The scene opens in a silent dark room, where the only light is provided by a single light bulb, dangling on a rope for the ceiling. Under the light, we see a round table, with three chairs around it. On the table we find a deck of cards and playing chips. Suddenly, three mysterious men take a seat around the table in the three chairs. Without a word, they begin to deal the cards, set up the chips, and make themselves comfortable in the room. Each man is given an equal amount of cards, as they each take a look at the cards as they are given to them. These men remain silent, wearing articles of clothing such as suspenders, slacks, and dress shirts. The dealer is wearing this, with the addition of a hat and a cigar, which he is smoking. After minutes of the same, the lights suddenly are restored and we find that these men were sitting in the middle of a rather large hotel room, which looks to belong to a wrestler judging by the wrestling attire on the couch next to the table. The men look to the entrance of the room in terror, knowing that they’ve been caught. At the entrance, we find Edge, Jeff and Matt Hardy, standing in astonishment at what they see before them. The men gather their things, as the trio of wrestlers, proceed further into the office. Jeff Hardy raises his hands in anger and says…


Jeff Hardy: Now this is just something that shouldn’t happen! Superstars like ourselves should not walk into their hotel room and find three homeless guys carrying out a game of Poker. Sheesh, Hardcore Championship Wrestling sure knows how to treat the future of their promotion.


Matt looks to the camera and says…


Matt Hardy: And you condoned this!


Edge and Matt simply shake their heads in disappointment as Jeff rushes them out, wearing dark blue jeans with a Duke Blue Devil warm-up top. Matt is wearing black jeans with a white, black, and gold Nike shirt. Edge is wearing his trademark sunglasses with black jeans that match his black jean jacket. He’s wearing a white shirt underneath. When they reach the door, Jeff asks them to stop, and rips the light bulb from it’s attachment to the ceiling and throws it at them. He then asks them to remain there as he picks up their table, and tosses it through the doorway, striking the trio of men, forcing them to the ground. Edge slams the door on them, and smiles at Matt and Jeff who smile back. He then says…


Edge: Gentlemen, we are now in HCW! Can you believe this? This is truly unbelievable. Here, we start over, and that’s music to my ears. Why? Well, now I can get rid of that godforsaken gothic gimmick. I can just be… well… me.


Edge dives onto the couch in the room, as Jeff takes a seat on the bar, which is in the kitchen. The trio’s bags are all at the door next to Matt, who looks down at them, and then looks up at his brother and Edge, and shakes his head.


Matt Hardy: I’m not going to do this. We’re all responsible for our own stuff guys.


Jeff Hardy: Look, think of it as taking out the trash, y’know. While we’re here, we’re going to have to get these chores taken care of some kind of way, correct? Damn right. So here’s the deal, you take care of that, and I’ll take care of the trash. Edge…


Edge rolls his eyes, as if he’s annoyed and says…


Edge: Gosh… I’ll… I’ll vacuum clean around here.


Matt Hardy: Wait a second, those chores are taken care of by the hotel maids. Who are you trying to fool?


Edge: A dead man if you don’t take care of those bags!


Matt Hardy: Fine… I’ll take care of it…


Matt has a demonic smile on his face as he says this. He picks up all the bags at one time, and he stumbles to the hall that connects their three bedrooms. He disappears in the view of the scene when he enters the hall, and all that can be heard is the impact of suitcases being thrown against the bedroom walls. Jeff sighs as he says…


Jeff Hardy: Hey, don’t worry about Matt. He gets like that sometimes. You’ll get used to it. I mean, you’ll have to if you’re going to be working with us, right? By the way, why did you side with us?


Edge: I needed a change. I saw the transformation you two made from being the silent type to loud mouths in the last federation we were in. It looked like you two were having more fun, and I wanted the same. It’s that simple. Think about it, in that last federation, before the transformation, you were nothing.


Jeff Hardy: Ouch.


Edge: Well I didn’t mean it like that. Anyway, after the transformation, you became tag team champions on three different occasions, but the weirdest part about it is, you never lost. You also had your own show and you were arrested on many different occasions.


Jeff Hardy: I was with you until you mentioned the arrests, Edge.


Edge: Bottomline, you guys were the coolest wrestlers in the federation. To be honest, I envied that.


Jeff Hardy: I see…


Matt emerges from the dark hall with a huge smile on his face. He then tells Jeff to get a can of coke for him. Jeff refuses, and when he does, Matt runs to the bar, and punches his brother right in the chest. Jeff stumbles back, picks up a coke, tosses it to his brother, who catches it in the mid-air and begins to tap the lid. Apparently, this helps calm the soda down after its been shaken up. See, you learn something everyday. Matt jumps into the recliner, which is next to the couch, at a diagonal. He then says…


Matt Hardy: So what are we talkin’ about in here?


Edge: Ah, just talking about the days when you two were something special. The Rockers is what you were called. I assume you took the name, because of your respect of Shawn Michaels, right?


Matt Hardy: Kind of. We were being managed by Marty Jannetty when we first arrived in that federation. He changed our name to the New Age Rockers. After time, we fired his ass, then shortened the title to The Rockers. We figured that we had surpassed the accomplishments made by The Rockers of old, so we deserved to wear that title. Now, it has stuck with us, through and through. That federation has bit the dust, and we were in search for a new one, and that brought us here, to the World Wrestling Federation. It’s weird how we met you though-


Edge: Sitting in the lobby of Titan Towers, thinking of a new gimmick, since I didn’t sign with an old partner of mine this time around. You two walked in as big shots, and the staff hung at every word you uttered. I guess the word got around about your work in your last federation. After you were done with your business, you two helped me out with me contract. Here’s one thing you failed to do.


Matt Hardy: What’s that?


Edge: Give me a freaking gimmick!


Matt Hardy: You are your gimmick Edge. Do you think the way we act know is something fabricated? No, this is the way we actually act. We’re wild and young and we act that way. We figure, sitting with a role of a quiet character just doesn’t reach out to the people. We matched great charisma with our already established wrestling ability to become The Rockers.


Edge: Am I a Rocker now?


Matt and Jeff begin to laugh hysterically as Edge slumps down in his seat, a little embarrassed. Matt and Jeff gain control, putting their laughing to rest, as Matt responds.


Matt Hardy: No, my blonde friend. There is no way you’ll ever be a Rocker. That’s reserved for the two most elite wrestlers in this federation, my brother and I. Yet, you’re right. If you are going to hang with us, we’re going to have to have a name that covers all of us.


Jeff Hardy: Like a stable.


Matt Hardy: Exactly.


Edge: I got it! The Brood!


Matt Hardy: Huh? Are you serious? I thought you were done with that, buddy.


Edge: Yeah, I am. You see The Brood is not only a clan of vampires, but is also the children of a family.


Jeff Hardy: Look, leave the idea of vampires and children out of your head. The Brood does have promise.


Matt Hardy: It doesn’t fit ‘The Rockers’ though!


Jeff Hardy: I like it. All in favor-


Jeff and Edge both raise their hands.


Matt Hardy: Fine… The Brood it is.


Edge: Awesome. This is just…


Matt Hardy: Awesome, yeah, I know. Listen Jeff, we have ourselves a problem, The Dudleys have addressed us, and let me tell ya’, these two are a couple of sick bastards.


Jeff Hardy: Well, what did they say to us?


Matt Hardy: I’m glad you asked.


Matt stands, and walks over the big screen television across from his seat and the couch. He pops in a tape that was sitting on top of the VCR, and plays it for Jeff and Edge.


Two Minutes Later…


The tape stops at the conclusion of the Dudley Boyz low budget segment, and we find the trio back in their original spots in the hotel room. Jeff breaks the silence and says…


Jeff Hardy: Man, that was the sickest segment I have ever seen. I have never seen two more grotesque looking beings in all my life. And the language was horrid as well. We’ve dealt with their kind before. Honestly, all those threats don’t mean a damn thing. All the name-calling, only shows you how ignorant those to are to begin with. And I’m sure that where ever those those two were, there wasn’t more than a dozen fans cheering for them. I mean, c’mon. Who cares about the Dudley Boyz? No one! Does it matter who the fuck they are? No! Do they pose as a threat to our pure dominance of the tag team ranks? Get real. I’ve seen more talent in women engaging in catfights than I see in the Dudleys.


Matt Hardy: Why so angry? What have we done to them? Perhaps this anger comes from the jealousy they have for our incredible wrestling skills. Makes sense. Buh Buh Ray even wanted to mimic our moves off the turnbuckle. Hmm… Could it be? Maybe the Dudleys want to be like The Rockers. World Wrestling Federation, role that tape!


The scene suddenly changes to a commercial of men, women, and children of all ages are all singing. There are clips of The Rockers being shown as the opening verse begins which has the same tune as Michael Jordan’s famous commercial, “I want to be like Mike”.


Child: Sometimes I dream-

Man: That they are me-

Women: They are what perfection means to me-

Child: They are the kings-

Man: A great tag team-

All: Like Rockers, I want to be like Rockers

Be like Rockers

Like Rockers, I want to be like Rockers.


The scene is restored to the hotel room with the trio. However, Edge has left the room. Matt and Jeff remain in their spots as Matt says…


Matt Hardy: Yes, how beautiful. Anyway, can you blame them? Not only are we the most talented tag team in federation history. Not only are we the best tag team in federation history, but people actually like us. We’re also the best-looking tag team here in the World Wrestling Federation. All of this is something the Dudleys will never achieve. First, they suck. Second, they are ugly as sin. And third, they suck. If you’re trying to be like The Rockers, Dudleys, you have a long way to go. I recommend plastic surgery. And in speaking of stuff like that, their segment definitely needs a make over. What I mean is, the gist of the segment. The Dudleys have a unique way of words, or so I thought, but to my surprise, they decided not to use their own creative speaking skills. No. They rip material from other wrestlers. How unoriginal and boring. Just as boring as Rob Van Dam’s last segment, and I assure you, that’s extremely boring. Gentlemen, here’s some advice, when you address us, you address us with your own words, your own feelings. In short, use your own catch phrases. And just one thing to remember for future reference, the back flip you keep on ranting about, is called a moonsault you dip shit.


Jeff Hardy: We need a tag team title shot. We’re obviously, hands down the best tag team here, so holding off our tag team shot is only holding off the inevitable. Sooner of later, and probably sooner, we’ll have those tag team titles, and I look forward to a long reign, Matt.


Matt Hardy: And I don’t? Look, we have the skill to hold these things for the rest of my lives. We’ll achieve what’s rightfully ours, I assure you. Ole’ Vinny Mac should do himself a favor and the federation a favor and book us in a match on Monday Night Raw. You know what, here’s an idea. The Dudleys will take on Too Cool, right? Well, lets pencil us in and call it a tag team title match. This will make the ratings skyrocket without a doubt in my mind. We’re what the people want to see.  That message is directed to Vince. Camerman, can you deliver that message? Good boy. So, if granted, we’ll be tag team champions by as early as tomorrow. Incredible!


Jeff Hardy: So what about Too Cool?


Matt Hardy: What about them?


Jeff Hardy: Do you think they pose as a threat? Ah, stupid question. Of course not. You can’t take a couple of dancers seriously. It’s utterly impossible, because when I think of a wrestler who tries to win the crowd over by dancing, I think of Kuurgan. I think of a clown, in other words. A joke! I’m going to drop the Grand Master and Scottie 2 Hottie crap, and get down to the essence of Too Cool. Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor are Too Short, Too Stubby, and Too Dumb, to have a chance at winning the tag team titles. It would be one cold day in hell the day they win those titles. Man, can you imagine what the division would come to? They’d bring the tag team titles to a level past the importance of the Hardcore Title and the Lightweight Title.


Matt Hardy: Lightweight Title?


Jeff Hardy: I rest my case. Being the good guy that I am, I cannot sit back and let this happen. I know that with us holding the titles, we’ll bring the titles to a level of importance that could equal the importance of the World Title. Why, because we’re that damn good. We don’t dance to get noticed. We don’t send people through tables to get noticed. No, we kick ass to get noticed. We lay our bodies on the line to get the win, yet, with the lack of competition we have, we have yet to have to go to that extent. We end our matches quick, fast, and in a hurry, because frankly, we have better things to do than to waste our time with losers like Too Cool. They’ll feel pain, but we won’t make them suffer. We promise that we’ll end it quick.


Matt Hardy: The Young and The Flawless is what they call us, and it fits us perfectly. We’re young, and we’re the epitome of perfection. It doesn’t get any better than us. Do you know that if it were our desire, we’d contend for the world titles in singles competition, and one of us would come away with the title. Which one of you can say that? Scott? No, of course not. Especially if he wrestles as bad as he dances. God, you have no rhythm. The only reason why anyone actually thinks he can dance is because he can do worm. Brian? What a goof! Maybe if you’d forget about the freakin’ goggles and wrestle, you’d have a little more success in your career. It’s obvious you two will not be winning the World Title anytime soon, and we’ve already established why you won’t win the tag team championship. So what titles will you win around here? None. Why are you here Too Cool? It’s obvious you career here will be a sad and disappointing one. Duck out of this federation while you still can. That is, before we get our hands on ya’, losers.


Edge walks into the room from the hallway, and takes a seat on the couch, then asks…


Edge: Guys, I’m a little disappointed. I thought we’d check out the clubs here in New Jersey or go see a basketball game. You know, the stuff you usually do. Don’t tell me you’re going to stop doin’ that stuff.


Matt Hardy: We just got in the hotel room. Get a hold of yourself. We’ll go out later, but now I have a question for you, what belt do you have your eye on?


Edge: The World Title, who doesn’t?


Matt Hardy: Then we’ll help you get it.


Edge: How?


Jeff Hardy: Leave that to us.


The scene fades with Jeff and Matt smiling in a demonic manner, as Edge looks at them quite confused as to what they’re getting at.