.:.:[ Disclaimer ]:.:. Uh, it's simple really. It's a roleplay. It's not reality. Don't take it personally. To those who actually intend to read these, rather than scroll through it just to see how long it is, sit back in your padded chairs, grab your potato chips, chocolates, licorice, donuts and diet pepsi, adjust your coke bottle lenses and enjoy! C'mon BABY ... ARE YOU READY?

.:.:[ Segment Title ]:.:. Bad Guy, it'll be The Badd Ass' PLEASURE to kick your ASS!

.:.:[ Total Record ]:.:. 2-0
.:.:[ Single Record ]:.:.
.:.:[ Tag-Team Record ]:.:.
.:.:[ Accomplishments ]:.:.
PWO Royal Rumble Winner 2001

.:.:[ People Used ]:.:. Billy Gunn, Pamela Paulshock
.:.:[ Wrestlers Mentioned ]:.:.
Scott Hall, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Chris Jericho
.:.:[ Previous Match ]:.:.
Billy Gunn vs. The Undertaker
.:.:[ Next Match ]:.:.
Billy Gunn vs. Scott Hall

.:.:[ Foreword Scene ]:.:. The scene opens once again with highlights from Pro Wrestling Online's Smackdown!, a show packed with action from the opening fireworks. Matches like the incredible main event, with Triple H, Sid, and Gangrel taking on Vampiro, Raven, and Sting are in the highlights, along with other matches that took place throughout the night. Clips that are dominant in these highlights are from Gunn's relatively easy victory of The Undertaker, and the tension between him and Kurt Angle. Past Gunn matches are also shown, along with classic footage of his victory in the PWO Royal Rumble 2001. While these highlights play, and much more, in the background plays Mr. Ass' theme music, along with Billy Gunn's commentary on the latest happenings in Pro Wrestling Online...

.:.:[ Foreword ]:.:. You want a foreword, wrestling fans? Who better to give it to you than the man who has it all, and then some, with a side of ass? Oh, oh, oh, where to I begin?! The Badd Ass had an... Interesting time Smackdown!. Let's start with this joke, Kurt Angle. He wins a couple medals in the Olympics, and he thinks he the best thing to ever happen to the sport of wrestling. News flash, Angle, no one gives a flyin' f--- about the Olympics! That's one reason why you're little medals don't mean much, and the other is PWO presents a much different type of wrestling. While you're the top guy in that amateur wrestlin' crap, Angle, you're listenin' to the top guy in Professional Wrestlin, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn! You made the jump from that wrestlin' in the Olympics, to my world. So, all the shit you're talkin' about winning gold medals ain't valid here. All that means a damn is that World Title. And, that World Title is about to come to a TRUE athlete, the best athlete in sports entertainment, Billy Gunn. Hall knows what I'm talking about. Well, he will when I kick his ass in the Main Even- No, no, no, you're not hearing me... I said MAIN EVENT of Raw Is War, for a shot at the World Title. Look, I'm one win away from the shot at that World Title. You can bet your ass I'm locked, cocked, and ready to kick anyone who wants to try to keep me from reaching the finals of this World Title Tournament. Hall, that means you, man. I hope you're ready, well, maybe I shouldn't say that, because you were ready for Kurt Angle, and we know how that turned out for you. [ Gunn laughs. ] Shit, I don't care really, if you're ready, you get your ass kicked, if you're not, you get your ass kicked. It's the inevitable, Bad Guy, The Badd Ass wins every time. With that...

The Ass Man has spoken...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The scene opens in the city in which the past Smackdown has taken place. The camera takes a "sky cam" shot of the city. The camera now takes his backstage during the main event of Smackdown!. The camera smoothly moves through the backstage halls, until finding Kevin Kelly and Pamela Paulshock talking amongst each other. The look on Kelly's face is full of fright, as he seems to be pleading with Pamela. She's shaking her head, as if not understanding. Kelly, seen here wearing all black, the shirt being a 'PWO Attitude' Shirt. Pamela, on the other hand, is wearing a pink shirt, with tight light blue jeans, with her hair back in a ponytail.

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Kevin! Slow... down. What's wrong?

.:.:[ Kevin Kelly ]:.:. [ Kelly takes a deep breath. ] Pam, I have just been informed by PWO Headquarters, that I have to get a word from The Badd Ass Billy Gunn about his recent victory of The Undertaker, the World Title Tournament, and some other things.

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. So... What's wrong?

.:.:[ Kevin Kelly ]:.:. Are you hearing me? No, here's a better question, do you know who Billy Gunn is?

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Uh, yeah. He's one of the favorites to win the World Title. Matter of fact, on Raw Is War, he has a big match for a shot at the World Title against Scott Hall. What's the problem with Gunn?

.:.:[ Kevin Kelly ]:.:. Yeah, you're a blonde true to form, Pam. Remember what he did to Michael Cole? [ Pamela looks as if she's finally getting the hint. ] Yeah, Pam, so you can understand why I don't want to take any chances with that guy. So... I'm asking you. No, begging you... PLEASE take this interview! I know he wouldn't do anything like that to you. Matter of fact, he'll probably hit on you.

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. [ Pamela ponders this. ] Alright, Kevin. I'll do it. Under one condition. I get your pay check for two months.

.:.:[ Kevin Kelly ]:.:. Well, you can't put a pay check on the ole' package. [ Kevin hands Pamela the microphone. ] Good luck, Pam.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Kevin smiles, then walks away, and when he gets far down the hall, he leaps into the air, and clicks his heels together. Pamela looks her head, then takes her hair out of the ponytail. She looks the opposite way in which Kevin went, with a look on determination. Meanwhile, we find Gunn in the comforts of his dressing room. He's lounging on his couch, with about seven women, all quite attractive, wearing very skimpy clothing. He's here with these girls, wearing blue jeans, a baret, glasses with light blue shades, and a 'Kiss My Ass' black and blue t-shirt, with the sleeves cut off.He's all smiles, as he's obviously the center of attention, with all the girls eyes on him. He has his hands around two, while one sits comfortably on his lap. The others, on the end of the couch, and two sitting on to of the couch. It seems like he's in the middle of an entertaining story, as audio is now provided to hear what Gunn is talking about.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. ... And I looked at her. Then she had the audacity to say, "What's wrong, Billy?". [ The girls laugh a little. ] And I told her, "Babe, you just slapped my ASS!" [ The girls along with Gunn howl in laughter. ] But hey, I'm an understanding type of guy, girls. I understand that it's damn hard for a woman to keep her hands off this ass. It's just natural. You gotta reach out and touch it. Well girls, I must say, I am not regretting having PWO fly you up here along with me, to, well, see Gunn in action, and to, well, experience Gunn in action there after. [ Gunn removes his arms around the two girls. ] But girls, I have a little business to take care of. [ He stands, and as he does, they stand as well. ] The Spurs are about to take on the Lakers, and I GOTTA be there to see this game on Saturday. I have- Wait, why the hell am I explaining this to ya'll? [ Gunn sits down in a chair, pointing to the door. ] You know the way out. 

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The girls stand, and look at Gunn with a little attitude.

.:.:[ Groupie #1 ]:.:. Billy, what's your problem?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. You're about to be if you don't get the hell out of my room. What, you don't think I know what you are? C'mon, girls, you're a few gold diggers, who're trying to jump aboard a ship that's about to sail it's way to the top of the wrestling business. That equals, bucks, girls, and that's exactly what you want. So, before you get any of MY money, I'm kickin' your asses to curb.

.:.:[ Groupie #1 ]:.:. [ Shocked, she says... ] Y-You used us? You used us for just some good time, like, like we were a bunch of sluts?!

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. You catch on fast, now leave.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The girls, are about to stand, following their leader who does first, but then, as if an idea had just come over her, she sits back down, and folds her arms across her chest. The others follow suit. Gunn rolls his eyes.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. What, you can't hear?

.:.:[ Groupie #1 ]:.:. Billy, I just want to let you know that you're really not ALL THAT, like you think you are. Yeah, you may have used us, but we used YOU to get here, so we could scope out some of the other big money makers in wrestling. Like... Like...

.:.:[ Groupie #2 ]:.:. Chris Jericho! Or, Triple H! Or... Scott Hall!

.:.:[ Groupie #1 ]:.:. Yeah, each one of them has a twenty-five percent chance of winning the World Title. So, losing you isn't a total loss. If we can divide ourselves among them, we have a seventy-five percent chance of getting the World Champion, which means money, money, money!

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. [ Gunn claps and laughs. ] Not bad, girls. Not bad, math. I'm surprised you were smart enough to come up with those figures, but I wasn't surprised when you didn't factor in REALITY into the equation. [ They look at him as if he's crazy. ] If all skill was equal, hey, you girls have a damn good point. All those numbers you came with ACTUALLY mean something, but I'd hate to be the one to break it to you, but when it comes to skill, we're faaar different. You mentioned Jericho first. [ Gunn smirks. ] Not that I don't think he's good, he's just not better than The Badd Ass. He probably has the biggest chance of winning, second to me of course, basically because he's taking on Triple H, who has his share of problems at the present time. Then you got Triple H. Well, I basically just said why he's not gonna be winnin' this tournament.

.:.:[ Groupie #3 ]:.:. And Scott Hall?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. [ Gunn smiles. ] I'm glad you asked. Look girls, I can't predict who's gonna win out of Jericho and Hunter, but I CAN predict the winner of the Scott Hall versus Billy Gunn match. I can tell you exactly who's gonna win, and go on for the shot at the title. You're kicking it back with that very man as we speak. That's right, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn. Now, I know you girls are a little slow, but put all of this together, alright? I gave you reasons why Jericho ain't gonna win the title, why Hunter isn't, and I just told you why Hall doesn't even have a chance to wrestle for it. It's all for one reason... Me. If Hunter wins, he's got The Badd Ass. If Jericho wins, guess what, he's got The Badd Ass. Hall, he's already drawn me, and you know what happens when someone is put up against the best damn wrestler in sports entertainment. That's right, they get their asses stomped. Girls, your plan sucks really. Gunn has a 97.4% chance of winnin' the World Title. You can divide what's left equally among Jericho and Hunter, and place a zero percentage by Hall, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm losin' to this guy! So girls, get the HELL OUTTA MY ROOM!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:.Gunn laughs, as he stands, and opens the door. The girls turn their noses up at Gunn, as he waves, while they exit the room. After the seventh one passes him, he lifts his foot and gently kicks her in the ass, nudging her forward. She turns around, and slaps Billy on his shoulder. He laughs even harder, as he pulls out a bag of luggage from in the room, next to the door, and closes the door behind him. He whips out a pair of keys, shaking his head, as his laughter dies down a bit. After locking the door, he turns, standing before Pamela Paulshock. He looks her up and down, and a smile comes over his face. He catches her, with her eyes fixed on where he ass was, before he turned around. He snaps his fingers, and says...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Hey, I'm up here.

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. [ Snapping out the daze, she looks up at Gunn, and says... ] I-I'm sorry. Billy Gunn. I'm Pamela Paulshock. It looks like I'm going to be your designated interviewer for now on, since none of the male interviewers want to interview you.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. I wonder why... [ Gunn laughs. ]

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Well, I just need to ass... I mean, ASK you a few questions, Billy.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. What's a good looking girl like you doing interviewing for PWO? You should be on the cover of Playboy or something, as fine as you are. [ Pamela begins to blush. ] You're acting like nobody's ever said that to ya' before, babe. I know that ain't the case.

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Well... Thank you, Billy, but we really need to get to this interview.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. No problem. [ Gunn leans on the door. ] What do you wanna know?

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Well, before we get into the future, let's discuss the past. In an incredible win, that has fans buzzing, you defeated The Undertaker in very convincing fashion. Your feelings...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. This is the story of my life, Pamela. I tell the wrestling world what I'm gonna do. They doubt me. I do it, and they're surprised, after I TOLD THEM I was going to do it. You'd think they would have learned a little lesson after I took The People's Champion apart, and finished his weak ass with the Fame-Ass-Er, like I said I would. Yeah, you'd think they'd learn they're lesson, but hey, I was wrong. Dead wrong. That's not a big deal though, babe, 'cause like I said before. I like being the underdog. It makes the victory all the more sweeter, and the beating all the more painful. I already think I'm well on my way to OWNING the PWO, but if they don't expect me, or choose not to face the reality that I AM a force to be reckoned with, well, babe, you can bet your nice tight little ass that Billy Gunn is gonna raise some major hell, in very convincing fashion.

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. You and Kurt Angle has numerous confrontations on Smackdown!. It seems you won the battle of words, but, thanks to some quick striking tactics from the Olympic Hero, you lost the physical battle. Your thoughts.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. LOST?! Babe, look and listen well, to the man who's practically responsible for the money you make, 'cause his very presence at a show, brings BIG bucks to PWO. Kurt Angle didn't win a DAMN thing. As usual, like he does to EVERY man he can't match up with head up, he snuck behind me. When we stood face to face, the little prick pouted, and walked away, knowing he couldn't do a damn thing to the man who could snap that chunky neck of his in a, well, snap! Look babe, you seem like an- [ Gunn realizes she's a blonde. ] Yeah, just try and follow me here. Billy Gunn could take The Olympic Hero ANY day of the week. It's just that simple. Understand?

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. And the World Title Tournament?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Raw Is War marks the Semi-Final for this event, and I'd be a damn liar if I said I couldn't sleep at night in anticipation for it. Since we're talking about night... and the lack of sleep. Pamela, how would you like to keep The Badd Ass company tonight? [ She's opens her mouth to say something, but Gunn interjects. ] Nah, let me know after all this is done. We have Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Scott Hall, ALL in the the Semi-Finals of the World Title Tournament, with the odds on favorite, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn. I think people are starting to realize that I am for real. That I am The REAL DEAL! Yeah, before, I've stressed why it would be good for that not to be the case, but whether I'm sneaking behind these guys, and shocking the World by winning the World Title, or I walk into the Semis as the favorite, and do not disappoint by winning that World Title, Pam, I'm winning the World Title. It's only a matter of time now...

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Well, there are four men remaining in the World Title Tournament, and of course, you're one of them. Another? Da Bad Guy Scott Hall. He's a former PWO Champion and-

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Hasn't been one since! Does that matter? Hell no, 'cause when Da Bad Guy was World Champ, The Badd ASS wasn't around! Look, who's to say that had I been here at the time he won the World Title, well, he probably wouldn't be braggin' about being the first champion today, if you get what I'm sayin'. Well, maybe you don't Pamela. In plain English, I would have been the first PWO Champion, and the only. But hey, that was then, and this is now, and this is ALL that matters. From the time I've known this guy, all I've seen him do is lose here, and lose there. Sure, he knocks off losers, but he ran into Angle, and got his ass kicked. I'm not impressed, and every time I see this guy wrestle, I wonder more and more, "THIS guy was World Champion?" Yeah, it's damn surprising to me, but you know what, Hall, think back to that time, and enjoy it. I hope you took pictures of you wearing that damn belt, 'cause to honest with ya', that'll be the ONLY memory you're gonna have as World Champion, 'cause as long as I'm here, you'll NEVER be World Champion. I promise you that. Why? 'Cause I'm The Badd Ass Billy Gunn, I can do things like that. [ Gunn smiles. ]

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Any last words you would like to close with, Billy?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Definitely. Pamela, I have just two wins. TWO wins to go, and I'm World Champion. Look look at the stipulations, and I look at the competition, and I'm telling myself, this is too damn easy, but I'm not stupid. It's gonna be harder than it looks, but hey, it's harder some, more than others. While this may be the biggest test of my wrestling career, second to the Royal Rumble in January of 2001, like I overcame adversity then, and won the damn thing, I know I can do it again. On the way, I'm not takin' any shit from any of these guys. Hunter likes knocking out competition with sledge hammers, so I'll be looking over my shoulder for his sick ass. Jericho? He goes straight up, but while noble, that may be his downfall. And Scott Hall. Out of the three, I'm least worried about him, because throughout the entire time I've been here in PWO, all I see is him getting his ass... Punked. Look, Pamela, it's time, baby. I'm this close, [ Holds a space between thumb and index finger. ] this close. I will be World Champion, Pamela. Count on it!

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Well, thank you Mr. Ass.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. No babe, thank you. [ He flips a card to her. ] That's my number. Give me a call, alright?

.:.:[ Pamela Paulshock ]:.:. Didn't I just see you with about six or seven groupies earlier?

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. And? [ She sighs. Gunn looks to monitor and sees Smackdown! ending. ] Ah, I damn, gotta go, babe.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn gives Pamela a wink, then, lifts his bag, and tosses it to her, she catches it, and the weight of the luggage makes it difficult for her to keep balance. She stumbles, then drops the luggage into the ground, and stands up straight, as Gunn walks away, heading for the ring. She shakes her head with a smile. As the seen fades. The camera takes a glimpse at a nearby monitor, which shows that the show is coming to an end, and all involved in the main event have left. The scene re-opens at the end of Smackdown!. The main event between Raven, Vampiro, and Sting facing Triple H, Sid, and Gangrel has ended, along with an incredible night on PWO Smackdown!. The show started off excellent, with an opening match between Taz, Jeff Jarrett, and Albert, with Taz coming out on top in an impressive victory. This and much more took place on PWO Smackdown!. We now go to an area near announce table, by the ring bell, where Michael Cole sits with Lillian Garcia, as technicians begin to wrap things up, and the stands, although still filled, are beginning to empty. They're carrying on a conversation, as Lillian sits with microphone in hand, waiting to make another address to the crowd. Cole is off duty, seeing as how the show is over, his job is done for the night.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. I'm so sore, Lillian.

.:.:[ Lillian Garcia ]:.:. Michael, for the last time, I WILL NOT massage your, well, you know. We both promised we'd keep this relationship between us nothing but business.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. I know, and that's the way I want to keep it. Lillian, you did see what Billy Gunn, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H did to me that night, right?

.:.:[ Lillian Garcia ]:.:. Yeah, and?

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Yeah and as a co-worker, you should be willing to help me. And giving me the massage, would make us a more productive team-

.:.:[ Lillian Garcia ]:.:. Quit the bull, Cole. I have a job to do...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Lillian gets up, and enters the ring. In the ring stands Lillian Garcia, with microphone in hand, addressing the crowd.

.:.:[ Lillian Garcia ]:.:. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming out for PWO Smackdown! We hope you enjoyed the show, and have a safe ride home. Goodnight!

.:.:[ Gunn's Voice over P.A. ]:.:. Not so FAST!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The 'Mr. Ass' Theme hits the speakers, as the fans in the arena, turn to the entrance, to find the Badd Ass Billy Gunn, flaunting his ass on the stage. The crowd cheers hit the roof, as Lillian turns in great surprise. Cole's in shock, as he crawls under the announce table, holding his balls. Gunn continues to make his way to the ring, with the crowd on their feet. He points to his ass about mid way done, and flaunts it a little, then contiues to the ring. He walks up the steel stairs, looks at Lillian with a smile, then gives her a wink, and enters the ring. Gunn walks over to her, and asks for the microphone. She says no, and he then asks again, and again, the answer is no. He walks up to her, and puts his arm around her, and says, speaking into the microphone.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. A, Lillian... Darlin', did you just tell these fine people, who came to watch a damn good Smack- No, who came to watch Mr. Ass put on one helluva show, goodnight?

.:.:[ Lillian Garcia ]:.:. Well, yes...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Ah, think, girl! How can they have a goodnight, when they haven't really enjoyed the show yet? I think there close. I think there satisfied with the show, but the only way for them to enjoy it, is to here from The Badd Ass Billy Gunn! [ Crowd cheers. ] So, babe, why don't you turn that microphone, over to his Assness? [ She hands Gunn the microphone. ] Ladies and gentlemen! A show just ain't a show, without a word from America's favorite Ass Man, The Badd Ass Billy Gunn! So, consider this... A treat, from The One who DOMINATES PWO! That's right, DOMINATES! It's only a matter of time before I make that official. Hell, I don't know when the Championship Match will be, but you can bet your asses I'm gonna be in it! You can bet your asses that The Badd Ass WILL compete for the Title, and better yet, WIN THE WORLD TITLE! The Rock, The Undertaker, and soon Scott Hall will know why the hell I am worthy to hold that title, and more importantly why I should. I kicked The Rock's ass, I kicked The Undertaker's ass, and I'll kick the asses of anyone who decides they want to step to the NEXT PWO WORLD CHAMPION!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The crowd goes wild!

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Now I know that no road to the World Title is without outside interference. Ya see, I gotta little problem with your Olympic Hero. [ Crowd boos. ] Yeah, I was thinking the same damn thing. It's alright though. That prick had to sneak behind me, and get a little pay back that way. Well, he can do that all he wants, but Billy Gunn WILL have the last laugh, and he will witness first hand what makes Billy Gunn, The Badd Ass. Or, hey, he could quit the shit, and just take Scott Hall's word for it, after Raw Is War. Now, let me say this, it's far from over, Angle, but I have bigger things to think about, other than an Olympic has-been who just can't let go of the past. I have a World Title to win. Who do I have to get through, Scott Hall. [ Mixed Reaction from the crowd. ] Look, one thing he and Angle are gonna have to realize is that I don't lose. I do not lose. I will not be beaten. Case closed. Hall can walk into this match, and he will walk into this match, talking a lot of crap, about why he's gonna beat me- Whatever, alright. The bottomline is, after I flaunt and dance all the way to that ring, once I enter it, it's ON! I'm getting in there, and ALL bets are off. Hall, get ready, 'cause Billy Gunn is operating better than ever before, and from the looks of it, you're slacking, BIG TIME!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The crowd cheers yet again. Gunn raises his hand, and they quite down. He lowers it, and continues...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Monday Night Raw is my time to shine. I show this place, and everyone in it, just how good I REALLY am. It's time I prove that I am every bit of what I say I am, and more. And to you, Hall, it's time to prove to you that you cannot beat me and you will not beat me. I am BETTER than you, and on Monday Night, in front of thousands, and millions at home, I kick your ass up and down the ramp, from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, more than ANY other man throughout your career has EVER done! [ Crowd cheers. ] Hall, I see you walking around PWO, explaining to anyone who cares to listen, how bad you want the World Title. That's all well and good, but actions speak louder than words. You just got your ass kicked by Kurt Angle. Championship material? You gotta be kiddin' me! Monday Night, Hall, I show you what the hell championship material is. Monday Night... I show you what BAD is all about, Bad Guy. Monday Night... You pay for calling me out. You pay for saying, "if I had the choice of anyone I wanted to face it would have to be.. Billy Gunn". I gotta show, no TEACH you something Hall, and that's you do NOT f--- with a Badd Ass! What? You don't agree. I GOT THREE WORDS!


.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn's theme blast over the speakers, as the crowd goes wild in cheer for The Badd Ass Billy Gunn, as he flaunts his ass a little more, going as far as half way taking down his pants, sending the girls in teh audience into a frenzy of screams, but he quickly pulls them back up. Michael Cole stands from behind the announce table, thinking Gunn's heading out. As he does this, Gunn tosses the microphone over his head, before exiting the ring. The microphone sails through the air, and tags Cole right in the balls. He falls to his knees, clutching himself in pain, as the scene fades with Gunn leaving up the ramp...