.:.:[ Disclaimer ]:.:. Uh, it's simple really. It's a roleplay. It's not reality. Don't take it personally. To those who actually intend to read these, rather than scroll through it just to see how long it is, sit back in your padded chairs, grab your potato chips, chocolates, licorice, donuts and diet pepsi, adjust your coke bottle lenses and enjoy! C'mon BABY ... ARE YOU READY?

.:.:[ Segment Title ]:.:. No, no, no, Dead Man. I'm gonna make YOUR ASS famous, with The FAME-ASS-ER!

.:.:[ Total Record ]:.:. 1-0
.:.:[ Single Record ]:.:.
.:.:[ Tag-Team Record ]:.:.
.:.:[ Accomplishments ]:.:.
PWO Royal Rumble Winner 2001

.:.:[ People Used ]:.:. Mr. Ass, Colin Ripley, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman
.:.:[ Wrestlers Mentioned ]:.:.
The Undertaker and others...
.:.:[ Previous Match ]:.:.
Billy Gunn vs. The Rock
.:.:[ Next Match ]:.:.
Billy Gunn vs. The Undertaker

.:.:[ Foreword Scene ]:.:. The scene opens with highlights from Pro Wrestling Online's Monday Night Raw, a show packed with action from the opening fireworks. Highlights of The Heartbreak Kid's impressive win over Chris Benoit is shown, along with Triple H, Sting, and Vince Russo's closing of the show, and other clips from the great matches which took place on Monday Night Raw. The highlights then change to highlights from The Undertaker's previous wins, and then the same for Billy Gunn. While these highlights play, and much more, in the background plays Billy Gunn's theme music, along with Billy Gunn's commentary on the latest happenings in Pro Wrestling Online...

.:.:[ Foreword ]:.:. You want a foreword, wrestling fans? Who better to give it to you than the man who has it all, and then some, with a side of ass? Alright, alright... That Badd Ass Billy Gunn walked into Monday Night Raw saying he was going to kick The Rock's ass. I mean, he went as far as saying he was going to give him the Fame-Ass-Er, then pin his ass for the victory. Oh, and what happened? That Badd Ass Billy Gunn DID JUST THAT! Never doubt me. Never. Taker? The American Badass? He's next. I mean, I beat this guy, and I'm that much closer to the World Title. The Title I deserve more than any man in PWO. Well hey, The Taker, you may be the American Badass, but on Smackdown!, you're gonna stand toe-to-toe with the ORIGINAL Badd Ass. Taker, look... You say that the ring is your yard, well, that's only when a guy of less talent steps in it with ya'. You can bet your ass that Mr. Ass is probably the best you're ever faced! Taker, on Thursday Night, when we meet at Smackdown!, I will OWN your ass, and that f---ing YARD!

The Ass Man has spoken!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The scene opens in PWO Headquarters. The entire building seems to be crawling with busy suits, scurrying from place to place, seeing to it that PWO runs efficiently. The camera takes us, where I business lies, which is with Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. We find them on the second floor, dressed in what they usually wear to a PWO Event. They are walking down a hallway, talking up the majority of it, not moving out of the way from anyone, as they pass them, coming from the opposite way. Both are carrying briefcases, as they carry on a conversation...

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. I must admit, Smackdown! was entertaining, especially with the main event between two former ECW wrestlers, Justin Credible and Raven. who better than to put on a show like that, than two guys who come from a place where you HAD to do that, or you'd just get lost in the shuffle.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. I agree, Paul, those two talented and hard working individuals put on an incredible show, and I wouldn't have had the show end on another other match, if it were up to me to put the cards together. This organization is well on it's way to returning to what it once was in the wrestling world. Especially, with hard and gifted workers like Shawn Michaels. I don't know how long that Television Title is going to be around his waist, but he's on his game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him hold it for quite some time.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Alright, JR, I have a question for you...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. They turn the corner.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Go right ahead...

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. We've just talked about The Heartbreak Kid, Justin Credible, and Raven, three guys who probably rank at the top in PWO, and we didn't even mention Sting or Chris Jericho! JR, you tell me why, while those guys are available- Free for interview, we have to interview the likes of The Badd Ass Billy Gunn?

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Paul, you weren't here the last time PWO was open for business, now were you?

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. No, I can't say that I have, so what?

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman stop in front of a door. Ross places his hand over the knob, but before entering, he says...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. When we talk about Gunn around here, Paul. Not only do we praise him about being the best athlete on the roster, we also praise him about the single fastest impacting wrestler in the history of PWO. PWO Royal Rumble 2001, Paul. Billy Gunn went the distance, from number fifteen to number thirty, winning the entire thing, in his first match in PWO. That's why we have to interview the likes of Billy Gunn. Now, I'm letting you tag along during this interview, but you have to keep your tongue on lock. You'll be in there to observe, nothing more.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. [ Rolls his eyes. ] Sure, thing, JR. Whatever you say...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Paul Heyman is silenced, as the two enter the room. The room is quite large, and dark, with a couch and a recliner next to it, separated by a corner table, with one large screen to the right of the furniture. The screen has the message, 'Mr. Ass in 2 Minutes' written in yellow and pink, with green outline and a background. Underneath the the message is Gunn's 'Mr. Ass' Logo. Paul Heyman and Jim Ross take their seats there, and open their briefcases.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. I must say, I didn't agree with what he, Shawn, and Triple H did to Michael Cole just recently. I thought that was in bad taste.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Oh, c'mon. He had it coming!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Jim Ross rolls his eyes, as they two sit in front of the large monitor. The clock on the monitor which recently read two minutes, has know broke down into a countdown from sixty.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well, it's about that time, Paul.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Oh I'm ready. You just make sure YOU ARE.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The seconds tick by until we fall into the last ten second... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... Billy Gunn's music hits blares throughout the room. Jim Ross stands, and then encourages Heyman to do the same, as they await Gunn to walk through the door. Someone does indeed walk through the door, but it's not Gunn. It's a young guy, with an earpiece on, a white shirt, and black jeans. He peers in from behind the door.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well, young man, is there a problem? Where's Billy Gunn?

.:.:[ Young Worker ]:.:. Oh, I'm afraid we don't know where he is, Mr. Ross. 

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Mister?

.:.:[ Young Worker ]:.:. Apparently, Mr. Gunn was never here. Luckily, we have some PWO Cameramen in Austin, Texas. Gunn's hometown. [ The young man places his finger on the piece in his ear. ] Excellent. We have a cameraman at Gunn's Estate in Austin, Texas. Mr. Ross, sorry about the scare, but even though Mr. Gunn will not be with you in person, it should make for a good interview.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Thank you, son.

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Son?

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. I refer to those younger than me as 'son', sometimes. You have a problem with that?

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. No, no, JR. Just thinking... Yeah, that means you refer to more than half the population as 'son'!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Jim Ross shakes his head, and as he does, on the large screen pops a shot of Gunn's home in Austin. The cameraman is being accompanied by an unidentified PWO Executive. The camera gets a shot of the executive walking up the sidewalk to Gunn's front door. The PWO Executive rings the door bell, and then again, and again, until after more than two minutes, no one has come to the door. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman sit a little annoyed in the room, as the Executive turns to the camera, shrugging his shoulders, and he proceeds to leave, until the door swings open suddenly. In the door way stands a boy of about sixteen years old, with his right hand on the open door, and his left hand providing balance on the wall. With blonde hair, long earrings like The Heartbreak Kid used to wear, no shirt, torn jeans, and a look like he's been sleeping for weeks, he calls the Executive back. As the Executive walks back to the door with caution, from behind the boy appears a young girl of about the same age. Her appearance, although she's attractive, looks worse than his, as she stands, as if exhausted behind the boy. He speaks...

.:.:[ Sixteen Year Old Kid ]:.:. What do you want?

.:.:[ PWO Executive ]:.:. We're looking for a Billy Gunn. He's scheduled for a very important interview in regards to his upcoming match in PWO. Is he in, and who might you be?

.:.:[ Sixteen Year Old Kid ]:.:. No, he's not, and I'm Colin, his nephew... This is my house. Gunn doesn't live here. Actually, he lives on the outskirts of town. So, you're looking for Uncle Billy so he can tell The Undertaker how he's going to kick his ass, eh? The Taker has nothin' on my Uncle. The speed, the agility, and size, and strength. He is the complete package. Anyway, I think he's at the pool hall, over there near UT.

.:.:[ PWO Executive ]:.:. UT? Under... Taker?

.:.:[ Colin Ripley ]:.:. Now does that make any sense?! No, it's near the University of Texas. Dammit.

.:.:[ PWO Executive ]:.:. That's nice, but we don't have the time...

.:.:[ Colin Ripley ]:.:. What? What did you say? You stay right here, I have something for you!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The camera man and the PWO Executive both leave quickly, as Colin enters his home swiftly, as if getting a weapon of some sort. Meanwhile... We find The Badd Ass Billy Gunn in the pool hall, like his nephew said. The scene opens with a shot of a pool table, and a pool stick, about to strike a ball. It does, but the connection is terrible. The ball rolls in the opposite direction than intended. Can't stress enough how terrible this shot was. To my surprise, the camera zooms out, and it's none other than Billy Gunn. He curses after making that shot, while those around him begin to laugh. Here, Gunn is wearing a black bandana with the words, 'Mr. Ass' written across it, black jeans, and a black shirt, which also reads, 'Mr. Ass'. He shakes his head, and slams the stick into the ground. It's bounces off the ground, and he catches it in the air. He leans against the wall, and looks around at the foul smelling, somewhat populated pool hall. An old drunken man places his hand on the shoulder of Billy Gunn, and says...

.:.:[ Drunken Old Man ]:.:. Do not let it get you down... No, don't do that.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. [ Gunn laughs. ] Old man, I have nothin' to worry about. I may not be the BEST pool player, but hey, I am the best wrestler. That's all that matters. There's not a man out there who can truly stand toe-to-toe with Billy Gunn. Notta one. I'm one in a million, no billion.

.:.:[ Drunken Old Man ]:.:. How about trillion? [ He burps. ]

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Now you're talkin', old man! Yeah, a trillion! It's damn hard to find a guy who can move like a Lightweight, but at the same time, be one of the strongest in the wrestling world. It's just something you don't see everyday, unless you see The Badd Ass everyday. It's that simple, old man. I appreciate the caring though, but never worry about someone who's far better than you. Understand?

.:.:[ Some Biker Guy ]:.:. Yeah, well, I bet Old Man River over there could beat your ass in pool!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Those in the bar begin to laugh hysterically, as Gunn takes it, and remains calm. He shakes his head, and then says...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Very funny, man, very funny. You just don't get it though. I'm better than YA'LL! I'm Billy Gunn. The Badd Ass Billy Gunn. Look people, I know you're all a bunch of idiots, but try and stay with me, alright. You're looking at the best damn wrestler to ever be in PWO. I'm the best looking wrestler, or man for that matter in the world today! Oh, and when it comes to ass... Well, I saw everyone of you checkin' that out when I walked through earlier, so I think it speaks for itself. So while you're here wasting your lives, shooting pool all damn day, tossing back beers, and watching t.v., I'm off making six figures, with women all around me, kicking ass as a job. I'm successful... You're not! So shut your traps, alright!

.:.:[ Some Biker Guy ]:.:. Well, you may be some big shot wrestler, be we can kick your ass in pool!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn bites his lower lip, as all around him laugh. Then, in walks the cameraman who was with the PWO Executive at Gunn's house. He's been sweating, terribly, as he spots Gunn at the back of the room. Gunn immediately remembers the interview he was suppose to do today. The cameraman reaches him.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Hey, let me be honest here. I forgot all about that interview.

.:.:[ Cameraman ]:.:. Look, I don't care. [ Total ignores what Gunn said. ] Yo man, I loved you in DX. You were-

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT DX! Forget about it! But you wanna know something... No matter what happens... No matter what I go on to accomplish in PWO, I'll never forget my roots. Am I a Degenerate for Life. The very attitude I have today oozes neon green! But I'll tell you this, Degeneration-X is over! Triple H, X-Pac, The Road Dogg, and I will always have Degeneration-X in us, but we'll never come back together. Never. Triple H and I will probably be enemies before it's all said and done. You see, we have a common goal. We both want the World Championship. We may very well meet along the way, or in the championship. Well, just to let Hunter know, I will not hesitate to beat his sorry ass! Let's get on with this interview...

.:.:[ Cameraman ]:.:. Sure...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The cameraman hoists the camera on his shoulder. Gunn steps back and leans on the vacant pool table behind him, to the back of the pool hall, where the noise is not as loud. The cameraman gives Gunn an earpiece so he can hear Jim Ross' questioning. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman now see Gunn on the large screen, and let out a sigh of relief.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Badd Ass Billy Gunn, can you hear me? 

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Hey, Jimmy Boy! What's goin' on?

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well, actually, we've been waiting for you for sometime now, Billy.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Hey, what can I say? I'm sorry, JR. So, sooo very sorry... NOT! Come on, JR! What do you want me to say? I forgot, man. My life ain't centered around being interviewed by you, Michael Cole, or any of the other interviewers you have around PWO. You want me, come get me, like this idiot holding the camera did. Don't expect me to come to you. That's just not gonna happen.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Allow me to express my disapproval about the what you did to Michael Cole. I thought that was-

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. I'd hate to break it to you, JR, but know one cares what you think! Oh, and JR, I was NEVER seeking your approval when we tied that little punk to that fence, and scared the life out of him... And, well, I think those balls probably knocked the crap out of 'em! Understand something, JR, never make the mistake thinking that I care about morals, or that I care about what's wrong and what's right, 'cause I DON'T! JR, I do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it, and why? Because there's no one in PWO who can stop me! So JR, with that said, how ya doin'?

.:.:[ Paul Heyman ]:.:. Hey Paul, how are you doing. Oh, I'm doing juust-

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Shut his dumb ass up! 

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Jim looks over to Paul, shaking his head. He leans over and whispers...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Just me let conduct this interview...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Paul sits back, with arms folded, and a pissed off look on his face.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. I'm alive, Billy, so I'm feeling quite good. Billy, despite what I may feel about you as a person, as a wrestler, you have quite a following here in PWO. It's ironic how the impact you made in just a week, is more than most wrestlers here in PWO have done in months. Let's take you back to PWO Royal Rumble 2001...You come into PWO like a bat out of hell, by making an incredible impact in your first match, which happened to be the Royal Rumble. You came in at number fifteen, and went the distance, eliminating guys here and there, doing exactly what you said you were going to do, prior to the Rumble. Billy, before your arrival, PWO was replete with superstars like Chris Jericho, Al Snow, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and others, who were all in the Rumble. You came in, and won the Rumble, defeating PWO's best. It was one hell of a performance, and after taking on some of the greatest competition in PWO, Billy Gunn, you deserved that shot at the title in the biggest event in wrestling, Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, however, PWO went under a hiatus, and you were not able to reap the benefits of your win at the Royal Rumble. Billy, your thoughts, please...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. JR, I proud of what I did in the Rumble. I really am. I'm proud of the fact that I walked into PWO just days before the Rumble, was added to the Rumble simply to fill up space, but shock and world, and actually win it. It makes me feel good to look back on such a feat, but, like you said... I was never given the opportunity to get my shot at the World Title. The way I see it, JR, this is my shot. This tournament gives me the opportunity to once again win what's rightfully mine. I want that title, and no other. I deserve it, JR, and I will stop at nothing to get it. I knew I'd win the Rumble all along, JR. Some suit in PWO had the audacity to call it an upset. Upset? Mr. Ass doesn't make his career on upsets. He makes his career on telling you he's going to do something, how he's going to do it, and doing it. There are no 'upsets' involved. Now, I would have no problem with the guy if he called it like it truly was. Wanna know what it was? It's the biggest win in PWO History and the best performance in PWO history. Think about it, I was the Royal Rumble winner. Therefore, I was the man. I said I was going to do it, and dammit I did. Notice I used 'was' a great deal, JR. It's time to return to the spotlight. It's time I The Badd Ass returned to being the hottest wrestler on the scene here in PWO. This tournament gives me the opportunity to reach that goal, and exceed it, by winning the top prize in the business, The World Title...

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well Billy, since we're talking about the World Title. What are your feelings on Scott Hall and Triple H, who, along with you, are finalists in the tournament for the World Title...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Ah, where do I start? We have Scott Hall... And then we have Triple H. Neither one meets the standard that Mr. Ass brings to PWO, and it doesn't matter what they tell you! Look at Scott Hall. Yeah, I'll start with him. Is this guy callin' me out? You know what, he was right about something for once in his life. I was listening to what he had to say, and let me tell ya' something Hall, you don't know what you're getting yourself into when you call out The Badd Ass! I WILL make you regret the day to called me out. I am prayin', though Hall. I'm prayin' I DO face you! And hey, if my prayers are answered, and PWO decides to have me face you. [ Gunn laughs. ] Well, take your own advice, on that one Hall. Just pray that doesn't happen. Triple H. Whoa, I just hope I can make mention of this guy without losing my cool... I have a problem with Hunter. I have no respect for this guy. Actually, I don't have respect for anybody, but that's another story. I owe Hunter a little something. I owe him the ass kicking he's never had. In the finals, or next round. Which ever doesn't matter to me. I seriously I have a score to settle with the former Degeneration-X Leader. 

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. I see. Billy, Monday Night Raw, you square off against The American Badass The Undertaker, in what will be your second match back in PWO, after defeating The Rock in impressive fashion. Before we get into your feelings on The Undertaker and such, I would like to know your feelings on your match with The Rock...

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The footage is being played... The scene opens in the ring, where Gunn picks Rock up for a Suplex. Bad Ass then looks to deliver the good as he touches his ass and FAME ASSER!! Billy Gunn makes the cover 1---2--3! Nice win for Gunn, as he progresses through to the next round. The large screen then fades back to Gunn, who was watching that bit of footage from his latest match on a hand held television provided by the cameraman. He tosses it back to the cameraman who fumbles it, and catches it before it hits the ground. Gunn laughs a little, then brings his attention back to JR.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Ah, well, what can I say, other than I told you so? I told you I would, and this is word for word, JR,  kick The Rock's ASS! And I went out there and did just that. Y'know, I hope the respect is coming. I hope that fear of The Badd Ass Billy Gunn is on its way, 'cause if PWO does NOT learn to fear the only true Badd Ass around here, well, [ Gunn laughs. ] picking everyman in PWO apart will be that much easier, 'cause they'll never see me comin'.

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well, onto the match itself. You, The Badd Ass, will be taking on the American Badass. Now, this should be an exciting match up, between two excellent competitors here in PWO. However, one man who could prove to be a problem for you, Gunn, is The Undertaker's brother, Kane.

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Ah, The Big Red Retard... I have to be honest, he could be a problem. But this is a problem with a simple solution. The Fame-Ass-Er. Always remember, JR. When in doubt, Fame-Ass-Er the problem, and it goes away. If Kane wants to stick fried nose in business it doesn't belong, I'll be happy to show him why people should mind their own business! You see, when you're the best damn wrestler in this place, you have no fear. You  see, as the best wrestler here, I know can always elevate himself to the next level, and defy all odds. Hell, I'm the best damn thing that's ever happened to the sport, and I just get better and better. Damn... I'm good. Kane? He'll make this match a little harder to win than it has to be, but make no mistake, The Badd Ass WILL deliver. The Undertaker has some tricks, and one of them is his brother. I don't know what the Taker has planned, but I do know what I have planned. I plan to strip that yard from The Taker. I plan to embarrass his sorry ass in his own yard, and after I pin him, tell him "This all belongs to me now, boy, and so will that World Title when it's all said and done".

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Well, onto The Undertaker himself...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. The truth is, I have little respect for The Undertaker. Actually, none at all, and why should I? When you talk about The Taker, you're talking about a guy who got his ass kicked by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle?! Let me tell you something, Taker, if you can't past a guy like Angle, you're waaay out of your league when you step to The Badd Ass! No man in PWO combines the skill, speed, agility, and strength like I can. NOBODY! Taker, you're all about strength, big man, and that's a simple task the Fame-Ass-Er can take of. Yeah, The Fame-Ass-Er. Oh you didn't know? Then your ass better call somebody! You see, the Fame-Ass-Er is done for a special reason. You see Taker, it makes people FAMOUS! And you're always talkin' about making people famous, am I right? I'm Billy Gunn, of course I am. Well, Taker, I think it's time someone gave you a shot to feel what it's like to be famous! You leave that simple task to The Ass Man. Yeah, you leave that to The Badd Ass when we step in the ring, and go one on one with Billy Gunn. Taker, are you listening? I'm talking about after I hit you with that Jackhammer. I'm talking about after I pull you over for that Powerslam. I'm talkin' about after I feed the crowd a little of that swagger that makes me Mr. Ass, and I drill your ass with that FAME-ASS-ER, and make YOUR ASS FAMOUS!

.:.:[ Jim Ross ]:.:. Billy, I-

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. I'M NOT DONE YET! [ JR sits back in his seat, in silence. ] One thing that pisses me off about The Taker is he calls himself the American Badass. Listen, Dead Man, I am the ONLY Badd Ass in PWO. The ONLY. You see, I'm the one who kicks ass from coast to coast, twice, and sometimes three times a week just for the hell of- No, 'cause I like every minute of it! You? [ Gunn laughs. ] You can't be a Badass by taking ass kicking's, understand? No you don't. Maybe I need to show you!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn turns around, and begins to toss anybody who steps in his way, as he makes his way to the exit to the bar. The pool hall grows quiet, as most follow him outside. The cameraman does the same. Outside, night is falling on the city of Austin, as a roll of motorcycles sits to the left of the entrance. Gunn walks outside, looks right, then left, and smiles, noticing the row of bikes. As the pool hall is emptied, he kicked the bike nearest him, sending them tumbling into one another in a domino effect. The bikers look on in surprise, as Gunn then turns to one, who is wearing a bandana similar to the one The Taker wears. He rips it off, and tosses it. He turns to the cameraman, who's out at this time...

.:.:[ Billy Gunn ]:.:. Look at this crap! [ Gunn points to the bikes and then the bikers. ] Who gives a shit about this crap! Does this make you a badass. Does wearing a bandana make you a badass? Does chewing f---ing tobacco make you a badass?! NO! Want a definition of a badass. I'll give it to you! You're lookin' at it, Taker. It's time to put all the crap aside. It's time to expose your ass for what you really are. What are you? I could careless, but you sure as hell ain't a badass! I'm looking to end you, because I'm tired of seeing you around. You're size is always over exaggerated and so it your wrestling skill. I'm tired of that shit! I'm tired of you! Taker, it's simple really... If you're not down with the lines I spew, even though you know they're true, I got three words for you!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Gunn walks away, as the scene turns to Jim Ross who's in shock, and Paul Heyman who's laughing his ass off. The scene fades there.