- Disclaimer -
Following is a roleplay written by the guy they call Kyle, and the same goes for the layout. If you should choose to read the following roleplay, beware that you may find extreme language, adult situations, crude humor, or anything you would find in your regular 'R' Rated Film. If you feel you can handle such themes, then please, be my guest and enjoy the roleplay, which is not associated with any wrestling organization. This roleplay is only made for fun and entertainment purposes.

- And The Rampage Begins! -





Michael Cole

Al Snow, Mankind



 -)X(- Foreword -)X(- Who started this foreword shit?! 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene opens in Rhyno's hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Detroit has a history of being one of, if not, the city with the highest crime rates in America. Rhyno would have it no other way. It's around nine o'clock. Night has already fallen on the city. The camera captures Detroit's most attractive scenes in a few shots, until finally narrowing down to a single building in downtown Detroit. This four story building by the looks of it is quite a busy place. People are constantly walking in and out or standing outside of it, and all lights are on inside. The camera zooms in, and takes a closer look. As the camera zooms in, Rhyno, wearing his usual sleeveless shirt with his name across the from, and tight shorts, stands out more and more in the crowd, as does Lita, Matt and Jeff Hardy, wearing attire reminiscent of what they wear to the ring, all walking with Rhyno. Inside the building goes the group, into a long hall inside the building, as Jeff walks backwards ahead of Rhyno, Lita, and Matt, so he can continue the conversation they're having face to face. Close enough now, we listen in...

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- ... All I'm saying is you have a big match on Sunday. You have the chance to bring home to MAJOR gold, and I know you want to make the best of this opportunity. But the way I see it, Rhyno, the only way you're going to be able to win this match is you can't wrestle with all that anger and frustration. You have to use your head.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Shit, Jeff, all I want to do is go in that fucking ring and snap Al Snow and Mankind in TWO, just like I did on Shock, but this time, when I pick up that title, I'M KEEPING IT! [ Rhyno smiles sadistically. ] I'm sure that fat fuck Mankind was very thankful when I won the fucking match for him, but when I GORED THE SHIT OUTTA HIM, all thanks went out the fucking window, and it was replaced with FEAR! Shit, I just want to rip both those fucks a new ASSHOLE!

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- See! That's exactly what I'm talking about, man, you can't go into the match thinking like that! I know it's for the Extreme Title, so yeah, maybe you can be somewhat overly aggressive, but your aggression is off the charts! You have to tone it down, stay focused, so you can win this match. You HAVE to win this title!

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- I'm here, right, mother fucker? I'll give this a fucking chance, but if I don't like what those fuckers say to me, I'm going to fuck up EVERYBODY IN THERE!

-)X(- Lita -)X(- Yeah... Well... You gotta do what you gotta do, Rhyno, but give it a chance. And who knows, you just might enjoy this 'AA' Class.

-)X(- Matt Hardy -)X(- Now, you guys are sure this 'AA' Class isn't Alcoholics Anonymous?

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- How many times do I have to tell you? YES! They changed the name so they could diversify the types of people they get in the class. Now it's called 'Addicts Anonymous'.

-)X(- Matt Hardy -)X(- Okay, well, what's Rhyno 'addicted' to?

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- Dammit, Matt. We went over all of this hours ago! He's addicted to inflicting pain. Come on, you can't expect to be successful when the first thing on your mind is hurting people. Wrestling is more than 'hurting' people.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- I see no FUCKING wrong in hurting people, shit head!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Jeff backs away slowly, fearing he's about to get attacked by Rhyno. He quickly changes the subject when he lays his eyes on the room in which the 'AA' Meeting will be held. He points to it, just a door ahead, and says...

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- There it is!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Jeff forces himself to smile despite his fear. He stands, showing the way, as Rhyno glares at him as he walks to the door. Matt and Lita walk behind Rhyno, and Jeff takes his place at the back. Rhyno, Lita, and The Hardys all then enters the room, which is dark, yet large. However, only a small area of the room is being used. In the middle of the room sits about twelve people in steel chairs, and one man standing. He looks a lot like superstar comedian Dave Chappelle, he's just finished talking, as another guy stands, and yells...

-)X(- Another Guy -)X(- You in HERE for some Marijuana?! MARIJUANA?! Aw, this is some BULLSHIT!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Another guy stands, who interestingly enough, resembles Bob Sagat. He then says...

-)X(- Bob's Look-A-Like -)X(- Marijuana's not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke.

-)X(- Another Guy -)X(- I've seen him!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- There's a collective sigh of uneasiness in the room.

-)X(- Bob's Look-A-Like -)X(- Now there's an addiction. You ever suck some dick for marijuana?

-)X(- Dave's Look-A-Like -)X(- No I... Can't say that I have...

-)X(- Bob's Look-A-Like -)X(- I didn't think so...

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Pointing to the 'Dave Look-A-Like', the 'Another Guy' says...

-)X(- Another Guy -)X(- BOO THIS MAN!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- The 'Another Guy' takes off his hat, and throws it at the 'Dave Look-A-Like', as everyone else in the circle boos relentlessly. The 'Dave Look-A-Like' quickly exits the room, stepping through Rhyno, Lita, and The Hardys to do so. He exit brings attention to Rhyno and the others. All eyes are on Rhyno, as he steps forward with a pissed off look on his face. The person conducting the meeting, with a huge smile, stands, and extends his arm as a welcome, then says...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Please, join us, sir!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Matt shakes his head. Then says quietly to Jeff and Lita.

-)X(- Matt Hardy -)X(- You know... I can't put my finger on it, but that reminded me of a movie I saw a while-

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- Yeah, yeah, whatever, Matt, let's just get the hell out of here.

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Matt, Jeff, and Lita walk out of the room, yet, Matt is still trying to figure out the movie he's thinking of. He then stops, as if enlightened, and says...

-)X(- Matt Hardy -)X(- I know what movie that reminded me of! It's-

-)X(- Scene -)X(- We return to Rhyno, who's now joined the circle of people who are addicted on one thing or another. Be it drugs, sex, alcohol, they're all in here. Rhyno is seated in a steel chair now slouching in it, looking quite uninterested.

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Rhyno... So good of you to join us.

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno, who did look uninterested, now sits up, a little shocked that this man knows his name. The solution is simple. The Hardys told this man everything he needed to know so he didn't piss Rhyno off and get a limb ripped off. Yep, two hundred thousand things he SHOULDN'T do in Rhyno presence if he valued his life. But the one that stands out far more than the others is 'Act like you KNOW Rhyno'.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- You know my name...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Of course, sir. Everyone, please, say hi to Rhyno.

-)X(- Everyone -)X(- HI RHYNO!

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Now, you've come to us. Apparently you have an addiction of some sort.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- You know my goddamn name... You fucking KNOW me?! Then you FEAR me!

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Very much so, actually, Rhyno. But enough about me, we'd like to hear about you. What is your problem?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- What is my FUCKING PROBLEM?!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno stands quickly, which makes the meeting conductor and all others in the circle jump back. The meeting conductor had to go and break rule twenty seven. You never ask Rhyno what his problem is. It's just something you don't do, unless you wish extreme bodily harm to yourself. Rhyno is about to speak once again, but another man stands, and surprise, it's Denis Leary! The man most noted for his influence on the MTV generation, his pissed-off ranting, off-color observations, and truly original songs that bring out the essential asshole that hides inside all of us. And here's another surprise, it seems he's about to share one of his critically acclaimed pissed-off rants with us now...

-)X(- Denis Leary -)X(- I'll tell you what his fucking problem is, it's circle leader jerks like you who as the wrong fucking questions all the fucking time, and when your your questions end up condemning the person to something far worse than 'AA', God help them, you ask that universal question that never grows old, but makes you want to punch whoever asks it in the throat with no remorse, and that's 'Why?', knowing good and goddamn why. When I look at this guy over here, [ He points to Rhyno ], I see a guy who takes no SHIT from ANYBODY, you hear me? A guy who'll take your heart out of your chest, and feed it to your kids. A guy who'll rip your balls off and slap you with them. A guy who'll cut your dick off and shove it up your ass. He's a hard ass, a cold motha', a man's man, the very future of this great goddamn country, America the beautiful. My dad was one of these men. My dad once cut off his thumb with a power saw, duct-taped it back on, and drove himself to the hospital smoking a Camel un-filtered on the way. My dad's theory was simple: no pain-no fucking pain. This guy over here, [ Points to Rhyno again. ], he's that type of guy, so let me tell you something, and all the rest of you whining fucking maggots who come here for a free bagel and a past time, that guy over there is without a doubt, don't ask that question, no fucking kidding around, a man you do not want to fuck with!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- There's a collective silence in the room. Leary takes a seat, slides a cigarette out of his pocket, lights it up, and starts smoking. It seems, by the look on Rhyno's face, that he doesn't know what to do or to think at this point. The meeting conductor, looking at Rhyno says...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Well, Rhyno... I apologize if I offended you with that question. Mr. Leary, in his own special way, has made it clear to me that maybe I asked the wrong person.

-)X(- Denis Leary -)X(- Bite me, needle dick.

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- As I was saying, Rhyno, I may have asked the wrong question, and I apologize. Maybe this will be a little better for you... Rhyno, I believe one of the best ways to deal with something is to talk about it. We'll sit back, and allow you to express yourself. So please, Rhyno, do just that...

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno remains quiet for a short time, as everyone in the circle, except for Denis, leans in to here what he has to say, and glue their eyes on him. Rhyno's demeanor does not change at all, however, as he then says... 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- I'm a professional wrestler. I became a fucking professional wrestler for a reason, and that is I get to beat the SHIT out of people with no fucking consequences. You can't do that ANYWHERE ELSE! I've been in the business since 1999, and I've been fucking people up every since! That's what I fucking do. I FUCK PEOPLE UP, for no goddamn reason! I do it for fun. I do it, because it's the only thing that puts a fucking smile on my face. I love ripping people's throats out! I LOVE GORING mother fuckers out of their goddamn boots! I love snapping the necks of any mother fucker I can get my goddamn hands on. I love PAIN! I LOVE to INFLICT IT even more!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Both people seated on each side of Rhyno slowly scoot their chairs away. Rhyno doesn't even pay any attention to it.

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- So you are addicted to inflicting pain, Rhyno?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Fuck yeah, I am! There's nothing that pleases me more in this WORLD! But shit, coming here wasn't my idea, mother fucker. A couple of my fr- associates think there's something wrong with wanting to hurt people as much as I do. I don't think there's any thing wrong with it. I want to hurt you right now, mother fucker, and everyone in this fucking place, and before this is all said and done, I THINK I WILL!

-)X(- Denis Leary -)X(- Fuck this...

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Many of the people in the room stand, and look to the exit, and before they can make their move, the meeting conductor asks them politely to be seated in an assuring tone, as if, through those words, he told them that everything was going to be fine. Denis takes a seat as well. The meeting conductor looks at Rhyno and asks with a concerned tone...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Rhyno... Are their other reasons you inflict pain other than your love for hurting people?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Fuck yeah, shit head! I love fucking people up, but there's not a better fucking reason than fucking people up because they just don't fucking know me. Shit, if you don't know me, I will gladly show your dumb ass exactly who the fuck I am, by beating the shit out of you! And fucker, the way I see it, if you don't fucking FEAR me, then you don't fucking KNOW me!

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- I see... When was the last time you inflicted... pain?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- I'm glad you asked that fucking question! Yesterday, mother fucker, yesterday! I'm due to inflict right about now. 

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Tell us about it...

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Now with an evil smile and enthusiasm, Rhyno says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Like I said before, I'm a goddamn professional wrestler. Right now, I'm wrestling for SGW, and they have one mother fucking show per week. I have only one fucking problem with that. It only gives me ONE show, which means ONE match to beat the shit out of somebody in that ring! So, I make the most of the two hours I have on each show. That's why I fucked up FOUR mother fuckers on Sunday, and it felt DAMN GOOD! It started with this bitch Mariana. [ He smiles, as if reliving the moment. ] SHIT! I fucking loved THAT! I told her, and that shit head she runs with, Scorpio, that not only would I take his sorry ass out, but I was going to get those bitches of his too! And dammit, I did it! I GORED THAT BITCH INTO THE FUCKING STONE AGE! And then, that mother fucker Scorpio got the same fucking thing! Gore. Gore! GORE! And no, that's not the end of it. Oh, SHIT NO, that's not the end of it. I saved the best for last... Later that night, maybe about an hour later. [ Rhyno smiles sadistically ] This crazy ass fucker, Al Snow, and this dumb ass mother fucker, Mankind, were having a fucking poor man's version of a Hardcore Match. It pissed me the fuck off that these two, of all those mother fuckers in SGW, THESE TWO are considered FUCKING EXTREME! Shit, as soon as I saw that bull shit on the TV, I hit ring, and started to fuck people up! First I drill that stupid son of a bitch, Al Snow, through a FUCKING TABLE! Then, I catch that fat fuck Mankind in the middle of celebrating the FUCKING match I just won for him, with the fourth fucking GORE of the NIGHT! I just can't get fucking tired of dealing pain and suffering out like that! Yes, mother fucker, I am ADDICTED TO INFLICTING PAIN!

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Well, Rhyno, what was the result of the chaos you created on Sunday?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Since I raised so much fucking hell on Sunday, especially on two guy who at this moment in time, are considered the best SGW has to offer, but we ALL KNOW that's a load of fucking bull shit, those suit wearing SGW fucks have put me in  match for Sunday against them both! And I can't fucking wait! That's two mother fuckers I can bitch slap from pillar to fucking post, then drill their asses into the ground, showing them just what being EXTREME is about! Then I'll take the fucking Extreme Title while I'm at it, because there's only ONE man worthy of carrying a title like that, and it's ME. No one is as fucking extreme as I am, and I proved it in ECW, when I OWNED the fucking place, with both the goddamn EC FUCKIN' W Television Title and the ECW World Heavyweight Title!

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- So, next Sunday, you look to inflict a great deal of pain similar to what you did THIS Sunday? 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- You're fucking WRONG, you dickless fuck! I plan to inflict more pain than I EVER have in this match! I can't stand Al Snow, or Mankind, and that little fucker he runs around with, Gillberg. Everytime I see them, they're smiling, trying to make people laugh and shit. If they want to be a fucking comedy act, take it out of wrestling, and go on stage somewhere and do some goddamn stand up! Those two shit heads can laugh and laugh all the fuck they want, but when they step into the fucking ring on Sunday, ALL laughing STOPS! Because what I'm going to do to these mother fuckers is NO FUCKING LAUGHING MATTER!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno seems to be getting a little out of control. The circle members move farther and farther away from him, until he's finally by himself on the other side of the circle by himself.

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Well, Rhyno, you're here, so I assume you'd like to give a change a try. Rhyno, what will it take for you to change your attitude?

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- You'll have to KILL me mother fuckers! That stupid son of a bitch, Jeff Hardy had me come in here for this stupid shit! I don't want to change, and I don't fucking need to! There's not a fucking thing wrong with wanting to hurt any and every fucking body toy can get your fucking hands on! NOTHING AT ALL! Shit, if I want to hurt somebody, I should have to think twice about it! I DON'T want to think twice about it! This fucking attitude has made me a feared man in the wrestling business. And if there's somebody in that fucking place, SGW, who DOESN'T FEAR ME, they don't fucking KNOW ME! If they did, they'd NEVER think to cross me, and pray I NEVER come after them! This goddamn attitude also made me the dominant force in ECW! I had both the EC FUCKIN' W Television Title around my waist, and the ECW World Heavyweight Title around my waist! Being a pussy, and THINKING before I fucked people up wouldn't have got me those titles! People wouldn't fucking fear me! The attitude STAYS! I'm Rhyno, mother fuckers! I'll rip your fucking throat out for looking at me wrong. I'm the fucking man beast. I'll take your fucking head off for breathing on me. I am the BIG FUCKING DEAL, from Extreme Championship Wrestling! These bitch ass mother fuckers in SGW like The Rock, Rob Van Dam, Chavo Guerrero, and especially those stupid mother fuckers Al Snow and Mankind don't have a fucking thing on me! I'll rip each one of them apart, like the last, no fucking hesitation, and no fucking questions asked! You want me to turn my back on EVERYTHING I AM? Get a fucking clue! I WILL NOT BE CHANGED!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno stands which makes nearly everyone jump out of their seat, and start heading for the door. Rhyno just watches, and then begins to speak again. Before he can, however, the meeting conductor jumps in, and says...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Wait a minute, now, Rhyno! I understand you have to be aggressive. You're a wrestler. It comes with the job, however, do you have to take all your frustration out on those who have nothing to do with the wrestling business? Do they deserve to be brutally beaten by you? Why not keep all hurting and pain inflicting in the ring where it belongs?

-)X(- Denis Leary -)X(- Shit, man, what kind of question is that? You know what the goddamn answer is going to be, but you ask it anyway. Is this what you do for a living, or do you do this in your spare time to ruin lives on a daily basis, and laugh about it, because in reality, your life isn't with a shit, so ruining others ma-AAAH FUCK!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- GORE! GORE! GORE! Denis Leary tastes the Gore, as Rhyno drives him into the ground, snapping the steel chair in half on Leary's back. Leary holds his back, looking like he's in a great deal of pain. Rhyno stands, and says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Shut the fuck up, asshole!

-)X(- Denis Leary -)X(- Dammit, I'm glad I'm high...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- And that's what I'm talking about, Rhyno. Now did he really deserve that? And was it fair for you to do that to a man who's far from being a wrestler and is not fit to handle such punishment?

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno rushes the meeting conductor, grabs his collar, and runs him into the wall. Everyone else in the meeting make a quick exit. Rhyno, looking up at him says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Do I look like I give a flying fuck if this guy can handle the punishment I can dish out, mother fucker? DO I?! Shit, if I do, you don't know me, you stupid son of a bitch. I will fuck up anybody at anytime, because I fucking can! On Sunday, Al Snow and Mankind get their asses beating until I get fucking tired of it! By the time this match is over, I will have shoved Al Snow's little fucking friend head, up HIS ASS, and shoved Mr. Socko, or whatever Mankind calls that thing, up HIS ASS! There will be no games played, mother fucker. No little jokes, no laughing. Nothing but PAIN! The pain, the hurt, that I'm going to put on these two pussies is like nothing they've EVER felt in their fucking useless little lives! And you know what, mother fucker... The pain you're about to feel, is like nothing you can even imagine, mother fucker!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- The meeting conductor's eyes fill with fright...

-)X(- Meeting Conductor -)X(- Please... Have mercy, Rhyno! Please!

  -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno with a sadistic smile says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Mother fucker... I'm Rhyno! RHYNO! There's no fucking mercy when you're dealing with The Big FUCKING Deal!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno throws the meeting conductor to his right, sending him into a pillar. The meeting conductor's back smacks hard against the pillar, sending him to the floor, grunting in extreme pain. Rhyno then says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Mercy... Shit, come Sunday...


  -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene fades with Rhyno laughing demonically as he heads for the exit. He stops, however shortly there after, and he looks quite pissed.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- This was a fucking waste of my time... The next time I see that mother fucker, Jeff, I WILL FUCK HIM UP!

Hours Later...

-)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene opens many hours later in a high price hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, the site of SGW's next event. Here, we see Rhyno just entering the hotel, walking with his usual pissed off expression. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Lita are seen ahead. Jeff turns, notices Rhyno, and with a smile he says...

-)X(- Jeff Hardy -)X(- Hey, Rhyno! Wha- URRRGGGHHH!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- Down goes Jeff to the GORE! GORE! GORE! Lita places her hand over her mouth in surprise, as Matt laughs and says...

-)X(- Matt Hardy -)X(- Ha! He sounds like a pirate!

-)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene fades with Rhyno standing over the downed Jeff Hardy, Matt laughing, and Lita, shaking her head.