of them. One stumbles up. He locks their head in a head lock, and then raises him in the air, for about eight seconds. He then Jackhammers them into the canvas. The victim of the Jackhammer rolls out of the ring. The other gets up just in time. Gunn gives him a kick in the abdomen, and then delivers a devasting Fame-Ass-Er to the dark match worker. Gunn then takes the boots to him, kicking him out of the ring. The crowd cheers, as George claps in approval of Gunn's actions. Gunn then calls for a microphone. The technicians for some reason do not honor his request. The then calls for one again, with a far more stern voice. Again, they do not respond. Gunn is about to exit the ring, but he's called back by George, who shakes her head with a smile, and then turns to the technicians. She asked them for the microphone, and they gladly oblige. She takes the microphone, and walks from one side of the ring, to the other, giving a shoulder shrug to Gunn, as he looks on in disbelief. She then walks to the middle of the ring, and holds her hand up...

.:.:[ Gorgeous George ]:.:. Nashville, Tennessee... [ A pause for cheers. ] Feast your eyes on the HOTTEST couple in PWO... The Gorgeous One, and of course... THE ONE! [ Crowd cheers. ] It's only a matter of time before we take it to the next level, and you see us both with gold around our waist. Billy is the best man in the business, as ya'll know, and I am, of course, the best female in the business. It's only a matter of time before we prove it, when I get that Women's Championship, and my Billy gets the World Championship. Now, with that said, ladies and gentlemen, at this time it is MY pleasure to introduce to you all....the man that will walk out of Judgment Day a survivor after he kicks Kurt Angle's ass...."The Ass Man" MY man...Billy GUNN!!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The crowd cheers build, as Gunn looks around the arena, with a huge smile on his face. He strokes the both sides of his face with his fingers, then runs those fingers through his hair. He begins...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Every last one of you saw what I just did to these two... Losers! Before tonight, they had no other meaning than to full up some time for some PWO event, maybe clean some toilets backstage, or whatever else. But now look at them. Especially THIS ONE! [ Gunn points at the one he hit the Fame-Ass-Er on. He's still lying by the ring. ] Look at this guy... Thanks to The Badd Ass, he ain't just some everyday loser like almost every other wrestler in PWO. Nashville, I just made his sorry ass FAMOUS! [ Crowd cheers with the excitement Gunn expels. ] That's what The Ass Man does, he makes losers like The Rock, The Undertaker, and soon, Kurt Angle, famous... [ Small mixed reaction as Gunn pauses. ] Kurt Angle, Kurt Angle. [ Crowd boos. ] Now wait a second. Don't 'boo' the guy. You can't blame a guy like Kurt Angle, or ANYBODY in PWO who chooses to cross The Bad Ass. Why? Well, I was thinkin' about all this a little earlier, and it makes perfect sense. In the wrestling business, anybody with half a brain is striving to reach the top of the heap. What's one of the fastest ways? Let The Badd Ass Billy Gunn get a hold of ya', and slap that Fame-Ass-Er on ya'. It will, without a doubt, MAKE YOU FAMOUS! [ Crowd cheers. ] And come Sunday Night, from the time my music hits, and I hit that ring, to the end of the match, after I drive Angle's face into the ground with the Fame-Ass-Er, and his sorry ass stares motionless in the rafters, after I pin him for the SECOND time in a row, Angle will be a new man. He'll be able to say that he stood toe to toe with The Badd Ass for maybe five minutes in a two out of three falls match. He'll be able to say that the top man in the business, made his ass FAMOUS! [ Crowd cheers. ] Just being in the ring with me is an accomplishment in itself. Ya' know what, after the match is all said and done, and Angle is out of the hospital, I'll even have a couple of gold medals made for the guy, so he'll ALWAYS remember the night he had his ass handed to 'em, by yours truly, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Very strong words from The Ass Man, there, Paul.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Yeah, The Jack-Ass Man really means business.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The crowd cheers as Gunn walks to the right, and to the left, giving the crowd a little time to get the cheering out of their system. He looks over to George, and with a smile, he looks to the crowd once again and continue...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. We all know how this started. It started with Kurt Angle not knowin' his place in the wrestlin' business, that's how. I wanna let you in on a little secret Angle... Gold medals or not, you belong at the BOTTOM of the wrestlin' world. I guess it's gonna take an Ass Man to put your sorry ass back in its place! [ Crowd cheers a little. ] You wanna know how I feel about all this? About taking on Kurt Angle at Judgment Day? Let me tell ya', in all honesty, I'm PISSED THE HELL OFF! A little more than a week ago, I made it clear just how damn bad I want that World Title.  That I want that World Title more than anything or anyone on the face of this planet. I came so damn close months ago. I had the shot at the PWO Title. I HAD IT! And now, thanks to that son of a bitch, Kurt Angle, I won't be able to achieve exactly what I deserve. I deserve to win that title. Scott Hall? Damn, Scott Hall as World Champion? I'd rather see Jericho or even Triple H holding that title, dammit. Look, I'm the type of guy who ain't gonna pull excuses out of his ass, but in this case, I don't have to. It's staring ya' right in the face. If it wasn't for Angle, the outcome of that match would have been different. You hear me? Scott Hall can't take The Badd Ass one on one. He knows it, and y'know what, don't be surprised if you don't hear him admit it anytime soon, 'cause he's just that type of guy. Everytime I think about the loss I took at the hands of Scott Hall, thanks to that damn Olympic Hero, I get a bad taste in my mouth. Sunday Night, for all this, I'm gonna knock the taste out of ANGLE'S mouth! What I did to Angle on Smackdown! wasn't enough... It wasn't even scratching the surface. I WILL get my revenge on him. Sunday Night is my chance. At Judgment Day, I'm givin' that Olympic Chump a rulin'. In my eyes, he's guilty as charged, and I don't have to wait 'til Judgment Day to make that rulin'. No, ya' see, at Judgment Day, in our match, there ain't gonna be no judgin', just Angle carrying out the sentence I'm giving RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW! You wanna know what that is?! Angle's sentence for crossin' The Badd Ass is an ass kickin' far worse than ANYTHING he's ever experienced in his entire LIFE! [ The crowd cheers. As they do, Gunn finishes... ] You can bet your ass on that...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The crowd dies down a bit, as Gunn pauses to give them the chance to do that. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman take this opportunity to give commentary on what Gunn has just said...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. The Badd Ass was a big favorite walking into his match in the main event of the Raw Is War event, against Scott Hall, for a shot at the World Title. Paul, there's not a man in the wrestling world who wouldn't agree, that Billy Gunn was robbed last Monday Night.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. He got exactly what he deserved, JR. Who cares about his winning the Royal Rumble? Big deal! Where are his gold medals?!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn smiles, as if hearing Jim Ross and Paul Heyman talking, as he pulls Kurt Angle's medals out of his back pocket. He dangles them before his eyes, with a huge smile on his face.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well, there are Kurt Angle's medals...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Look at these... It's amazin' to me how a man can value life on a couple of gold medals. Look at this crap? Who gives a s--- about this?! [ Crowd cheers. ] Just one of the tons of differences between Mr. Ass and Angle. I ain't gotta walk around flauntin' a couple of medals, or trophy, or whatever the hell else to PROVE that I'm a damn good wrestler. My ass? Well hey, I didn't ask for it. I didn't earn it. God just saw fit to bless me with the best damn ass in the world, and I ain't mad at 'em. But I did earn my reputation. I did fight to become one of the top men in this business. I don't need anything to prove that, 'cause dammit, it's just common knowledge! We all know that The Ass Man is the BEST damn thing to ever happen to PWO. Well all know that I'm the ONE you ALL came to see. We all know that I'm the ONE your kids wanna be. The ONE who all you fine ladies... wanna be with. The ONE every man hates, 'cause he's everything he wants to be... and more. And of course, [ Gunn pauses. ] I'm the ONE that's gonna kick Kurt Angle's ass from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, make 'em famous with the Fame-Ass-Er, and pin his ass for the one, two, three! And guess what, right after that, I do it all over again! Why? Dammit, if you ain't figured out just who the hell I am by now, then your ass better call somebody! And if ya' don't believe it, well, I got three words for people like you...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Billy's theme music blares over the speakers, as the crowd erupts in cheer. Gunn jumps on all four turnbuckles, raising both hands in the air, forming an 'X' with his hands, which is reminiscent of his days with Degeneration X, and the New Age Outlaws. George, meanwhile, smiles waving her hands in the air in a calm fashion. After Gunn is done, he aids George out of the ring, by sitting on the middle rope. She steps through, and makes her way over to the stairs, then down them, and proceeds up the ramp. Gunn follows suit, catches up to George, and slaps her on the ass, she jumps, and quickly turns to him with a smile. She motions with her finger to follow her, with a seductive grin on her face, and of course, Gunn does exactly that. The scene fades there...