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Following is a roleplay written by the guy they call Kyle, and the same goes for the layout. If you should choose to read the following roleplay, beware that you may find extreme language, adult situations, crude humor, or anything you would find in your regular 'R' Rated Film. If you feel you can handle such themes, then please, be my guest and enjoy the roleplay, which is not associated with any wrestling organization. This roleplay is only made for fun and entertainment purposes.

- Taking WCW to the FUCKING EXTREME! -





Dawn Marie, Mark Greenfield

World Championship Wrestling



 -)X(- Foreword -)X(- Both World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation have stepped into a new era in Sports Entertainment. The landscape of the Sports Entertainment scene has been changed forever thanks to agreements made between the two companies for the purpose of truly establishing which is indeed the better of the two promotions. To determine this, other than simply ratings for head to head shows, the promotions have set up inter-promotional matches, for example, between the WCW Champion and the WWF Champion, when those two positions are filled. Not only will the age old debate of which promotion is better be settled, but the inter-promotional matches open up new doors and fresh entertainment for wrestling fans for years to come. However, within World Championship Wrestling promotion lies Rhino. This man, or beast, rather, could careless about the pacts made between both WCW and the WWF. The wrestling fans are not of concern to him. Rhino, a nasty behemoth, who's strength is unrivaled, and who's intensity is unmatched, has now been placed in an entirely new environment in WCW, quite different from what he was accustomed to in Extreme Championship Wrestling. World Championship Wrestling presents a more controlled and civil environment in comparison to ECW, and one thing is for sure, rather than adapt and fall in line to the way things are in WCW, Rhino will bring the ECW way to WCW. Rhino will...


 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The scene opens in Atlanta, Georgia, home of the Atlanta Braves, and more importantly, home of the World Championship Wrestling offices. We're taken inside the building, where we find Rhino, with Dawn Marie by his side. Here we find Rhino, pissed off as usual, as he seemingly waddles down the hall. He's shown here wearing a shirt, cut off at the sleeves, with his name printed over the front, with his ring attire underneath. Dawn Marie at his side is wearing a very skimpy two piece outfit. Dawn Marie is speaking to Rhino, as he just looks forward, in his own world, letting all that Dawn Marie is saying go through one ear and out of the other. 

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- ...We're here! We're here! Wow! World Championship Wrestling!

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- ...

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- God, I can't even imagine how much trouble we could get into in this big place! [ She laughs. ] Anyway, we'll be on top of this place in NO TIME. I know it! You wanna know why I know it? Huh? Do you? Rhino, do you?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- [ Strong lack of enthusiasm. ] Yeah.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Because I'm the best manager EVER! [ Rhino glares at her. ] And, well, you'll play a role in it too, Rhino.

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The both of them stop at a door with the words 'Interview Room' on it. Rhino puts his hands on his hips, and just looks at the door, pissed off for a reason undisclosed.

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- I don't want to do this stupid shit. Fuck no!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Dawn Marie puts her hands on her hips, and looks at Rhino annoyed by this.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Why? Why don't you want to do it?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Because all these suit wearing mother fuckers wanna do is change me. That's why I didn't want to sign with this fucking place from the jump!

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- I don't understand. Why would they want to change you?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Because I'm too fuckin' extreme for this place! I haven't seen ANYBODY in WCW who can do like I fuckin' can! They got guys like, what, Triple H? The Rock? Shit, those guys can't get extreme, and WCW doesn't want them to. You bring guys like that to ECW, and they wouldn't last a fucking DAY. Especially The Rock. I'd personally rip his fucking throat  out, and show him all the bullshit he talks is just that, bullshit. Triple H. A damn faker. He carries a fucking sledge hammer around and thinks he's the shit. Let the mother fucker come around me with that sledge hammer. I'll shove the goddamn thing up his ass!

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Well... You don't know that they'll try to change you for sure! The only way you're going to know for sure is if you go through with this. Just give it a try... For me...

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Dawn Marie leans against Rhino with a seductive smile. Rhino's face fills with intensity, then he shoves the door open with the loud smack with his hand against the door. It pops open, and he steps through. Dawn Marie rolls  eyes, smiling, then follows. Inside, Rhino stops just after stepping through the door. A bit of surprise comes over his face, as Dawn Marie begins to jump up and down behind him, trying to see what's going on, because Rhino's body blocks her way into the room. Rhino is shocked by the presence of security guards in the room. There are two, who stand on each side of the desk, in which one man sits comfortably behind. He leans forward, and begins to gather his papers. Dawn begins to bang on Rhino's back as she says... 

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Move outta the way, Rhino!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino steps further into the room, and glares back at Dawn Marie, annoyed by her presence. She simply ignores him, and walks into the room, straight to the desk to greet the man.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- I'm here! Dawn Marie is here!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Feeding off Dawn's enthusiasm, a smile comes over the face of the guy sitting behind the desk, who looks to be in his mid thirties, wearing a buttoned shirt with suspenders, and glasses. This man is a WCW Executive, who's duties are you handle basics in which a newly acquired wrestler may look to take his career. He adjusts his glasses, and leans a bit closer to Dawn as she stands before his desk.

-)X(- Man Behind The Desk -)X(- I am very much aware of that, thank you. And I see Rhino was able to make it as well. Excellent. Now, if you and Rhino, could take a seat on the couch behind you, I'll be with you shortly.

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Dawn Marie shrugs her shoulders, still smiling, and turns around. There, by the couch, stands Rhino, with his arms folded across his chest. She steps over to him and says...

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Isn't this exciting?! 

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Ignoring what she said, Rhino raises a question of his own, aimed toward the man behind the desk. He speaks up and asks...

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- What's with the toy cops?

-)X(- Man Behind The Desk -)X(- [ Nervously. ] Ah, well, please, do not take this the wrong way, but these two security guards are here for my protection. I've met with quite a few wrestlers today, and many of them have been down right, well, aggressively. [ He laughs. ] But sir, I do believe if they pose as a problem or offend you, I can have them removed.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Yeah, get them the hell out of here!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Dawn Marie says playfully, as the security guards exit the room, after being instructed to do so by the man. Rhino smirks, however remains silent. Dawn Marie takes a seat on the couch and motions for Rhyno to do the same. He says nothing. The man behind the desk now says...

-)X(- Man Behind The Desk -)X(- Well now, let's get down to business, shall we?

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Shall!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- The man behind the desk and Dawn both laugh. Rhino's expression does not change. He remains silent. The man looks over to him while laughing, and notices he didn't find what just happened the least bit humorous. He now clears his throat, bringing his laughter to a halt.

-)X(- Man Behind The Desk -)X(- Okay. Well, Dawn, Rhino, welcome to World Championship Wrestling. My name is Mark Greenfield, and, believe it or not, this is my first day on the job. [ He laughs. Dawn and Rhino don't. ] Anyway... Both of you have already signed contracts with WCW, and that's great, but my job is to get you, well, groomed for WCW. Here in World Championship Wrestling, things work a bit differently from, well, where are you from again?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- EC FUCKIN' W, and don't you forget it!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Mark jumps back a little in shock of what Rhino said and the aggressiveness he used to say it. A little bit nervous now, he clears his throat and continues.

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Yes, yes, that's right. ECW. I'm sorry about not remembering. [ As if just remembering something he says. ] Ah, that's right. I have a your resume here, Rhino... Former ECW Heavyweight Champion. The last, I might add, defeating Sandman for it on January 7 of this year. Also, a former ECW Television Champion, I see. And interestingly enough, you were the last man to hold both titles. That's quite incredible Rhino.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Aren't you going to read my resume?! 

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- In due time, Dawn. Anyway, Rhino, I see why we were so quick to sign you. However, like I said before, it's my job to, well, tame you, so to speak. Things are quite different here in WCW.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Like, in what way?

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well, Dawn, if I may call-

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Yeah, you may call me that, but I'd prefer being called the BEST manager EVER. [ She says with a smile. ]

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- [ He laughs just a little. ] Well, to answer your question, let me give you an example. Okay, Rhino, just now, you used the 'F' word. Here in WCW, that's not a popular word. Now, words like 'Damn', 'Ass', and 'Hell' are all fine, however, unlike things are done in ECW, here in WCW, all other profane words are prohibited, and among those words is the 'F' word. Is that understood, Rhino?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Fuck that! Look, let me get something straight, right off the fucking bat. I'm Rhino, dammit. RHINO! WCW signed me, and they new EXACTLY what the hell they were getting then they did. Now, if they had a problem with the way I talk, I would have never been signed. They wanted me, and they got me!

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well, then... Perhaps we'll come back to that. Let's move on... Rhino, what do you plan to accomplish here in WCW?

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Mark, with me, Dawn Marie, [ She smiles. ] as his manager, the sky is the limit as to what he can do in WCW, because after all, I AM the best manager EVER. I've managed many, and of course, have taken them to the top. It won't be any different with Rhino. Look at him! He's a monster! All the aggressiveness, the, the muscles! Mark, with me by his side, Rhino is a future World Champion. I guarantee it!

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Thank you Dawn Marie. Now, Rhino, could you give your answer to that question?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- It's simple. I plan to run through every fucking wrestler you have in this joint. Not because I can, but just because I LOVE IT. I want to have every fucking wrestler here, lying in a pool of their own blood after I'm done with them. I want to be FEARED, and believe me, after it's all said and done, I WILL BE! Man, I want to take WCW to the FUCKING EXTREME, like only I CAN!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Mark clears his throat, and shakes his head, uncomfortable with Rhino's voice and tone. He now says...

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well, I'd like to know a little more about the relationship between you, Tommy Dreamer, and Joey Jordison of SlipKnot...

  -)X(- Rhino -)X(- Tommy Dreamer is the one man I know who's true to ECW. Rob Van Dam, Raven, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, all of them are fucking sell outs! ECW isn't around anymore, but it'll NEVER die. It will live on through me and Tommy. 

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- And Joey?

  -)X(- Rhino -)X(- Some guy Tommy met in a bar, shit. You ask Tommy what the fucking deal is between those two. It's not my concern.

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well, what about you and Dawn Marie?

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- I can handle that question! [ She smiles. ] After ECW went down, all of us were out of work. We did a little independent work here some autograph signings there, but we we still out of a steady job. Well, with ECW down, it was time to move on. There was the WWF and WCW. We chose WCW and we also chose each other, knowing that together, we're unstoppable! Ha! 

 -)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well now, Rhino, I'd like to address your name.

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Shit... What the fuck is wrong with my name?

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Oh nothing, nothing at all. WCW would just like to... Tweak it I guess you could say.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- Tweak?

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Now what the fuck does that mean?

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well let me cut to the chase, here. We'd like to insert a 'Y' for the 'I' in Rhino.

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- Now what the fuck is wrong with you people? You're kidding me right? You're pulling my fucking chain, right? Listen, dip shit, I am not the smartest man in the world, but dammit, it doesn't take a fucking scientist to know that inserting 'Y' for the 'I' in Rhino is the stupidest fucking things I've EVER heard of! Shit, what is the fucking point in doing that?

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Well-

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- There is no fucking point! You know it, and I know it! You know what this is? This is just WCW trying to taking the ECW outta me, and I'm telling you right now, fucker, it's not happening! ECW is what I AM. It's something you can't and won't change. I'm not a fucking sellout! I see what you did to Rob Van Dam. You turned him into a little pussy like the other guys you have around here. He may have sold out, but I'M NOT GOING TO! Fuck, man, you'd rather have a fucking fagot like Billy Gunn around here, than a hardcore mother fucker from the streets of Detroit? I don't see you trying to change him. Telling him that he should stop acting like a fucking queer, telling the damn world how much me loves asses. Man, that's BULLSHIT!

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- I believe this meeting is over. I will be notifying my bosses of your conduct during this meeting, and your unwillingness to compromise.

-)X(- Dawn Marie -)X(- What? What about me? What about Dawn Marie?! You haven't asked me any questions yet?

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- You can thank Rhino for that. Both of you, get out of my office!

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- I don't like your tone.

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- Deal with it! Now leave, damn you!

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino, in a flash, rushes to the desk, shoving it backward, into the chest of Mark Greenfield. He leans over in pain, as Rhino grabs his collar, and pulls him forward even further. Rhino, full of intensity, looks into Greenfield's eyes and says...

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- I can tell this is your first day on the job. You want to know how the fuck I know that? Because that's the only way I can see you actually having the nerve to raise your voice to me. You don't know me. You don't FUCKING KNOW ME! It's time you were taught a lesson. It's time you know just who the hell I am. I'm Rhino, mother fucker. I'll rip your goddamn throat out for looking at me wrong. I'm the fucking man beast. I'll take your fucking head off for breathing on me. I am the BIG FUCKING DEAL, from Extreme Championship Wrestling! There's not a man in WCW who can handle me. Triple H... The Rock... Rob Van Dam... Lance Storm... Those pussies? Get a fucking clue! I'd rip each and every one of those mother fuckers apart, and if you don't think so, you can go fuck yourself, because I don't give a damn. I don't give a fuck if you think my language is too explicit for WCW. I don't give a fuck if you don't like the way I spell my name, asshole! I WILL NOT BE CHANGED! 

-)X(- Mark Greenfield -)X(- If you harm me, I will file charges...

 -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino releases him. Mark smiles a little, as Rhino turns and begins to walk away. However, Rhino quickly turns around, grabs Mark by his collar and lifts him into the air, pulling him over the desk, knocking the desk on it's side, sending papers, pens, and other debris you'd find on an office desk all over the floor. Looking up at him, Rhino begins to speak once again...

-)X(- Rhino -)X(- What I find funny about this is you actually believe I give a flying fuck. I DON'T! Press charges! Sue my ass, I don't care! You see, through you, I'm sending a message. After I leave here... After I leave you, here, bloody and bruised, you'll tell your friends, your co-workers, your bosses, you'll tell them all that Rhino is not one to be fucked with. You're only the first of many. Before I'm done in WCW, EVERY MAN will know and fear ME! No exceptions! They can't hide from me. They can't avoid me. I know who they are, where I can find them, and little do they know that I can take ANYONE out at ANYTIME. Everybody will get their fucking chance to stand one on one with me, and get their asses knocked the hell down! Triple H says he's the fucking game. He thinks he IS wrestling. Fuck him! What that son of a bitch has to understand is wrestling IS NOT a fucking game! Does he think I'm playing? Does he think I'm a man who plays fucking games? I just knock people the fuck out. I rip people's throats out and spit on their fucking bodies after I gore their asses out of their fucking boots. You tell Ric Flair and all those other suit wearing fucks that they can throw ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY at me, and I promise, I fucking promise I'll demolish their asses! I'm a fucking freight train, a steam roller. I can't be stopped, I won't be stopped! I'm UNSTOPPABLE! On Friday night, Rhino is on a fucking rampage, and what do you do when you see a rampaging Rhino?!

  -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino tosses Mark into the wall. Mark's body smacks against the wall, and comes crashing down into the floor. he's unconscious, as Rhino and Dawn Marie head for the door. Rhino stops, and says...


  -)X(- Scene -)X(- Rhino grabs Dawn's hand, and the two of them exit the room. The camera leaves us with a final shot of Rhino's destruction.