The scene opens in the heart of New York City, at the time of no later than ten at night. Here, we find a club, in which Rick Matson and his lovely escort, Trish Stratus, are attending with a few friends. In this club, dress can be casual, however, being the man who Rick is, he shows nothing but the utmost class. Rick is styling a nice, white, Armani suit, with white sunglasses, and white shoes. His red hair is back in a ponytail, with his trademark bangs hanging over his right eye. Trish, also dressed in outstanding attire is wearing a beautiful Jones of New York, red and white dress, with white heels. We find these two, and their crew of companions sitting at a back table, with the music blaring over the speakers, and people dancing in the crowded dance floor. Surprisingly, this crew does not have a problem with communicating with one another, under these conditions. Itís a round table, with ten people around it. The men are seated on a sofa, which circles the table ĺ of the way. The women are either seated in the laps of the men, or laying on the edge of the sofa, behind their beaus. Trish is contrary to the others, as she simply stands behind Rick, as if she despises his very existence, which she does. This doesnít bother Rick, however, and nothing usually does. Heís so laid back. Cool, calm, and collective. There arenít many who can get under his skin. His all smiles as he slaps down a domino on the table, scoring a huge twenty points. His partner, whoís sitting two spots away from him, howls as if he were a wolf, and he and Rick give each other a high five. The other two men, shake their heads, and laugh. The fifth man is not in the game. His attention is on his girlfriend, a blonde with killer legs. Legs that are very much revealed in her short blue jean shorts. The women of the playing men are busy with conversations among themselves, as Rick engages into conversation off the topic of dominos.


Rick Matson: Did you see my latest promo, fellas?


Guy #1: Actually I did, what happened? Your promos are always soÖ interesting, and that one was far from it. I think youíre slipping Rick.


Rick Matson: Ah, screw you Tommy. I didnít need to give a blockbuster promo this time around. I mean, címon, I donít have to put together one of those interesting segments all the time, right? Sometimes, I just donít have the time. You understand that, right?


Tommy: You tell us, Superman. Youíre the one always telling the entire federation and us that youíre so damn good, you arenít even human. If youíre so dog on good, you should produce the best at all times. Thatís five!


Tommy slams his domino to the table, as Rick rolls his eyes and sighs.


Rick Matson: Ah, Tommy, when will you learn? The famous have other obligations. You must keep in mind that I am a model, and one day, Iíll add that ever-so sweet sounding nickname to my list, ĎThe Sexiest Red Head In the Nationí. Ah, itís music to my ears.


Tommy: The way you sound, youíd rather have that then a belt. Keep in mind, you donít have a belt Oí Fearless One.


Rick Matson: I really donít like your tone Tommy. Are we seeing a little envy pop out of you Tommy? Donít be upset because Iím something you canít be. You see, no one can be me. Not you, not Trish standing behind me, not anyone in EHW, no one! Sure, there are plenty who want to be me, or wish they could have been born Rick Matson, but I have never run across one who has taken it to the extent of actually being upset with me. Grow up Tommy.


Tommy: Jealous? Figures youíd say something stupid like that, seeing as how youíre the only person more arrogant than The Rock. No, Iím not jealous, and I sure as hell donít want to be you. I have my own life, and you have yours. Sure I respect your line of work, Ďcause I love wrestling, but thatís as far as it goes. Iím not your enemy here Rick, so get off my fucking case.


Guy #2: Why donít you two just quit it? This is pointless. No one cares about what youíre talkiní Ďbout. Weíre playing dominos here, and that my friends is a ten.


Guy #2 slams his domino to the table.


Rick Matson: Perhaps youíre right, Cameron. I need to get a hold of myself. Tommy. Iím sorry. Maybe I should direct my attention to Triple H. Weíre going to be teaming up, in our first tag team title match here in Extremely Hostile Wrestling. Youíre a great athlete Triple H, and I hope we donít get in a dispute in our conflicting styles. You see, we both believe weíre Godís gift to the sport, and to avoid a tear in our alliance, Iíll leave that comment at that. Hereís the deal, you give on of the bastards a Pedigree, Iíll give the other the Megahurtz, bing-botta-boom, they fall, we hook the leg, get a three second count, and we walk out with a victory. Hopefully, that sounds good to you.


Guy #3: Now who the hell are you talking to?


Tommy: Rick hides cameras when heís giving a segment. Heíll go out somewhere, and he wonít tell anyone theyíre actually being taped. Guys, weíre going to be on television.


The three throw their hands in the air and laugh. Rick continues.


Rick Matson: Guys, this is what gets me. Guess who weíre going to fightÖ


Cameron: A couple of jobbers?


Tommy: Y2Cool?


Guy #3: I donít know, tell us.


Rick Matson: Matt Hardy and Tazz.


Guy #3: Youíve already kicked their asses, Rick. What the hell is this?


Rick Matson: Iíll tell you what it is Dex, itís a quick win. HmmÖ Letís see, Iím my previous matches, I have destroyed two men. These two men are not talented. These two men were not even a challenge. These two men are Matt Hardy and Tazz, a couple of sad excuses for wrestlers. I will gladly hand them their asses on Tuesday for the second time. Hell, I kicked Mattís ass in record time. This time, Iím going to shoot to break the record. Triple H, let me get out there first, and you might not even get a tag. It will be over that fast. You think Iím joking. Wait until Tuesday. Anyway, these two have a disadvantage in size. I stand at 6í4Ē, 250Ö Yeah, I pick up a couple pounds. You gotta a problem with that? Good. Triple H stands at 6í4Ē, and Iím not sure how much he weighs, but heís pretty damn big. Now, letís look at the competition, shall we? Matt Hardy, 6í2Ē 235, and Tazz is about 5í5Ē 210 pounds. Okay, so I exaggerated on Tazzís size, but the guy us really little. Heís a damn midget for Godís sake, and you expect him to contend with The Game and The Wildthang. Wake up people! I could kick their asses by myself, two on one. Hunter could probably do the same. Matt and Tazz are also at a disadvantage in terms ofÖ well, they suck and we rock! Do they really think they stand a chance in the ring with Impact 2000? The first and only stable here in EHW. Sure, there will be others, but none will come close to us, especially a couple losers like Matt and Tazz.


Dex: Impact 2000? New friends, Ricky?


Rick Matson: I guess you could say that. They all have styles similar to my own. Arrogance, determination, and the fans hate them!


Dex: Man, they canít hate them more than they hate you, can they? I mean, youíre a heel and youíre so freakiní annoying.


Rick Matson: Ah, screw you Dex. Iím not that bad. If people have a problem with my arrogance, they can kiss my ass. Iím not out to prove anything to them. Only that I am the best this federation has ever seen, and they will know that fairly soon. This tag team match could be a good start, and I can extend it with my Intercontinental Title match at the Pay-Per-View. I should be in the main event though. Oh well, Iíll leave that to my stablemate, Shawn Michaels. Heís a good guy. Heíll bring home some gold to Impact 2000. So, lets think about this for a second. Shawn brings home the World title, I bring the Intercontinental Title home, andÖ andÖ Triple H, what the hell are you going to do? Iíll tell you, lets put the tag team champions around our waists Hunter. Iím a greedy man Hunter. I want two titlesÖ At the same time! As I think to myself, Y2Cool are the tag team championsÖ Who are these two? Iíve never heard of them. Apparently, they arenít that important; Ďcause thereís no doubt that Iím known federation-wide. Anyway, who are these guys Tommy?


Tommy: The tag team division in your federation is pretty damn weak. Smokiní Guns and Edge and Christian have talent, but not enough to carry a division on their shoulders. They need another team to help out, and you would think the tag team champions would do justice to this situation, but they donít. They donít have the talent and thereís no potential. This is the team of Chris Jericho and Scott Taylor.


Rick Matson: Ah, no wonder Iíve never heard of them. Theyíre a couple of nobodies. Triple H, lets go ahead and help the division out a little. It needs a couple of superstars in the tag team, and weíre definitely superstars. Tuesday may be a good night for Jericho, but when we meet upÖ Gosh, I canít comprehend what Iím capable of doing to you. Youíd better lose those titles, quick, fast, and in a hurry, or I guarantee you, weíll strip them from you, and wonít hesitate to do it. You see, I, unlike your opponents, donít have bad breath and I donít stick. Oh God, I donít stink! So donít use that tired line on me. And I am the most charismatic wrestler in this federation, and Shawn is right up there with me, Jackson. I donít remember the last time people left when the Icon spoke. Stop lying you moron. If I were you, I would have ditched the chump, Scottie 2 Hottie, and tried to join Shawn. Then maybe, just maybe, you would have been here with me, Triple H, and Shawn as the top wrestlers in the business, in the top stable in the business. Yet, letís back track here. Shawn would have never joined you, and you suck too much to be in our stable. Okay, maybe you did make the right choice. Lets move on to something else about you, Chris. What kind of loser laughs at his own jokes? Chris Jericho. And how many people were laughing at the joke? If it were only the Jericholics, two fans were laughing at your dumb ass joke about W.B.J.. Now, when you think back on it, is it really that funny? No, so donít make yourself look like a total jackass and laugh at your own jokes. I only makes you look worse than what you are, and as bad as you areÖ Thatís real bad! Oh yeah, and the ladies donít want your short and stubby little ass Jericho. They want the Impact 2000Ö


Tommy: Arenít you going to comment on Scott-


Rick Matson: Taylor? Of course. Scott Taylor sure does have a big mouth. Heís been a very bad little boy, and Rick is gonna punish his ass. Friday Night, lets tango, you and your little friend Jericho, against Triple H and myself. You see, you can talk a lot of noise when youíre not going to step into the ring with Impact 2000, but lets see how much you talk when you are about to step into the ring Impact 2000. Did you really think you could get away with your comments. I hope not. If so, youíre dumber than you look.


The guys begin to laugh, as Tommy saysÖ


Tommy: The dancer right? Heh, how can you carry a gimmick where you have to dance, when you have no rhythm? He can do the worm, and he automatically thinks heís a Michael Jackson. What a loser.


Rick Matson: He seems content with his ďFirst Double ChampionĒ alias. Why? Heís the Cruiserweight Champion and Tag Team champion. Whyís he so excited? The cruiserweight division is one of the most boring divisions we have. On the card, during Cruiserweight Title matches, itís the fans time to head to the stands and get themselves a beverage or something. The only time little guys fighting is exciting is when theyíre high flyers. The Hardys, Edge, or Christian are guys who should have that belt around their waist. These guys can actually entertain a crowd, not with dancing or something trivial to wrestling like that, but actually wrestling. I would take that title from you, but itís probably going to be retired soon, and I say, good riddance. I hope we get rid of that belt soon, and you too. Also, your little clique as well. Flair, you, Jericho, Matt, and The Rock are a joke. When you came to save Rocky, you attacked of Commish. He doesnít wrestle! You stayed away from Triple H, Shawn, and me and for good reason. At least youíre smart enough to know that you donít fuck with us. Iím pleasedÖ  Always remember we are here to kick your asses, nothing more, and nothing less. Hold that to truth, and never forget it. If you donít want to accept it, Iíll beat it into you. I have established this personally into the The Rock. This was a man who was once fearless here in EHW, but when I arrived, he grew to fear. He fears me. Plain and simple. He understands that he shouldn't insult me, which is why my name was not mentioned in his crap segment. He knows what the consequences are for upsetting a God like myself. Rock, I am pleased with you as well. I still don't respect you, and I don't like you, but I'm glad that you now know who your daddy is, Rick Matson. Take heed cronies of Flair, don't fuck with me. Soon, you'll understand that you don't fuck with us either. Impact 2000 dwarfs you all. It makes you look even more insignificant than you are. We'll strip all of you of your belts, and The Rock will be crying about losing his belt, rather than tasting the foot of the Heartbreak Kid. The Rock cries too much. He's just a bitch, and I don't particularly care for that. Shawn will strip you of your title. It is the inevitable end of your title reign. Rocky, be a good little boy, continue to stand aside, as I destroy the competition in EHW.


Tommy: Man, get a hold of yourself Rick. Beat it into? Gosh, thatís a little harsh.


Rick Matson: Iím a wrestlerÖ


Tommy: Good point, carry on.


Rick Matson places another domino on the table as he continuesÖ


Rick Matson: The Intercontinental Title should be held by a true champion. Oh, you already know this right Matt. Iím sure youíre saying, ďIím a true championĒ, and if I were standing beside you when you said that, Iíd back hand you to the ground and tell you that you are not a true champion. You are a disgrace to the title, Ďchampioní. I am a true champion. And that Intercontinental Title is as good as mine. I already beat you once. I should have the title now. Damn Credible! No problem, Iíll give Credible credit, he knows me all to well. He knows just how much I love to wrestle. He knows just how much I like to kick ass. And he knows how much I just love kicking guys asses in under a minute. Remember that Hardy? You should remember it. It was when I humiliated you. It was when I dismantled you in front of the adoring public. I turned fans against you. Who wants to applaud a loser? No one. I should have beaten Tazz in record timing. Iím just glad I get a second chance. Credible is good. Damn good, and so is the stable heís brought together. This stable is the present and future of EHW. No one will forget this stable, for the road of success and dominance has only just begun. Many will try and topple us, but they will all fail miserable. My advice to ĎThe Nature Geezerí Ric Flair, is so bow down to the masters. Bow down to the kings. Bow down the Impact 2000.


Tommy: UhÖ With your new friends, you wonít forget about us will you?


Rick Matson: Of course not.


Rick rolls his eyes, but his friends miss the hint that theyíre as good as gone. Rick turns to the lovely Miss Stratus and saysÖ


Rick Matson: Wanna dance?


Trish Stratus: Not apart of the deal, Rick.


Rick Matson: Oh címon, itís not like Iím asking you to go to bed with me, by the way, will you?


Trish Stratus: No!


Rick Matson: I just want to dance. Listen, itís a fast song. You wonít even have to touch me.


Trish Stratus: Fine, but if you touch me, Iím going to kick your ass.


Rick Matson: Girl, you must not recognize who you are talking to. Shall weÖ


Rick Matson stands, and leaps over the sofa, sparing his buddies the need to move. Trish leads the way, with a dragging look on her face, and ventures straight into the crowd, with Rick shortly behind. The hit song by Ricky Martin is playing, as Rick begins to swing his hips, somewhat reminiscent of Ricky himself. Trish laughs at him and shakes her head.


Trish Stratus: Youíre tryiní to dance like Ricky? Get real Rick, youíre terrible!


Rick Matson: Ah, you know you like it!


Trish continues to laugh at Rick, whoís really trying, but failing miserably. After more of the same, the song comes to the end. The people on the floor begin to clap, as Rick looks to his left, then right, in confusion, then shrugs his shoulders, and claps himself. After the clapping, a series of conversations can be heard throughout the club. This is broken by another song. A slow song, by the newcomer sensation, Brittany Spears. Rick smiles, and takes Trish by the hand. Her face full of joy, quickly changes to a face full of disgust. She swiftly kicks Rick dead in the jewels. Rick falls to the floor in pain, and she kicks him again for good measure. Those around the disturbance begin to laugh at Rick, who stands quickly, trying to ignore the pain. He respondsÖ


Rick Matson: People, do not worry. Iím okay, IímÖ okay.


They continue to laugh until Rick saysÖ


Rick Matson: Hey, look!


They all quickly turn as Rick escapes through the front door of the club. He catches up to Trish whoís quickly on her way the Rickís Porsche, with her keys in hand. Rick turns her around, and waves his keys in her face.


Trish Stratus: No, no, no, asshole, I was going to key your car.


Rick Matson: Stop it! Why are you doing this? I have done nothing to you, yet you hate me.


Trish Stratus: Itís what you do to others, Rick. Youíre just not a good person, and it sickens me to be with you. Money is very powerful, Ďcause itís the only thing keeping me around.


Rick shakes his head, and swings his keys around his finger as he walks to his car. Trish saysÖ


Trish Stratus: Iíll get a ride from one of the girls, Rick.


Rick Matson: I wonít change babe. I canít change!


She storms away as Rick walks over to his car, gets in, and drives away. The scene shifts to the inside of the car, as Rick begins to talk to himselfÖ


Rick Matson: Damn, she just doesnít get it. Iím me, and thereís nothing that can change that. Itís just like Matt is him. He sucks, and thereís nothing that can change that. Matt, I'm going to make you famous, again. Sure, you'll lose miserably, but you can rest assured, hurt, but assured after the match that you did step into the ring and go toe to toe with the Top Gun of professional wrestling. Believe me, it is a great honor. Ask Tazz. He didn't really show up for the match. He took my advice, and pratically threw in the towel, and like I said to him in my segments, if you don't fight it, it won't hurt as bad. Take his advice, because Tazz is leading by example as for what to do when you face me. How can you blame him? I'm the most versitile wrestler in the EHW. Since you're a high-flyer, I'm going to keep you grounded with submissions, but if I were going to fight the Titan, I would high fly. Those are just a couple examples, and another reason as to why you shouldn't step to me. The same goes for everyone else in EHW who isnít allifiated with Impact 2000. They canít run with us, so, they had better not try. The Wildthang has spoken. Take heed to my words, and always remember, I am the Top Gun in this federation. Learn it, live it, love it!


The scene fades with the car speeding down the street, until getting quickly stopped by a traffic jam.