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Following is a roleplay written by the guy they call Kyle, and the same goes for the layout. If you should choose to read the following roleplay, beware that you may find extreme language, adult situations, crude humor, or anything you would find in your regular 'R' Rated Film. If you feel you can handle such themes, then please, be my guest and enjoy the roleplay, which is not associated with any wrestling organization. This roleplay is only made for fun and entertainment purposes.

- I wanna know something, Credible, when are you going to paint your nails and start answering to 'bitch'? -






Justin Credible, Francine



 -)X(- Foreword -)X(- Extreme Championship Wrestling has without a doubt set the standard in which he hold Hardcore Wrestling today. ECW was a legendary promotion, unlike any before it. ECW was once thought defunct, however, thanks to the McMahon's, the first family in sports entertainment today, Extreme Championship Wrestling will ride once again, in quite possibly the top company in sports entertainment, the WCW/ECW entity. And now, we take a closer look. We narrow this down to a single man, and his name... Is Rhino. Rhino, the very last man to hold the ECW Heavyweight Championship. The last man to hold the ECW Television Title. His career was just taking off, until ECW's doors closed. Now, he's been given a second chance to sit a top the world of wrestling, and you can bet he will indeed make the most of this opportunity. It begins on Nitro, in a match for the Hardcore Championship, against fellow former ECW employee, Justin Credible. Rhino. This man, or beast, rather, could careless about the pacts made between both WCW and the ECW. The wrestling fans are not of concern to him. Rhino, a nasty behemoth, who's strength is unrivaled, and who's intensity is unmatched. He's talked plenty, and on Nitro, he plans to back it up, and prove to the world just why he's...

The Real FUCKING Deal!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene opens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is Extreme Championship Wrestling country. We're taken by the camera down the mean streets of Philly, down a bleak, dark,  and smoggy alley. The camera swiftly moves down this alley, passing all sorts of debris ranging from trash to the homeless, vermin to piss. The smell reeks terribly of the poor and struggling class of society. Police sirens can be heard in the background, as well as gun shots, and the moaning of the suffering. As the camera continues to move down this alley, there's a sound of something being brutally smashed can be heard louder and louder, until, the camera reaches the source of this disturbing sound. Rhino. The very last ECW World Heavyweight Champion and ECW World Television Champion. This man, is unlike any other man. What might be an average maneuver from any other wrestler, is quite a devastating maneuver when executed by this man. This man is only happy when he is doing exactly what he does best, and that's smashing the hell out of something, which is exactly what he's doing here, with his bare fists, smashing trash cans and dumpsters. Shattering the windows of a broken down car left in the alley. As he does this, he grunts painfully, be laughs there after. After the camera gets a shot of him demolishing this scene further, Rhino finally calms down. He looks to his right, to his left, and then to the camera. With his hair hanging in his face, and walks up to the camera. With eyes full of intensity he begins...

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Tell me, what do you see, Credible? What the FUCK do you see?! I'll tell you what you see. You see EXACTLY what I'm capable of, that's what you see! Why am I doing this? I'm venting my frustration with you, Credible. When I look at you, I look at a sorry son of a bitch who's bark is fucking mightier than his bite. It makes me fucking sick, Credible. Hiding behind that bitch, Francine, I see. You think she's enough to get you past me?! You're a mother fucking dumb ass if you think she's going to make any difference on Nitro! Matter of fact, I think you should leave her in the back, because you know me,  Credible. You said it yourself, you've been in the ring with me. You KNOW that I am capable of ALL FUCKING THINGS! There's not a damn thing I WON'T DO! If your fucking princess thinks I won't take her apart like she was just another wrestler, she had better get a fucking clue. I will END HER! I will put that BITCH IN A FUCKING HOSPITAL! [ Rhino begins to smile. ] Say I won't, you fucking dip shit, just say I won't do it! Doubt me, fucker! Just SAY IT, SAY I won't do it... I will love, and I mean LOVE proving you wrong! I will LOVE seein' the look on yours and her face when I rip her fucking throat out! You think I'm joking? You think I'm playing? What? Your a fucking Triple H now, thinking this is a game?! You think I'm the kind of mother fucker who likes to play around, make threats and don't make fucking good on them?! Is that what you think, Credible?! GET A FUCKING CLUE! I will GORE her ass straight out of her BOOTS, and do the same goddamn thing to you, and LAUGH AT YOUR SORRY ASSES! I will rip her heart and feed it to your kids, shit head! Mother fucker, that's what I'm about, and if you don't think I'm capable, or if you don't think I will DO exactly what I just said I will, all I can say is... You just wait and see... 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino quickly turns and runs toward the broken down car behind him. He gets low, lowers his shoulder, and runs his shoulder into the car, lifting it off it's back wheels. The car is lifted into the air, as Rhino turns back around to the camera. The car plops back onto the ground loudly. Without a hint of being harmed by what he just did, he continues...

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- World Championship Wrestling... You better fucking understand this. I don't give a damn about YOU! All I care about is EC FUCKIN' W! ECW is alive once again, and I said I'd give ANYTHING to see that happen again. The price I'm paying, and the rest of us who are loyal to ECW is that it's been brought back with WCW. Shit... And with WCW apart of ECW now, all those suit wearing fuckers are gonna try and change things. Why? Because EC FUCKIN' W is too EXTREME for WCW! I AM TOO EXTREME FOR WCW! I haven't seen ANYBODY in WCW who can do like I fuckin' can! They got guys like, what, Triple H? The Rock? Shit, those guys can't get extreme, and WCW doesn't want them to. You bring guys like that to the old ECW, and they wouldn't last a fucking DAY. Especially The Rock. I'd personally rip his fucking throat  out, and show him all the bullshit he talks is just that, bullshit. Triple H. A damn faker. He carries a fucking sledge hammer around and thinks he's the shit. Let the mother fucker come around me with that sledge hammer. I'll shove the goddamn thing up his ass! WCW, fuck that! Look, let me get something straight, right off the fucking bat. I'm Rhino, dammit. RHINO! I WILL NOT BE CHANGED! I'm STILL the baddest mother fucker on this PLANET! And WCW is not going to change that! My name... I am not the smartest man in the world, but dammit, it doesn't take a fucking scientist to know that inserting 'Y' for the 'I' in Rhino is the stupidest fucking things I've EVER heard of! Shit, what is the fucking point in doing that? There is no fucking point! You know it, and I know it! You know what this is? This is just WCW trying to taking the ECW outta me, and I'm telling you right now, fucker, it's not happening! ECW is what I AM. It's something you can't and won't change. I'm not a fucking sellout! I see what you did to Rob Van Dam. You turned him into a little pussy like the other guys you have around here. He may have sold out, but I'M NOT GOING TO! Fuck, man, you'd rather have a fucking fagot like Billy Gunn around here, than a hardcore mother fucker from the streets of Detroit? I don't see you trying to change him. Telling him that he should stop acting like a fucking queer, telling the damn world how much me loves asses. Man, that's BULLSHIT! It's time you know just who the hell I am, WCW, Shane McMahon, and all those other suit wearin' fucks! I'm Rhino, mother fuckers! I'll rip your goddamn throat out for looking at me wrong. I'm the fucking man beast. I'll take your fucking head off for breathing on me. I am the REAL FUCKING DEAL, from Extreme Championship Wrestling! There's not a man in WCW who can handle me. Triple H... The Rock... Rob Van Dam... Lance Storm... Those pussies? Get a fucking clue! I'd rip each and every one of those mother fuckers apart, and if you don't think so, you can go fuck yourself, because I don't give a damn. I don't give a fuck if you think my language is too explicit for WCW. I don't give a fuck if you don't like the way I spell my name, assholes! I WILL NOT BE CHANGED! 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino shakes his head, then quickly picks up a trash can to his right, and sends it crashing into the wall to the left. He then turns to the camera.

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Justin Credible... You think I give a flying fuck what kind of dressing room you have? Will your little dressing room save you from what I have in store for you come Nitro? [ Rhino smiles sadistically. ] Now that I think about it, knowing just how much of a little pussy you are, you'll probably hide in that nice little dressing room and keep those damn doors locked, in FEAR, of The Real Fucking Deal! But don't think for a second that a fucking locked door is going to keep me from taking you and dropping your sorry ass on your head, with more force than you've ever experienced in your LIFE, cracking that scrawny fucking neck of yours in two, sending your sorry ass well on your way, out of this business, where you belong! World fucking Title, Credible? You?! You're kidding, right? You're pulling my fucking chain aren't you? Credible, you're not ready for that level, and take it from me, because I'M THERE! This fucking Hardcore Title's value will rise, because I'll be holding it! You talk about the Stone Cold Steve Austin's, dip shit, you can't even get by Spike Dudley! Justin Credible, THINK and be fucking honest with yourself. Get your head out of your ass, and realize that this isn't your goddamn dreams. Thinks don't happen because you SAY they will. You gotta get your ass out there and make them happen. You're gonna beat me, Credible? Get the fuck up and come on, just try to knock me down! Just TRY and beat me, and get beaten within an inch of your sorry ass life for your trouble. Come on, into MY ring, BITCH, and get your teeth knocked out your fucking mouth and through your ass! Credible, you got dreams of actually becoming something great in the wrestling business? Come Nitro, mother fucker, I'm going to send those dreams crashing into the ground, along with you limp body after I GORE YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING SHOES!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino, in a flash, rushes to the car, lifts it up by the bumper, and slides it out of the way. The camera now follows him as he walks past the car, and further into the alley. He walks through the suffering, the homeless, the pestilence, and disease... It almost looks as if he notices nothing as he does this. That is, until he suddenly stops. He takes a look to his left. There sits a homeless man. Fear is written all over his face, as his eyes light up in terror, as Rhino lays eyes on him. Rhino walks over to him. He pauses. Suddenly, Rhino kicks him in the face. The homeless man's head bounces off the brick wall with a disgusting thud. Rhino devilishly. He then picks the man's limp body up. The man is not dead, however, unconscious with that terrible blow to the head. Rhino tosses the homeless man's body to the other side of the alley. The homeless man's body smacks against the wall, and falls to the ground. Rhino turns to the camera again, quite restless, and then says...

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Credible... Did you see that? Of course you fucking did. Do you fear yet? Of course you fucking do! You fear just what the hell I CAN DO. Credible, you're already my BITCH! You think I'm just some fat fuck? Is that what you really think, mother fucker? No... Fuck no, it's not! You're not THAT stupid. You're not stupid enough to mistake my build for a reason that I WON'T and CAN'T kick your ass! I'm not the tallest fucking guy in the business, Credible. And as for me being just some fat fuck? Get a fucking clue, dip shit, I'm a wrestler. Fat? Try again. Try muscle, dumb ass. Muscle that's fucking toned to the point that's it's solid as a goddamn ROCK, ready and damn sure fucking able to rip through your ass come Nitro! Goooooore, mother fucker! You bet your untalented ass that's EXACTLY what you're gonna get a taste of on Nitro. Credible, don't make the fucking mistake of doubting me. I guarantee, you'll fucking pay for it. If you want to play bad ass, or impressive that bitch Francine by running at the mouth about shit you know isn't true I'm a fucking freight train, a steam roller. I can't be stopped, I won't be stopped! I'm UNSTOPPABLE! On Friday night, Rhino is on a fucking rampage, and what do you do when you see a rampaging Rhino?!

  -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino pauses, then spits into the camera, and says...


  -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene fades with Rhino beating on his chest as if he were King Knog, then throwing his hands into the air, and finally turning to the alley, and continuing his rampaging through the alley.