The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels


.:.:[ Disclaimer ]:.:. Uh, it's simple really. It's a roleplay. It's not reality. Don't take it personally, and layout is a variation of a layout by the handler of Jeff Jarrett. To those who actually intend to read these, rather than scroll through it just to see how long it is, sit back in your padded chairs, grab your potato chips, chocolates, licorice, donuts and diet pepsi, adjust your coke bottle lenses and enjoy! C'mon BABY ... ARE YOU READY?

.:.:[ Segment Title ]:.:. HBK Goes Back In The Day

.:.:[ Total Record ]:.:. 0-0
.:.:[ Single Record ]:.:. 0-0
.:.:[ Tag-Team Record ]:.:. 0-0
.:.:[ Accomplishments ]:.:. None

.:.:[ People Used ]:.:. HBK, Jose Lothario, Pete Lothario, Michael Cole
.:.:[ Wrestlers Mentioned ]:.:. Scott Steiner
.:.:[ Previous Match ]:.:. None
.:.:[ Next Match ]:.:. HBK Shawn Michaels vs. BPP Scott Steiner


.:.:[ Foreword ]:.:. Time is ticking away, yet we haven't reached the time. A special time. A time that will mark the in-ring return of The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Throughout Shawn's career, he has been met with incredible odds, and despite that, he has still come out on top. Looking at Michaels' track record, beating Scott Steiner and ultimately winning the World Title may very well be a walk in the park for him. And why not? He's The Main Event, The Showstoppa, The Icon of Sports Entertainment! This is only expected.  This is not a man who will inflict a great deal of damage upon his opposition. He doesn't have the strength of The Undertaker, Kane, or even a Kevin Nash. He's crafty, cunning, and tricky. And if you just want to get simple about it, he's just that damn good. Kicking your ass is not top priority. Beating you tops the list of priorities in the mind of the Heartbreak Kid when he laces up the boots and takes you on. This is a man who will tell you, to your face, that he will beat you, and then, beat you. He now assures the federation that he will prevail in his match against Steiner, and ultimately become World Champion. You think he's lying? You've seen him do it before, what makes you think he can't do it again? This question is to every wrestler on the roster, from Stone Cold Steve Austin to William Regal. Do you honestly believe you have a chance knock him off his game?


.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The scene opens in The Heartbreak Kid's hometown, San Antonio, Texas. More specifically, the scene opens in the parking lot of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy. The academy was opened on April 1st, 1999 in a joint venture between Shawn Michaels, and his mentor, "Super Sock" Jose Lothario, offering the chance for future wrestlers to train with two of the best in the business. It's a familiar situation to Shawn, who began his career in the early 1980s much the same way by walking into Lothario's office and asking for an opportunity. It's a hot day here in good ole' S.A., not a scorcher, but hot nonetheless, which is nothing new to south Texas, or The Kid. The parking lot is nearly empty, holding only a couple of cars, until a blue Ford Mustang, a model from the 1960s, comes screeching into the parking lot. In style, the car twirls around in a circle, stopping between the two other cars just in front of the entrance. The door opens, and out pops The Heartbreak Kid. When we last left Shawn Michaels, he was having a little fun in Chicago, Illinois, to announce his in-ring return, because like he said, he's locked, cocked, and ready to go for his big night on Thursday. Smackdown! will not only marks the first the Pro Wrestling Alliance event, but it'll also be Shawn Michaels first match in years. That's right, after a once thought career ending injury, Shawn Michaels is going to lace up the boots, and make Pro Wrestling Alliance that much better. Following Shawn into the parking lot is a gray 2001 model Cadillac. The car is being driven by Pete Lothario, Jose's son, who's wearing a gray sweat shirt, with black work out pants. The car stops alongside Shawn's car. Shawn leans on his car, with a smile, wearing sunglasses, a black vest, with a shirt, and black jeans. Jose Lothario steps out of the passenger side of the car, wearing-. He and Shawn greet with smiles, then a handshake, and a hug. Pete gives a wave to Shawn, and he replies with a smile and waves.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. I'm glad you could make it! I figure, if I'm gonna train to hang with the best again, I had better work with the best.

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. [ Jose laughs a little. ] Shawn, at my age, I doubt I'm considered one of the best.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Hey, you are in my book.

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. Shawn, it's great to have you back. I can only hope that like always, you will achieve what you have set out to do.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. With you helping me out, Jose, I honestly don't think that's going to be a problem. If I know Steiner, he's rampaging through a city, destroying anything in his path to get ready for this match, while I'm getting ready to take it to him like NO ONE has ever done to him before.

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. That's what I'm here for... To help you take it to him and win this match.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Shawn and Jose began to head into the building. Before entering, they're stopped by Michael Cole, who comes out of no where to grab their attention. He's resting his upper body weight on his knees, by places his hands on his knees, bent over, out of breath. He stands upright, then wipes his brow with his wrist. He's wearing a white t-shirt, with black jeans. 

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Mikey Cole... What a pleasant surprise. What do you want, little man? [ Shawn pushes him back with his index finger against Cole's forehead. ]

.::[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Well Shawn, if you MUST know, I'm trying to be the first Pro Wrestling Alliance interviewer to interview you. Pamela Paulshock has been hot on your tail, but I guess she just hasn't been able to pin point your location. Rookie...

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. What, you interviewers get Oscars for this crap? Is it really this important?

.::[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Well, actually we do. The awards just haven't gotten the prestige we'd like them to have.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Oh, like the Grammys?

.::[ Michael Cole ]:.:. [ Cole snaps his fingers. ] Exactly! It's like the Grammys.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Oh, Michael Cole, meet Jose Lothario. This is the man who taught me everything I know about this business, so you know he's THE MAN!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Michael Cole extends his hand, and Jose happily accepts it and shakes his hand. 

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. Well Kid, I'll be in the gym waiting for you. Don't stay out here too long, because we need to take advantage of the time we have. Your big match is a couple of days away, and I don't want you going into that match without a doubt in your mind... Like you have ever had that problem.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Lothario softly punches HBK in the chest, then walks past Cole and enters the building.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. So what do you want me to answer, Cole?

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Actually Shawn, I figure if I can get an interview with you in which you're working out with the man who has taught you everything you know, I'll definitely be one up on Pamela, and still be the best interviewer the Pro Wrestling Alliance has to offer. I've already interviewed other top superstars here in this upstart promotion. Interviewing you will definitely put me in the running as "Scoop-Getter" of the Year.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Yeah, Cole, that sounds pretty queer, man.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Shawn, let's get to the interview...

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. No one's stoppin' ya, Mike. What do you want to know? [ Shawn heads for the entrance, and Michael Cole follows close behind him. ]

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. What is this place?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. This, Mike, is the place that made me great, and if I have anything to say about it, it will make many more great under my guidance and leadership. This is the very gym I trained in before I took it to Bret Hart. This is also the very gym I came to when I was kid, ready to become a wrestler. My dad and I walked through the doors of Jose's office, and he spoke for me. Ever since that day, there hasn't been a need for ANYONE to speak on my behalf. Jose, despite having failed with another pupil, took me under his wing. [ Shawn and Michael Cole enter the building. ] He trained me, working me for countless hours in this gym, almost like a drill sergeant or something like that. Lothario continued to train me, molding me into the wrestler I needed to be in order to be great in this sport. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and so on. Jose stuck be me after I turned pro. Before each event, he taught me what to look for in my opponents from their strengths to their weaknesses. I mean, win or lose, he was right there in my face, telling me what I did right, and most importantly, what I did wrong. But the one thing that has stuck with me for all these years above all else is what he drilled into my head while molding me into the wrestler you see before you today. He told me, "There is always someone out there who can beat you". Well, I've dedicated my career to proving him WRONG! And you know what, the day I say and truly believe there's not a man who can beat me out there, it the day I'm done with this sport. I'm still here, right Cole? Apparently, there's still somewhere out there who can beat me. Is he Scott Steiner? Hell no, but he's out there, and I will train day in and day out until he can no longer beat me. It's the ultimate motivation, because, when you're HBK, and you think there's somewhere out there who can beat you! You'll do all you can to change that... That's why I am where I am today.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Jericho had something to say to you about-

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. There you go Mike Cole, you're always tryin' to cause trouble! Hey, I know what Chris Jericho had to say, and we both know how much of an idiot he is! Did he actually imply that he was the TRUE Showstoppa, Main Event, and Icon of Sports Entertainment?! I THINK HE DID! Now think about it, out of the two of us, Jericho and I, I mean, who has done more for the sport of wrestling? [ Shawn puts his hand to his ear. ] That's right, HBK! I can't remember Jericho winning a World Title! Look, you can talk the talk. Any body can say their the Showstoppa, but there's only one man who can actually back that up, and you're lookin' at him!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Shawn steps through double doors, enters the locker room while removing his shades. Michael Cole walks behind him. Shawn removes his shirt, then enters the shower. He turns on the water, and wets his hair, then removes his pants, and slides on some workout pants. He also puts on some wrestling boots. He returns to Michael Cole, who's leaning on the door, picking his nose. Shawn slaps his hand away from his nose, and exits the locker room. Both of them continue down the hall, and then take a right through a steel door. Inside, we find a wrestling ring, with two students of Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy wrestling in the ring. Jose Lothario stands near an American flag hung on the wall on the other side of the room. Shawn points to him, and Michael Cole promptly follows. Once they reach Jose, dialogue begins...

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. We're starting off with this? What's with the change in workout order, Jose?

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. Ah, the order in which you did each workout was not a factor. It was simply how hard you went at each one. You give your all in each workout, and there won't be a problem. One thing that is a factor, Shawn, is stretching before the workouts. Let's get to it!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Shawn claps his hands together, and begins to execute many stretching maneuvers. While he does this, he carries on a conversation with Michael Cole. Lothario walks over to the ring, and instructs the two students.

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. What are you talking about? What are you starting with?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Vertical push ups. It's more effective than a regular push up because your entire weight is being lifted by your arms. I love 'em! Now, I know these aren't the questions you want answered. Go ahead, ask me about Big Poppa Pump!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. First, anything you'd like to say?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Hmm... Well, that was an interesting curve ball, Cole. To answer your question, yeah, I have something to say. A lot of things, and I'm sure that's no surprise to you. Now that I think about it, I wonder when ole' HBK gets a shot to deliver "Sweet Chin Music" again? Oh yeah! I think we all know when I get that chance! Thursday Night Smackdown! is the Heartbreak Kid's time to shine once again! It's the beginning of my career here in PWA. Hell, it's gonna be my first match in years! You gotta believe I'm ready to go. I am the best damn wrestler in the world, but I'll never convince everybody of that. All I can do is prove the doubters wrong over and over again. I'm the best technician with the best stamina. Ask "The Hitman"! No one can bounce back from near-defeat to rebound as smoothly as I can. No one in the world combines power with grace, balance, and skill the way I do. There are a lot of great wrestlers out there. Some of them will be in this tournament. Yet, not one of them is the complete package. No one except me. Not The Rock, not Goldberg, and God knows not Scott Steiner! I am the complete package. I have the gift... And nooobody does it better!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. What do you plan to accomplish in this federation?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. What do I plan to accomplish? You can't do better than that, Cole? It's simply, Mike. I want the World Title. I need the World Title. I'm coming back to this sport after years out of action. Now, I'm BACK, and possibly better than ever! But I'm not a fool, so don't mistake me for one. I'm aware that every other man on the roster questions whether or not I'm the same HBK that used to kick ass, when they were wrestling in dark matches, trying to find their break in sports entertainment. They doubt I'm the same HBK that accomplished so damn much before the injury. Then there's other who have actually put it in their heads that I'm past my time, or a shell of my former self. This is a COSTLY mistake on their part, because I assure, Cole, I am THAT SAME DAMN HBK! There will always be doubters, but the thing is, their vocal when they're right. When they know their right, [ Shawn laughs. ] they will rip you apart! Well, I'm gonna prove 'em wrong, by being the first World Champion in the Pro Wrestling Alliance, and of course, the BEST! But first, I have a match with The Bitch on a Period Scott Steiner. This guy is said to be one of the badest guys in the locker room. Well, by kicking his ass, I'm going to send a message to everyone in PWA that The Heartbreak Kid CANNOT be intimidated! He intimidates! When people heard they're facing The Showstoppa, they worried and feared, 'cause they knew that I was a man who can humiliate them time and time again in the ring. They know that when they step into the ring with The Kid, a previously blemish-less win loss record is goin' up in smoke! That's the way I was viewed before my leaving the sport. That STILL stands! I don't lose! I can't lose! Triple H, Rocky, Taker, hell, anybody... BRING IT ON! Realize that I am the best damn wrestler in this place, and the world for that matter, and respect me for it! Michael Cole, you wanna know what I have planned to accomplish in this federation? Well, I plan to be better than I EVER was, AND DOMINATE the wrestling world, like I dominated before I left!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Well, please, what are your thoughts on Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. I'll be honest when I say I don't know much about him. I know one thing though, he knows a hell of a lot about me. And why is that? Steiner is a nobody. A NOBODY! I've said this before, and I'll say it again. The more you say something, the more it sticks. I want this to ring in his ears while he wrestles me. I want him to know exactly what I think of him. I'm not saying this just to put the loser down. I'm saying it because it's true. It's the honest-to-God truth! Scott Steiner is feuled by rage. He hits the ring, and he's out to kill. While a fan would say, "Wow, what intensity. He's a good wrestler!", it definitely puts that fan in his place, which is being a fan. I think it's only common sense that tells you that you cannot fight in rage. Once you lose your cool, you lose the match. "Why does Scott Steiner win?", is a question you're probably going to ask, so I'll simply beat you to it. It's simple really, Steiner's opponents before me freeze up when they see the aggressiveness he brings to the ring, not to mention, in the back of their minds they're thinking about something he did to some chump interviewer or something, which usually ranges from braking their leg, or slamming them into a wall. No matter what though, the end result is the same, they end up in the hospital. Anyway, they freeze up, and Steiner simply takes it to their asses, stomping them into the ground from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. As I have made clear and time time again, Cole, I'm not like the next man. I'm more, so you can bet your ass they wouldn't happen to me. I'd dart in and out, strike and retreat, and eventually impose my will. Since Steiner is an emotional wreck, his confidence will come down a few notches. In his mind he would see me as bigger than HE is! Once I see that look in his eyes that he has mentally thrown in the towel, I'd hit him in the chin with a Superkick, and cover him for the pin. Steiner will cheat. Duh! He's Scott Steiner! There's nothing wrong with that... If you're Scott Steiner! If you're HBK, winning comes a lot easier, especially when you work for it, instead of trying to cut corners or cheat your way to the top. Triple H is the ONLY successful cheater, user, etcetera, etcetera. He's s special case. God blessed him with the ability to be the most sadistic, heartless son of a bitch in the wrestling world. Everyone else has to do it the right way, and that's work for it. Steiner has made it clear that he has no plans to work for it, so he's trying to cheat his way to the top. There's only one man who can do it that way and that's Triple H. Steiner is going no where fast. Thursday Night, after I kick his teeth down his throat, he'll truly understand everything I have said thus far. Mark my words...

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Shawn, why have you come back to San Antonio to prepare for this match?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. What are you trying to say, Cole?

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Well Shawn, I may be implying that you're becoming a little worried about this match with Steiner, and you don't think you're at the right point to win the match.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. When did I ever say I'm training for this match in particular?

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. You never said-

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Cole, THINK! Don't ask those types of questions unless you take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING into account. You're an interviewer. A professional journalist, or something like that. ACT LIKE IT! Now to shed some light on what I'm doing here, it's simple Cole, I'm here for the long haul. Cole, I plan to be nothing short of the best in this promotion. You don't get to that point without work. It's just not handed to you. Now, I'll be honest, it comes easier from some than others. I worked for everything I GOT, but along the way, I say a lot of wrestlers who worked just as hard, come short of even holding a title in a top promotion. I'm gifted. I know this. You know this. I have all the right tools to be a great performer in and outside the ring. Out of the ring, I'm a regular "Chick Magnet"! I have charisma like no other! I'm the most controversial and entertaining man in the world! Inside the ring? [ Shawn laughs to himself. ] I feel like I've said it all before, and you know what, I HAVE! But damn, do you ever get tired of making those around you know that you're the best thing to ever happen to the sport. That you're one in a million, and come once in a lifetime. That the things you do in the ring are unmatched, and can be mimicked, but not duplicated? Do you get tired of it?! Speaking from experience... HELL NO! And I can't wait knocking Steiner to the floor with the Superkick, pinning him, then afterwards, as he stares at the rafters, lying in a pool of sweat in the middle of the ring, after taking an ass kicking like only The Kid can give it to him... I can't wait to tell him everything I just told you Cole. Michael Cole, as I look around me lately, I see the Kliq is going. All of a sudden, people see HBK is a winner like he was when he left the sport, and they're jumping on the bandwagon faster that a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet! I'm slowly, and there's only one possible reason why that is... I'M JUST THAT DAMN GOOD!

.:.:[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Shawn, What-

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. Shawn, are we ready to go?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Definitely. Let's do this!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Shawn leaps onto the table, which is positioned in front of the United States flag pinned against the wall. Jose takes his place to the left corner of the table. Shawn puts his hands to the floor, then powers his legs into the air, and puts his feet against the wall for leverage. Jose and Shawn begin to sound off together, as Shawn executes the vertical push ups. Michael Cole stands and watches while HBK work outs, and Jose coaches him along the way.

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. ... Six! Seven! Let's go Shawn, let's go! [ Shawn continues to do the push ups, while Lothario stands back and begins to lecture him on his upcoming match... ] Shawn, I went back and pulled up some old World Championship Wrestling footage and World Wrestling Federation footage, on Scott Steiner. He was far better in WCW than in the WWF. Now, granted, I have no Pro Wrestling Alliance footage on the beast, for obvious reasons. Despite that, though, Shawn, I have found flaws in wrestling style that you can easily exploit.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Argh! Thirty-Six! Thirty-Seven! I have no doubt- Thirty-Eight! That I can exploit any weaknesses- Thirty-Nine! That he may have- Forty!

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. Shawn, he's not a Bret Hart. No where near, actually, but what I mean by that is he's not a guy who's going to out wrestle you from a technical stand point... As if there's anyone who can. He's a wrestler who's very when he's in control. After coming out strong, you begin to see a decrease in aggressiveness due to fatigue. In an attempt to cover this up, he'll kick you while you're down, play to the crowd, and stall a lot because he's not a quick thinker in the ring. It'll be very easy to think before he does, so to speak. His best quality lies in his ability to divert the referees attention, by maybe pretending like he's injured, or something along those lines. He'll use this diversion to his advantage, be it to get a rest, or just to bait you into attacking, then he'll capitalize. On a similar, in the footage I have of him, his buddies will often jump onto the apron from time to time, to divert the referees attention. This could be a problem when you're going for the pin, or when you have the momentum going your way, because as soon as that referee turns his head, Credible will capitalize with a cheap shot like, let's say a low blow. You must be prepared for that, Shawn. [ Shawn simply nods his head, and continues the work out. ] Now Shawn, I'm not sure if he has accomplices, but be prepared for anything, especially in his case, because his history shows that he needs back up to win most of the time. I know how you think, Shawn. I know you're going to go into this match thinking you don't need any help, but I would advice against it. Pro Wrestling Alliance is crawling with former buddies of yours. I say, it would be in your best interest to rekindle those friendships, and get them to watch your back on Thursday night, because while I KNOW you can win the match, if Steiner has back up, it could be a pretty sticky situation for you...

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. I'm no stranger to adversity. Eighty-Two! I don't need any help- Eighty-Three! To beat a little nimrod- Eighty-Four! Like Scott Steiner! Eighty-Five! 

.:.:[ Jose Lothario ]:.:. I know Shawn. And yes, you have been in situations like this before, and to be honest, despite the odds stacked against you, this match will be much easier than your past battles with Hart, The Undertaker, or Scott Hall. Just follow the advice I gave you. Know every bit of the environment around you. Be cautious about the possibility of a buddy of Steiner's coming to the ring, to lend a hand. When it comes to offense against Steiner, I think you should speed up the match at the beginning. Go to the top rope, land a Missile Dropkick, or knock him down with the Hurracanrana, then hit him with the Elbow from the top rope. Fly Shawn. Stick and move. Bottomline, get Scott Steiner moving. There's no secret that you are in much better shape, and that Steiner doesn't practice great working habits. So, the longer this match goes, the more in your favor it goes. You're going to have to use you're elusiveness in this match. Slide between his legs, leap frog over him, or whatever it takes! Once you feel like you have him on the ropes and you can take the victory, speed things up. Send him into the ropes. Give him the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, go aerial, and give him the big Elbow Drop from the top rope. After that, set him up with the Hurracanrana, then knock him down with the Superkick. ALRIGHT! That's enough. Come down from there. Good work out. We'll move onto to the next in a couple of minutes.

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Shawn flips backwards with great balance and fluency. He takes a seat on the table, and grabs a towel near him, then wipes his face. Michael Cole approaches him a little confused. Shawn notices this.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. What's on your mind, Cole?

.::[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Why would you allow all of that to be taped? You just gave your entire game plan to Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner! That's an advantage you just lost! I can't begin to tell you how surprised by this I am.

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Advantage? ADVANTAGE?! You wanna talk about advantages Michael Cole. Well damn, let's talk about them. The only advantage Steiner has on HBK is that he's stronger, and I think I covered that earlier, I don't give a damn. My speed and resiliency is more than enough to deal with Steiner's strength. THAT'S IT! There's nothing more, Mike. He can't out wrestle me. He can't out think me. Wanna know why I know this? No one can, that's how I know this, Cole. Just being The Heartbreak Kid is the only advantage I need. Anything and everything else doesn't matter. I have the biggest ADVANTAGE over the entire promotion, because I AM THE SHOWSTOPPA! As for the flipside of Steiner knowing the game plan, he can figure out ways to counter against it, but I don't give a damn. Steiner can do ALL the planning and counter-planning he wants to. It won't make a bit of a difference. I OWN the ring. As a matter fact, remind me to tag the ring with my initials at the beginning on Smackdown!, will ya' , Cole? [ Michael doesn't respond. ] Anyway, HBK will do what he wants, when he wants to do it, and anyone who tries to stop that is fighting a war he can't win! If the Vin Man can't put The HB Kid in check, how the hell will Steiner do it? It doesn't matter what plans Steiner has going into this match, unless they involve me winning and dominating the entire match, he won't get the chance to see his plans in action, Jackson! Hey, I'm the Heartbreak Kid, large and about to be in charge, when I strap that World Title around my waist and PROVE, whoa, and Cole, when I say PROVE, I mean, PROVE why I am the man to beat in the federation! I will PROVE why I am the best damn wrestler, hands down, in any category you, your mother, or your kids will EVER see! I'm in control of my own destiny. There's only one man who can stop Shawn Michaels from reaching this goal, and he's Shawn Michaels. I'm tuning the band, and you can only guess what tune they're gonna play on Thursday Night. The Showstoppa, The Main Event, The Icon of Sports Entertainment will not disappoint! When HBK says he's gonna do something, he's gonna do it, and if he says you're not gonna do something... You usually DON'T! Monday Night, I win because I'm The Headliner, the Show Stealer, man... I'm The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Steiner...

The Heartbreak Kid is gonna put on a show you'll NEVER FORGET!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. Jose signals for Shawn to come with him to another workout. Michael Cole stops him before he leaves and says...

.::[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Shawn, out of curiosity... How many different work outs are you going to do?

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Lucky number two hundred twenty-six, Mike!

.::[ Michael Cole ]:.:. Wow...

.::[ Shawn Michaels ]:.:. Hey, you want to be the best, ya' gotta train for it, so you can beat the best!

.:.:[ Scene ]:.:. The scene fades there...