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Following is a roleplay written by the guy they call Kyle, and the same goes for the layout. If you should choose to read the following roleplay, beware that you may find extreme language, adult situations, crude humor, or anything you would find in your regular 'R' Rated Film. If you feel you can handle such themes, then please, be my guest and enjoy the roleplay, which is not associated with any wrestling organization. This roleplay is only made for fun and entertainment purposes.

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'2 Cold' Scorpio



 -)X(- Foreword -)X(- Who started this foreword shit?! 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene opens with a shot of the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Shots of Atlanta's most popular spots are shown, until the scene is narrowed down to a single neighborhood in the city. There is a false feeling of innocence in this neighborhood, as children laughing and playing joyfully can be heard in the background. Birds are chirping happily, and there isn't a cloud in the sky. However, as we take an even closer look, the scene takes us to one of the houses here in this upper middle-class resident neighborhood. As the scene zooms closer, it seems as though the front door of this house has been brutally kicked in, and that the rest of the house has been violently vandalized. The camera takes us inside the home. An eerie silence and an creepy chill comes over the scene, as the the camera moves through the foyer, and dining room of the home, which looks as if a tornado came through it, or probably more accurate, a Rhyno rampaged through it. Tables are turned over, couches are ripped apart, vases are shattered on the floor, and many other acts of vandalism can be cited here. We're taken further into the home, and into the living room, and there, lifting a recliner, and tossing it aside, is The Big F'n Deal, The Man Beast, Rhyno. His back is turned to the camera, as he stops what he's doing, realizing that he's no longer alone. He then says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Scorpio? Is that you, mother fucker?!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- He slowly turns, and when he sees who's just joined him, a SGW cameraman, he looks annoyed. In a dash, he's right on the camera, breathing heavily, full of fire and intensity.

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Scorpio... I'm very disappointed in you. I've waited here for quite some time. I even redecorated for you, mother fucker! [ Rhyno pauses. ] I was looking forward to seeing you here. I wanted to begin, what I will FUCKING END, on Sunday, right here and now, but like the little fucking BITCH that you are, you didn't show up. Shit, I figured you'd have a goddamn set, and be right here to confront the mother fucker crazy enough to fuck with your family. I know one thing, and I speak for every mother fuck-, no, every MAN, when I say, you fuck with my family, I'll FUCKING KILL YOU! Scorpio... I thought you'd be a MAN, be right there on your fucking lawn, WAITING FOR ME, to just TRY and fuck with your kids! I was DEAD FUCKING WRONG! But not surprised. I knew what the fuck you were about from the jump. Shit, I can tell from your sorry ass career that you're nothing more than a PUSSY! No more a man than those two bitches you got hanging off your fucking arms!  You disappoint me, and for that, I WILL PUNISH YOU! After Sunday, you will learn that you have NO BUSINESS in the fucking ring! Scorpio... I will see to it that your first match in SGW, WILL BE YOUR LAST!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno shoves the camera, sending the cameraman stumbling backward, but he never takes the camera off Rhyno. Ryno walks to another part of the house, the living quarters. Here, we pass many rooms, all, no doubt, for Scorpio's six kids. Rhyno, for no particular reason, kicks one door open. The door falls to the floor, knocked off the hinges by Rhyno's force. He steps inside the room, and the camera's right behind him, getting a shot of the inside of this room, which has wrestling posters on the wall, and plenty of toys, clothes, and other items you'd find of a pre-teens floor. Rhyno stands in the doorway, examining the room, while saying... 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Where are the fucking kids, Scorpio? Were you afraid of what I might do to them? OF COURSE YOU WERE! But you didn't stick around to take care of me yourself, did you? You and your fucking kids ducked out. [ Rhyno pauses. ] You're beginning to realize just who the FUCK I am, Scorpio. You're finally getting it through your fucking little head that I DON'T play games! That's good for you, VERY GOOD. But we'll see just how well you took my fucking message on Sunday. Now, if you really know just what the fuck I'm about, you won't even show up! That would be the best fucking move you could EVER MAKE IN YOUR LIFE! But if you should decide to come to that ring, mother fucker, on your way to the ring, think about everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING I said I was going to do to you, so when I rip your fucking THROAT OUT, or I SNAP that little fucking neck of yours, you can't say I didn't warn you, shit head!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno steps further into the room, then sets his eyes on one particular item in the room. A poster of 'The Rock' hanging on the wall. In a fit of rage, Rhyno rips it down. He crumbles it in his hands, tosses it to the floor, then spits on it. Standing with his back to his camera, he says... 

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Scorpio, I'm sure you see fucking mad I may look, or how goddamn frustrated I may seem, but get this through your fucking head, YOU MEAN NOTHING! After I you the FUCK APART, I won't even give you a second thought. When I send your bitch ass to the hospital, you won't even cross my fucking mind. You're just the beginning of a very long and painful fucking existence for EVERY MAN in SGW! Scorpio, after I'm done with you, I'm moving on, to BIGGER and BETTER FUCKING THINGS! I'm moving on to face bitch ass mother fuckers like The Rock, Triple H, and whoever else is running around SGW with gold on their fucking shoulders, thinking they're the SHIT! I'm here to put THEM and YOU in your fucking places! And that's BELOW ME! Scorpio, you SUCK ASS, you stupid son of a BITCH! Your only purpose in our match, is to be made a fucking example of. After I rip your FUCKING HEART OUT, then shoving the goddamn thing UP YOUR ASS, SGW will realize that I AM the BADDEST MOTHETR FUCKER THEY'VE EVER SEEN!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno turns to his right, and sends his fist through the wall with incredible impact. He turns to the camera, with no signs of pain whatsoever from what he just did. He then says...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- Scorpio, you're nothing. On Sunday, I fucking prove it! You can't fucking cut it, Scorpio! You don't have what it fucking takes to be more than the piece of shit that you are! After the pain I put on your sorry ass, I KNOW I won't see your sorry ass around here anymore! You or those untalented bitches you run around with! And let me make this perfectly crystal fucking clean for you, shit head, NO ONE WILL MISS YOU! You're nothing fucking special, Scorpio. You NEVER have been, mother fucker! You've NEVER been worth a goddamn in the wrestling business from the start of your pathetic fucking career! So don't expect any different in SGW. Why the fuck should it be different? You get a couple of bitches and a fucking chip on your shoulder, and you think it's going to change your past? Shit, you can check that fucking crazy ass idea at the door, mother fucker, 'cause that's NOT happening! Scorpio, you got your ass kicked in every place worth a shit in the fucking 'States. The WWF, WCW, shit and of course, EC FUCKING W! And you even went over to Japan, and GOT YOUR ASS KICKED! Now, you're here in SGW, looking for a new start. Looking to wash away that fucking past of yours. Mother fucker, I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! At midnight, in Savanna, fucker, I WILL bring back those old days when you got your ass slapped around NIGHT after NIGHT, DAY after FUCKING DAY when I GORE YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING SHOES! 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno walks out of the room, and heads to the exit. Before he leaves the house, he turns to the camera, with the same demeanor and expression he had earlier...

-)X(- Rhyno -)X(- I'm bored shitless by this goddamn place! Like I said, Scorpio, you fucking disappoint me. I expected you to be here, mother fucker, but you ducked out like a little pussy.  You saved the fucking kids, making sure you didn't have them here when I got here, but you stupid son of a BITCH, who the FUCK IS GONNA SAVE YOU! In a few more hours, you're not hiding, ducking, or running ANYWHERE, mother fucker! Tonight, you get what's fucking coming to you! Shit, Scorpio, I'm done talking. Now, I wait. There's nothing more that needs to be FUCKING said! I don't have to rip somebody a new asshole to show you just what the fuck I'm about! And after our match when I OWN your sorry ass, you're sent to the fucking hospital thanks to me, there's only one question I'll need answered, and I'll never give your sorry ass a second thought as I make my way to the top of SGW. That question is...

  -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhyno with a sadistic smile says...

When are you going to paint your fucking nails, and start answering to BITCH?!

  -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene fades with Rhyno laughing demonically in the entrance way of Scorpio's now ruined home.