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Following is a roleplay written by the guy they call Kyle, and the same goes for the layout. If you should choose to read the following roleplay, beware that you may find extreme language, adult situations, crude humor, or anything you would find in your regular 'R' Rated Film. If you feel you can handle such themes, then please, be my guest and enjoy the roleplay, which is not associated with any wrestling organization. This roleplay is only made for fun and entertainment purposes.

- The Rock says this... The Rock says that... FUCK what The Rock SAYS! -





Rhyno, Michael Cole

The Rock



 -)X(- Foreword -)X(- Who started this foreword shit?! 

-)X(- Female Voice Over P.A. -)X(- Welcome to Los Angeles, California...

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene opens inside the one of the busiest airports in the nation, in the same city in which the first All-Star Championship Wrestling event will come to pass, Los Angeles, California. Men, women, and children of all ages fill the airport with all sorts of agendas. Through  all of the people, and the noise which is a loud collective hum generated by the conversations of hundreds of people, the camera fixes itself on a single individual out of the masses. He's a familiar face in the wrestling world, who's about to embark on a new chapter in his wrestling career. Through the masses, passing back and forth, we catch a glimpse of 'The Man-Beast' himself, Rhyno. Rhyno, The Big F'N Deal, is the very last ECW World Heavyweight Champion and ECW World Television Champion, and there's no doubt he has plans to be just as or even more impressive than he was in his domination of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Here walks Rhyno, through the masses of people,  wearing his in-ring attire, underneath a shirt cut off at the sleeves, with his name written in red across the front, carrying a large back bag, with its strap draped over his left shoulder. His hair lays in disarray over his face, as he walks with a face full of intensity and anger. Just before Rhyno reaches one of the exits, a trio of fans run over to him, with pen in paper in hand, obviously looking to get an autograph, and unwisely step in front of him, impeding his progress. Rhyno looks down at them, visibly disgusted as he says... 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- What the fuck do you three want?

-)X(- Scene -)X(- The fans, who look to be in their late teens, no longer look excited to see Rhyno. One says...

-)X(- Fan #1 -)X(- Rhyno... Uh... We were just hoping to get an autograph. If that's not too much trouble...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Yeah... [ The fans' faces light up. Rhyno continues. ] It is too much trouble. Now get the fuck outta my way.

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno walks between two of the fans, knocking them to the side as he does it. As he walks through the exit doors, the three fans turn and give him a look of abhorrence. Another one says...

-)X(- Fan #1 -)X(- You son of a bitch! I hope The Rock kicks your ass on Raw!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno, without looking back, raises his hand in the air, and shoots the fans the bird. Rhyno knowing the camera is there, beings to speak, but does not look into the camera as he walks to wherever he's headed...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- There it is, true to form. 'The People'. 'The fuckin' People'. The Rock CATERS to 'The People'. Shit, he calls himself 'The People's Champion'. He raises an eyebrow, and calls it 'The People's Eyebrow'. He jumps around the fucking ring, and drops his elbow, and he calls it 'The People's Elbow'. I bet he fucks and calls his dick, 'The People's DICK'! Rocky, listen up and listen good, mother fucker... You're not 'The People's Champion'. Shit head, you're 'The People's BITCH'! These fuckin' fans OWN your ass, Rocky. C'mon, think about it... Everything you do, you do it for these mother fuckers. And hell, you even say they MADE your ass. [ Rhyno smirks sadistically. ] Rocky, why don't get get your goddamn nose out of the Peoples' ASSES?! You gotta ask yourself, Rock, what happens when these shifty mother fuckers just stop cheering for your repetitive ass? The People do MAKE 'The People's Champion', right? [ Rhyno's demeanor changes dramatically. ] Enough with the bullshit, Rocky. You talk enough bullshit for the both of us. I just want you to see 'The People' for what they really are. They limit you, Rocky. There are things you simply CAN'T do, or you may fall out of favor with 'The People'. And you KNOW you don't want that to happen! Me on the other hand... I don't give a FUCK about the people! I never have and I never will! And that means, unlike you, I have no fucking BOUNDARIES! I do whatever the fuck I wanna do, when ever the FUCK I wanna do it, and I don't answer to ANYONE! I don't know Rocky... I'd say that's AT LEAST one advantage I have on your ass...

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Once Rhyno reaches the parking garage, Rhyno without looking both ways,  walks  into an intersection within the parking lot. Cars stop on the dime, honking and yelling, as Rhyno simply continues to walk, without acknowledging their presence. The man in the first car to stop looks pissed. Rhyno doesn't even acknowledge the car, nor the man who steps out of it, screaming at the top his his lungs at him. 

-)X(- Car Driver -)X(- ... What the hell is your problem, jack ass?! You trying to get yourself killed?! Is that it, dumb ass?! Who the hell do you think you are?! 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- It's not the insults, nor the tone of the man's voice that make Rhyno stop dead in his tracks. It was the question, "Who the hell do you think you are?" Rhyno stands, not out of the car's way, without saying a word. The man continues to rant on, now telling Rhyno to move out of his way. Rhyno turns to the man, with a face oozing with anger and disgust. This causes the driver to jump back just a little in fear. The driver doesn't say another word. He quickly gets back in his car, shutting the door, soon there, after, however, as he did this, Rhyno already made his move. As soon as the man, closes the door, Rhyno is there to smash the driver seat window to pieces with a hard right hand. The man, now screaming in fear, is yanked out of the car, through the window, and slammed to the floor. Rhyno then picks him up by his collar, and begins...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Who do I think I am? Who the FUCK do I THINK am?! I'm RHYNO, mother fucker! The last goddamn ECW Television Champion! The last EC FUCKIN' W World Heavyweight Champion! I'm the fucking Man Beast. I'm The Big Fuckin' Deal! I AM the most EXTREME son of a bitch in the business! There's not a man in ACW who can do it like I can! They got guys like, what, Triple H? The Rock? Shit, those guys can't get extreme, and ACW doesn't want them to. You bring guys like that to EC FUCKIN' W, and they wouldn't last a fucking DAY. Especially The Rock. I'd personally rip his fucking throat  out, and show him all the bullshit he talks is just that, BULLSHIT. Triple H. A goddamn faker. He carries a fucking sledge hammer around and thinks he's the shit. Let the mother fucker come around me with that sledge hammer. I'll shove the goddamn thing up his ass! FUCK THEM! I'm Rhyno, god dammit. RHYNO! I'm STILL the baddest mother fucker on this PLANET! And now, shit head, you know who the FUCK I AM!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno slings him violently to the ground. The man's head strikes the pavement, knocking him unconscious instantly. Rhyno spits on the man's limp body, then takes a look at his car. A 2001 Mercedez Benz, black, with gold trim. A beautiful and expensive car. It would be a shame if something unfortunate were to happen to it. Rhyno grins in a sly manner, staring at the car, not wondering if he should destroy it, but how he should go about doing it. After a small moment, Rhyno has made up his mind, and he then begins to take the car apart with his bare hands. He shatters the windshield and side windows with his fists. He rips off both doors on the driver's side with his bare hands, and does the same to the car's bumper. With plenty of intensity and aggression, Rhyno continues his onslaught on the vehicle, until...

-)X(- A Man's Voice -)X(- Rhyno?! Rhyno!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Standing with the car's bumper in his hand, Rhyno drops it, in curiosity of just who's calling him. He looks up, and identifies the person calling him as an ACW Interviewer, Michael Cole. Michael Cole, almost running, appears from out of seeming nowhere, wearing his usual attire of an ACW shirt, with pants, and he also has microphone in hand. A cameraman is behind him, step for step. Michael Cole reaches Rhyno, and opens with a question, as he looks down at the knocked out man, and the near destroyed car.

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- What's going on here?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- He wanted to know who I am... I gave him a FUCKING answer.

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- Rhyno, wha-

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- What? You go a problem with that?

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- Well, I-

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Save it, shit head! I don't give a FUCK whether or not you got a problem with this! Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY who doesn't know who the fuck I am, will get an answer. This sorry son of a bitch WILL NEVER forget who I AM! And shit, the same goes for any mother fucker in ACW. The way I see it, any guy who can look forward to facing me, or any punk around here who doesn't FEAR ME, doesn't know who the FUCK I AM! It'll be my fucking pleasure to teach their sorry asses just who the FUCK I AM, PERSONALLY!

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- Well, I'm glad I know who you are, Rhyno. [ Cole smiles. ] 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- [ Already annoyed. ] What the fuck do you want, Cole? 

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- Well, Rhyno, All-Star Championship Wrestling has recently opened, and Mr. McMahon has given word that he plans to chose a total of four wrestlers based on their performance on the first two Raw Is War events to wrestle for the ACW Championship at-

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Cole, shut the fuck up! If what you want is to bore the shit outta be by giving me a god damn summary of what the hell is going on around here, you can get that fucking camera out of my face, and get your stupid ass out of my face too, while you're at it. Shit! I don't give a fuck about the ACW Championship, right now. The only thing on my my is ripping that arrogant fucker, The Rock, a new asshole! So get to the fucking point, or get the FUCK OUTTA MY FACE!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Michael Cole steps back, quite fearful at this point, as he should be. Stumbling over his words, he says...

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- I-, I-, I apologize, Rhyno. I simply want to know what you plan to accomplish in this upstart promotion, ACW.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Short, simple, and fucking sweet. Try keeping it that way, bitch.  [ Rhyno aggressively pushes Cole back with his finger to his forehead. ] Listen, it's simple. I'm on a mission, you sorry fuck. Titles aren't my top priority. Making every single son of a bitch in ACW FEAR ME is TOP priority! Right now, these mother fuckers have no idea what I'm capable of. But don't worry... Soon, I'll have everyone of these sorry ass mother fuckers shivering at the very mentioning of my goddamn name! 

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- I don't under-

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Of course you don't understand, you STUPID MOTHER FUCKER! It's not your job to understand! You ask a goddamn question, I answer it, and whoever decides to watch this shit has to understand it, not you, so save your fucking opinions! But here's my opinion... Having someone fear you, is so much more valuable than a fuckin' title. When someone fears you, YOU FUCKIN' OWN THEM! And that's EXACTLY what every son of a bitch who decides to try me can expect! I'll rip into each and every one of these bitch ass mother fuckers around here apart if they dare to fuck with me, and, shit, if you don't think so... Go fuck yourself!

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- Rhyno, on this very first card in the history of ACW, Raw Is War, you take on The Rock in a Tables Mat-

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- The Rock... [ Rhyno grins devilishly. ]  

-)X(- Michael Cole -)X(- That's right, Rhyno, The Rock.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- The Rock says this... The Rock says that... FUCK what The Rock SAYS!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno shoves Michael Cole out of the camera's view, then looks directly into the camera.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Rock, you talk to fucking much! I think it's time someone shut your repetitive ass up... FOR GOOD! It looks like Vince McMahon has chosen The Man Beast as the man for the job, and you can bet your ass, he happily accepted. And in a fucking tables match, no less. Rocky, I know while I was DOMINATING EC FUCKIN' W, you were sitting up in the WWF, too occupied because you had your head buried up 'The People's Asses'. For that reason, I don't expect you know how fucking dangerous I am in a tables match. Shit, if you knew just what the fuck I'm capable of in a tables match, on Monday, instead of coming out to the ring to accept the pain I'm gonna dish out on your prissy ass, you'll stay the fuck in that dressing room of yours! No, shit, you wouldn't even show up at the ARENA! You'd call in sick on Monday, like the little bitch that you are! You'd tucked your fucking tail between your legs, and run your ASS OFF!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Cole tries to come back into the picture, and Rhyno promptly pushes him to the side, this time on his ass. Rhyno never blinks, and he never turns his face from the camera. He eyes and body language are as usual, oozing with intensity, anger, and frustration. He continues...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Listen, Rock, I can honestly say that your bark is way fucking bigger than your BITE! There's no question that when it comes to corny little fucking catch phrases, you take the fucking cake! But in the ring... That's a different story... Rocky, you ain't SHIT in the ring! On Raw, I'm going fucking prove it when I send your ass crashing through a table, sending a message that The Man Beast is NOT to be fucked with. Rock, what you have to understand is, that whether I win or lose this match, you're going to be introduced to a level of pain in which you have NEVER experienced, mother fucker! That's inevitable. You can't change that. What you can chose whether or not you leave the fucking arena on a stretcher or if those paramedics will put your sorry ass over their shoulders, and lead you to the back. I know you want to know how, Rocky, so make sure you shut the fuck up and pay attention... You chose, by whether or not you keep your fucking mouth CLOSED! Every word you dare to utter about me or winning this fucking match is only going to increase how much fucking pain you're gonna feel when I get my goddamn hands on YOU! Yeah, I know this is hard for you, Rock, because you're like a nagging, whinning, BITCH! You CAN'T shut the fuck up! But if you value your health, you had better make an exception. Don't think I'm playing games here, you dick-less fuck. I'm not Triple H, I don't play games. Every bit of what I say, I mean, and what I mean, I FUCKING DO! Don't think so? Just FUCKIN' bring it to the ring, and I'll be more than happy to SHOW you that I mean EVERY FUCKING WORD I SAY!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno quickly turns and runs toward the Benz he destroyed. He gets low, lowers his shoulder, and runs his shoulder into the car, lifting it off it's front wheels. The car is lifted into the air, as Rhyno turns back around to the camera. The car plops back onto the ground loudly. Michael Cole steps farther back, now totally scared of The Man Beast. Without a hint of being harmed by what he just did, he continues...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Rocky, you're a fucking pretty boy. A a goddamn Pre-Madonna! You don't know PAIN! So, shit, bring your fucking arrogant ass to the ring on Monday, with your fucking 'People' watching, and allow The Man Beast to teach what the fuck PAIN is all about! You've been let off easy in little battles with Triple H, Austin, and all those other soft fucks in the WWF. Now, you're dealing with EC FUCKIN' W! If you don't know what that means, mother fucker, walk your ass down to the ring on Monday, and find out just what the Big FUCKIN' Deal is! Get in the fucking ring and try, just TRY to beat me, and get beaten within an inch of your shitty little life for your trouble. Come on, into MY ring, BITCH, and get your teeth knocked out your fucking throat and through your ass! Rocky, you got dreams of actually becoming something great in ACW? Come Monday, mother fucker, I'm going to send those dreams crashing into the ground, along with you limp body after I GORE YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING SHOES!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- The cameraman suddenly lowers the camera, with surprisingly, a great deal of confidence on his face. Cole looks on quite surprised with a great deal of fear in his eyes. Rhyno, on the other hand, looks on confused, and of course, pissed off.

-)X(- Cameraman -)X(- All right, CUT, we got it, Cole, let's move on.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- What the fuck do you think you're doing?! I'm NOT DONE, MOTHER FUCKER!

-)X(- Cameraman -)X(- Look, man, we don't have all night. There are plenty of other wrestlers around here, and we need to get them on tape too. Look, that was a great closing. I loved the whole "GORE OUT OF YOUR SHOES" thing. It was great, right Cole? Cole?

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno, in a flash, rushes the cameraman, and GORE! GORE! GORE! He knocks him off dead off his feet, sending the camera sliding across the floor. The cameraman is out cold instantly, as Rhyno gets up, and turns to Michael Cole. 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- And what are you staring at? Get the fucking camera, and let's FINISH THIS SHIT!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Michael Cole scurries to the camera, nearly stumbling in fear along the way. He quickly picks up the camera, and starts shooting Rhyno. Rhyno walks up to the camera, and continues, while pointing at the downed cameraman.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- The fucking cameraman just didn't get it? The fucker had been watching me this entire time, hearing what I was saying, and he STILL couldn't get it into that hard ass head of his! FEAR ME! Rocky, take a fucking hint. Rocky, don't make the fucking mistake of doubting me. I guarantee, you'll fucking pay for it. If you want to play bad ass, or just try to impress those fucking 'People' who you just have to please, by running at the mouth about shit you know isn't true, go right ahead and do that for the rest of this week, leading up to next Monday. But you have to understand something, BITCH, on Monday, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you said over the fucking week... YOU WILL PAY FOR! You just be careful what the fuck you have to say to me, or how you fucking say it, because it may just be the difference as to whether or not you walk away from the ring with YOUR LIFE! I'm a fucking freight train, a steam roller. I can't be stopped, I won't be stopped! I'm UNSTOPPABLE! On Monday, I'm on a fucking fucking rampage, and what the fuck do you do when you see a rampaging Rhyno?!

  -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno pauses, then spits into the camera, and says...


  -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene fades with Rhyno looking into the camera with great intensity and fire in his eyes, with his hair laying wildly over his face.